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Growing Food through
Genetic Tech, Enviroment Tech and New Enviroment Creation



Food production can be enhanced by gene control tehcnology, accessing the oceans or going vertical in land environments.


























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ErasmusErasmus : The Gene Control websites are to give us an introduction to the world of DNA which controls who we are and what we do. It is the complexity of DNA which we are only now beginning to understand. Gene segments that produce molecules such as proteins and enzymes are very obvious to us. But it is in the introns which control the expression and function of these genes where the true complexity lies.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :   I think it is wrong to consider that evolution stops if an organism stops appearing to change. Evolution can shape many invisible but important things such as enzymes, cell growth and Systems controlling moisture preservation or loss. The organism may look the same, but the biological complexity can increase exponentially over billions of years in spite of this apparent sameness.

ErasmusErasmus : The Nano Tech pages focuses on the capabilities and needs of working at fractions of the micro scale. Nano tech approaches the size of single atoms or small groups of atoms. In this realm many of the forces with which we are familiar operate under completely different principles. It is a realm completely foreign to us but with many applications for health, for industry and for War. We are only beginning the age of nanotechnology. Our closest examples exist in the biological world. Organisms and their components naturally operate at the atomic level to generate that most incredible achievement – life. Our challenge is to mimic the capacities of biologicals with mechanisation. A machine can operate at many times the power level of the biological. For example a simple electric drill of 600 Watts essentially operates with the capacity of six human beings (basic capacity of 100 Watts per human). To mechanize the nano world is the achievement – amplifying the current capabilities of biologicals.

Dr AXxxxxDr AXxxxx : I can see somewhere in the recesses of this world that Nano-tech and Bio-tech will scrabble to compete in accessing the tips of the mountains and the bottoms of the deeps.

ErasmusErasmus : Climate Control is a technology which looks at changing the weather on the planet over geographical distances. Large parts of our planet are uninhabitable. Our burgeoning population demands that we find ways to use our most neglected spaces. To control climate also allows us to ameliorate disasters which impact so severely on human habitation at times. Cyclones in the southern hemisphere or hurricanes in the northern hemisphere are examples of climatic phenomena which impact severely on human habitation, especially as the human population burgeons.

Our Little Numbat FriendGoo : Does climate control mean you can always have good weather on a weekend?

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx : No Goo. There is a difference between climate and weather. Climate is expression of weather over geographical areas and over time. Weather is what's happening in a specific place a specific time. We can probably control both, but long term success in assisting agricultural production demands the ability to control "climate" in the long-term.

ErasmusErasmus :Food Biotechfocuses on the most critical aspect of maintaining population on the planet – namely food production. Growing food is a slow process with a long lead time. The arable land of the entire planet is used for production of food to maintain human life. However growing plants has an aspect of waste. Much of the biological material of the plant is not used. The extraction of biomolecules such as glucose from lignocellulose would substantially reduce the footprint of humanity on the planet, even if that planetary population were to burgeon to figures such as 80 billion souls.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx : It is likely that the final success in Food biotechnology may rest on the number of technologies coming together to solve the problem from different directions. The issue is really about yield and cost. Many of the things we can do already now but as I said – at what yield and at what cost.

Humans facing the future of Ocean Colonisation. Humans facing the future of Ocean Colonisation.

ErasmusErasmus : The Ocean Colonypages look at the last frontier for human habitation. The ocean is not a friendly environment. The energy generated by storms moving water requires a substantive technological solution to living in this environment. But most of all, a financial or business plan must allow self-sustaining development of habitats. If we need to rebuild our ships every 5 to 10 years, Ocean colonies become unsustainable for reasons other than simple technology.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx : Strange to think that when we look at the picture of a calm ocean that this environment is actually incredibly dangerous.,

ErasmusErasmus : Hence the ocean is full of microscopic macroscopic life. There are no trees in the ocean. The hostility of the environment ensures that macroscopic life exists only under the surface.

Erasmus : In the “Vertical Farming” page we look at the industrial production of food. Food production is one of the most poorly mechanised of all of our industrial processes. The lag time between intent and yield can measure in the years. The planet is running out of arable land so we need to multiply the yields out of the spaces we already use. We need to produce food closer to where it is consumed to minimise transport and distrErasmusibution costs. If we are to avoid the catastrophic collapse of civilisation, we need to plan to have the needs of a society met locally – in food production is one of the most critical needs of the population.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx : Here is an interesting concept. A vertical ocean farm. With integrated plants and animals such as fish at different layers in different depths of a habitat.

KinkajouKinkajou :   Complex.

ErasmusErasmus : In the “Biofilms” webpages, we look at how biological organism communities can have substantially different properties to their individual components. Even many diseases with which we are familiar, may involve teams of bacterial species rather than just a single individual bacterial species. Biofilms have substantial applications in industry and in health.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx : Perhaps that Blob thing that used to eat people is actually a biofilm?

ErasmusErasmus : "Life Extension" has been the goal of the human race since time immemorial. To date much of our achievements relate simply to the control of infectious disease. The Paill Plus model suggests that we have some way to go in this area as well. We talk about some of our achievements as well as some of our hopes in the new frontier.

Dr AXxxxxDr AXxxxx : As they say on the Enterprise: "Its life  Jim, but not as we know it". You have some interesting answers coming when you finally understand a little. Nothing pleasant either.




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