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Antimatter in Brisbane







Weapons matter in war,

but more often the real danger lies in the men , not in the weapons.


















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Kinkajou Tells It True: Antimatter, Canungra, New Farm, Brisbane


Kinkajou: Antimatter is a very energy dense material. This simple property has focused the interest of the technological community on this material. However, There are a number of obvious problems arising with the use of antimatter. We need a method of acquiring commercially useful quantities of this material at commercially realistic prices. It is inherently a “ dirty” engine fuel.

But many of the properties which make it a dangerous fuel, make it an excellent weapon.

Consequently I think the main future of antimatter lies within weapons development. Use of multiple fields for containment gets some promise of usefulness. I will be prepared to accept that antimatter can be stored by a combined electromagnetic and gravity field.

However relying on an electromagnetic field alone to store a quantity of antimatter seems unrealistic with the technologies we are likely to achieve in the near future. Generating substantial levels of magnetic recoil using collimated (laser) gamma photons is likely to be achievable only with antimatter fuel.

Developing new artefacts of matter such as the Collapsium of the Space Vikings may well allow the development of new industrial and energy processes. Often we seek to mimic nature in our technological achievements. As our knowledge grows, the aspects of nature we seek to mimic may well progress further into extreme situations such as in the heart of the sun.

Canungra Day Trip at Cafe

Erasmus has Otto Harkoman talk about his days in Canungra, near Brisbane. Canungra is an interesting tourist destination. Is an interesting town, with some interesting history. The ballooning industry near Brisbane uses this area as a base. Walking tracks and rainforest abound. The town is scenic and interesting for tourists.


Kinkajou..... Kinkajou Tells It True

KinkajouMedKinkajou Tells It True:
Antimatter, Canungra, New Farm

Kinkajou Tells You What Really Happened. The Truth Is Out There!
OttoHarkamann SigmaPsiOtto: about the experiences at Canungra

https://www.scenicrim.qld.gov.au/regioninfo/canungra.shtml https://www.queensland.com/en-us/destination%20information/canungra https://queenslandplaces.com.au/canungra https://www.mustdobrisbane.com/features/day-tripping-canungra




Kinkajou Kinkajou:

SigmaPsiJack (John Charles Ramsey)talks about the antimatter scaffold containment unit at New Farm in Brisbane. This is actually the external containment shell for huge gas storage units used to supply Brisbane. The gas tanks have gone but the containment shell lives on. New farm is actually an excellent area to visit in Brisbane.

The river walkways allow you to access some very scenic areas quite easily. The city “hopper”: little red ferries are free and will take you up and down and across the river. You can easily beat or into the city and the botanical Gardens at the back of QUT near the Riverside walkways

.Walks Brisbane Walks Brisbane

https://www.mustdobrisbane.com/outdoors-walks-river/brisbane-riverwalk-brisbane-new-farm https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/facilities-recreation/sports-leisure/walking/walking-trails https://www.weekendnotes.com/brisbane-riverside-walk/ https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Attraction_Review-g255068-d8289351-Reviews-New_Farm_River_Walk-Brisbane_Brisbane_Region_Queensland.html https://gasworksplaza.com.au/location/ https://www.visitbrisbane.com.au/brisbane/things-to-do/eat-and-drink/gasworks-

Palm Beach Currumbin Off Leash Dog Area
Palm Beach Currumbin Off Leash Dog Area

Kinkajou Kinkajou: Good Luck