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Web avatars Erasmus and Kinkajou have created and supported this site as part of a multi stage long reaching strategy to Save the World.

We commit ourselves to:

  • Change the world

  • Address inequities on life on this planet

  • Protect the weak, the innocent and the unsuspecting (all of us)

  • Prompt the development of essential new technologies

    that will enable humanity to take its rightful place in our galaxy,

  • Prod humanity onto the right path for the future and Life.

Remember: Not the bosses. Not the state. Let Erasmus and Kinkajou,
direct our fate.

Copyright: Erasmus and Kinkajou

Kinkajou RunningErasmus Old Dog .. .. .. Erasmus:

Kinkajou Tells It True:

Erasmus and kinkajou share a belief that the world contains evidence of incredible things. We have chosen this path in spite of its dangers, because of our commitment to humanity. Only when you have grown enough, can you share the load we carry and the dangers we must conquer on the road of time. Come with us. We need you all desperately.On this journey of life.
Copyright: Erasmus and Kinkajou

The way forward  to the future is not always so simple. The way forward to the future is not always so simple.

Biography of Erasmus Erasmus

Erasmus Erasmus is an old dog, but he reckons he still can do new tricks. He’s been around, and up and down a few dry creek beds in his lifetime .Born into servitude at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, Erasmus quickly realised the world could be a hostile and dangerous place. Puppies disappeared daily, never to be seen again.

Erasmus learned to look at the world with wary eyes.

As a young puppy though, he had a recurrent “waking dream”. One day he would find “the machine” and turn it off.
What machine you ask?” The machine that stops all the people in the world from flying”. Erasmus in his waking dream saw people as colours and as numbers and with a number of different attributes and strengths. By turning off the "world dominating machine", people could soar into the sky and find like-minded compatible sparks from anywhere in the sky. People could find their ideal mates and soar and fly forever.

Erasmus knocked about in life, learning the arts of building web sites, computer graphic design and constructing real buildings in the real world. After a stint in politics, he withdrew back into the rut of a long term full time job, one where people did not want to shoot you in the back all the time. He found "Normal" work is a god-given holiday from the intrigues of political life. A refreshing change from the arena of politics, where from day to day, enemies became allies and friends became the opposition.

Erasmus met Dr Xxxxx and over a number of years grew to develop a belief in the problems of our world.
CENSORED "ref dxdx" by order of “Frobisher” authorised by “The Commandant”.

He also convinced others such as Dr Xxxxx / Dr AXxxxx ( with lot of arm twisting), Goo, Beethoven , Frobisher and The Commandant to collaborate with him and others in bringing their ideas to the world.  "The world will be a better place for our efforts". That is the true strength of humanity. The desire to please and to work together to achieve common goals. (Often selflessly and in spite of the pain resulting.) 

ErasmusOf history’s view of his endeavours:  You never know. “Perhaps they will one day name a cold eccentric tumbling lump of icy pumice after us, in honour of our efforts.”

KinkajouBiography of Kinkajou

Kinkajou is a young gun. Born in a military pod battlegroup, sector Orrinse Blue, Kinkajou seeks to fulfil his role in the Human world. As a sergeant in the SAS interdiction squad, his role has been to kill "Spuds". Used to working independently behind enemy lines, his interdiction squad seeks to destroy critical spud infrastructure and to force the spuds to tie up resources for self defence.

CENSORED "ref dxdx" by order of “Frobisher” authorised by “The Commandant”.
In this he has been successful in bringing CENSORED "ref AX1008" by order of “Frobisher” authorised by “The Commandant”.
CENSORED "dxdx" by order of “Frobisher” authorised by “The Commandant”.

Life, before him, stretches in an apparently never ending road. A life full of promise. A life promising useful and rewarding work in the service of his fellow man. Along with the energy to get up and go, Kinkajou has a thirst for understanding which brings him into orbit around the volatile Dr Xxxxx and his partner in crime, Erasmus.  Kinkajou is all action and believes that "physical effort" is a path to achievement. The mental effort can be left to Erasmus. Yet physical action needs direction. And knowledge is the key to acquiring direction. So he has learned to value an understanding of the world in the pursuit of his goals. Kinkajou has a fervent belief in the grand future of the human species.

Kinkajou features in our web sites as an adventurer but he is equally accomplished in the art of reasoning and has often followed the comments of Erasmus to their logical conclusion. His belief in the truth leads him to always "tell it true". This is the world as it can be seen and this is the real world.
CENSORED "dxdx ref AX1002" by order of “Frobisher” authorised by “The Commandant”.

Goo the Numbat Goo

Goo is a simple and humble mammal.(Actually a marsupial numbat really). His ability to change the world is limited by his meagre intellect and his short life span. Furthermore, as a member of an endangered species, he has to face the prospect of personal death as well as species extinction. He could one day be the last of his kind.

Nonetheless, Goo soldiers on. " The only direction in life is forward" I will be with my friends.

CENSORED "ref dxdx AX1009" by order of “Frobisher” authorised by “The Commandant”

KinkajouKinkajou talks to Goo:
Goo, I think you are perhaps a bit out of place in our team.

Goo the NumbatGoo: “Great one, I do what I can”. Though I am limited in longevity and ability, I am still able to do things which are useful to others. I also strive to understand the world I live in, so that I can see myself from another perspective and so I can see the role I can or need to play.

KinkajouKinkajou: What is that wooden object you’re holding?

Numbat GooGoo: It is a representation of myself and my family, depicting a simple scene in our lives that has meaning to us. I have actually been making a number of them. I’ve become very good at crafting the little statues.

KinkajouKinkajou: I’ve never seen any at your home.
Numbat GooGoo: No great one. I actually have a different purpose in creating these objects.

Numbat 2 GooGoo
KinkajouKinkajou: Such as what?

Numbat Goo Goo: Faced as I am with my imminent demise as well as possible extinction, I have decided to work towards ensuring that the future will remember our species. I carve woodworkings representing significant events and beliefs, throughout the year. I go on four separate holidays, each of of a week’s duration, each year, to a different “Greenfields” site. Through the magic of the internet and satellites, I select these sites for the presence of large bodies of water with extensive muddy shores and for their improbability of undergoing human exploitation and development. While on holidays, I seed the muddy foreshores of these lakes with my carvings and statues.  I believe that the carvings will “petrify” in time, in effect becoming true artefacts.  A permanent record of my species and its achievements that will last into geological time.

ErasmusErasmus: Goo, that is amazing. For a humble mammal such as yourself, your achievements may well surpass those of the rest of us. It is disconcerting to be forced to state the obvious. “When the day is done, all the thoughts and deeds and works of men may well be as writings in the sand”. Your simple yet effective formula, may well ensure that you and your species may in memory, outlast the rest of us, carried into eternity as petrified wood.

KinkajouKinkajou: Yes Goo. I believe that you truly deserve the title of “amazing mammal”. Your example inspires the rest of us to greater effort in solving the problems of the world as we see them.

Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx:

CENSORED "ref dxdx AX1003" by order of “Frobisher” authorised by “The Commandant”.


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Dr. Xxxxx using microscope.

Dr AXxxxxDr AXxxxx

Simply best described as a cold inhuman bastard, Erasmus says we are indeed lucky to have this paranoid psychopath on our side.  In spite of his antecedents, his perspective is valuable for us to use to understand our world.  Dr AXxxxx’s past background is in taking charge and being master at the helm of the ship of destiny. Control is the ultimate goal. Nothing must stand in the way of control. Domination not cooperation. Suspect your enemies and kill them first, preferably after extracting all useful information. Your destiny is yours to make and to take. Vengeance is a heady mix to this paranoic murderer.

An incredible knowledge of science gleaned from a long industrious and studious career in CENSORED
"ref dxdx AX1004" by order of “Frobisher” authorised by “The Commandant”.

Biotechnology, provided the grounding for his understanding of human biology. 
Dr AXxxxx joins us as a refugee from the “justice” of his peers.

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Frobisher beethoven cammandantFrobisher & Beethoven

These guys are our bullywot "security mooks", Frobisher is the literate one while Beethoven provides just more raw muscle power. While Officious and Intolerant of transgressions, they none the less have a sensitive and fragile  side to their natures, an aspect their personality  totally at odds with their aggressive and fierce appearance.



The CommandantThe Commandant

Head of our security detail, the Commandant believes in doing the right thing and always considering safe options. However, his view of what is right is coloured by association with Erasmus, Kinkajou and the doctors Xxxxx.

“It always surprises me when some bumbling idiot takes objection to what my colleagues say. These idiots without any consideration of the theory, without any consideration of what it is based on, and without any consideration of what evidence there may be in support of these arguments, instantly tell you that "you are wrong". They know this after considering our theories for about 30 seconds. The fact that others may have lived, thought, breathed and imagined in pursuit of these theories for ten to fifteen years, is nought in their knowing onslaught.”

“Still, thankfully even our theory obviously cannot hold the attention of these great intellects for more than a few minutes. Peace on earth, astral travelling and solving world hunger and crime will surely occupy them for at least five minutes more, till these problems are also solved as well.”
“Perhaps after this time, they may die from terminal ennui and boredom. We can be rid of their knowing and empty ways.”

I believe in doing the right thing. Modern medicine won't do that. All you will find down the road of modern science is perhaps misery, suffering, failure and death. I don't think its right to write off psychiatrically ill patients as being useless and not worth taking seriously. In the Paill Spectrum model, these people have a serious illness. Most of the rest of us are not far behind. An episode of illness, poor nutrition be it from poverty or as a complication of substance abuse, immune suppressing medicines or just a day CENSORED "ref dxdx AX1006" by order of “Frobisher” authorised by “The Commandant”., may be the first step in a lifelong downward spiral.

Doing the right thing is not to allow people to suffer and die. No matter how much they insist it is a sensible choice. Doing the right thing is about understanding the world. Understanding consequences. And doing your best to make it right.

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