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Learn about the new technologies we will need to solve the problems of humanity. 

www.enktechs.com  :=>

Learn About the genetic theory of personality in human behaviour www.enkcharm.com "Enneagram"

Can personality determine the future of Civilizations? 

www.enkcharm.com  "Nations"  :-]>>

Achy painy Tired or irritable have lot in common.

Learn about our new theory of illness and how to treat yourself.

www.enkpaill.com  :-o>

Need to help a child with Aspergers, dyslexia or just having problems at school

Our new theory of illness gives answers and treatments.

www.enkautism.com  :-[

Depression or anxiety may have treatments instead of antidepressant drugs.

If you want a cure that is.

www.enkblackdog.com :-c

Trump got it right!
We look at the management of the Corona Pandemic

www.enkcorona.com  :-{

The Psychoses and schizophrenia have plagued humanity since the early days we blamed devils or possession. Now we have a theory of a new causes and a cure likely as well.

www.enkschiz.com  :-<

Kids failing at school. The answer is not just teaching harder. Dyslexia, Poor memory, slow development are part of the Paill Spectrum disorder. New Treatments are possible. It now becomes an act of unforgivable stupidity to leave a child untreated- a child doomed to face darkness forever.

www.enkbadatschool.com  :-0

Language for holidays: single words single syllables and easy to learn. Become world savvy and talk to people anywhere with just learning a few words.  Due October 2020

www.enkPastiche.com <:-II

Tiredness and autoimmune disease are common, but there may be a new cause found suggesting new treatments even cures.

www.enkfatigue.com :->>

Do you need to help someone with a drug problem? We tell you how and what to expect.

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Stories about humanity transcendent: told through the eyes of a young 11 year old girl.
Planet earth can be a dangerous place.  Due October 2020

www.enkfairy.com  :-]

Stories about man’s best friend and how to look after them. Due Feb 2021


How to live healthy and Be Healthy, Rules for   healthy Living

Due Easter 2021

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