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Paill Spectrum is the radical new model explaining the genesis of a number of medical conditions with no known cause.

Treatment at a number of different levels and approaches can change many aspects of the disease or illness.


ErasmusErasmus : These "Advice Sheets" are written for any audience: both the general public or medical personnel. They contain treatment advice and recommendations as to how they may help you to take charge of your own health. They are based on scientific principles, not the ravings of alternate practitioners whose concept of reality may be very loosely linked to reality indeed. They are the result of years of consideration and introduce practical methods to improve your health status. Modern medicines may be good for symptom control and you can seen any medical practitioners regarding this treatment modality. I am sure they will advise you well.

However, modern medicine understands little of the undercurrents in our world CENSORED ref AX3007 by order of “Frobisher” authorised by “The Commandant”.


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Frobisher beethoven cammandantFrobisher & Beethoven Disclaimer : Disclaimer on the Paill Spectrum Model
The Paill Spectrum Disease Model has been personally developed by Dr. Xxxxx. It will be some time before the knowledge of the syndrome becomes independently tested and accepted. Until then,you must make up your own mind based on what you see and learn yourself.






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If you want proof in the form of a double blind randomised placebo controlled trials, Erasmus and Kinkajou believe you are an absolute idiot who has learned some big words that intimidate uneducated louts. Learn the limitations of your knowledge and apply some humility in at least attempting to understand the opinions of others. If you can't, you'll probably get what you deserve, which is to be the last member of the human race to get admission to a nursing home bed as a vegetable.


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