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Energy Shields in War & Peace

KinkajouMed Kinkajou



To reach for a shield is almost an instinctive human reaction in battle.












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Kinkajou interviews SigmaPsiCaptain Steven Hiller:
(Movie: Independence Day)

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Thank you Captain for agreeing to speak with us about your experiences in the military operation against the Independence Day aliens.

Captain Steven Hillier Pilot SigmaPsiCaptain Steven Hiller:  Thank you, Kinkajou for the opportunity to tell you my impressions.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Tells about the difficulties you faced in combat with the Independence Day aliens.

Captain Steven Hillier Pilot SigmaPsiCaptain Steven Hiller:  In our first engagement, the aliens’ capacity to generate energy shields completely stymied our efforts to destroy their vessels. Missiles and planes alike were both destroyed when we attempted to attack their mothership. However, apart from this capacity, our planes proved to be as capable, as manoeuvrable and as fast as theirs. It was only the ability to generate shielding that blocked our weapons.

I think the other issue is the aliens’ ability to generate propulsive energy. This was not so evident in the dogfighting actions between our fighter class craft and theirs. However, when you consider the aliens’ capacity to take the ships into orbit and back again, you can see how our aircraft engines are completely outclassed. The average human aircraft can fly very high but cannot escape into low orbit.

Escape velocity is unattainable by human aircraft. Escape velocity is defined as the minimum speed needed for an object to "break free" from the gravitational attraction of a planetary body such as the Earth. Earth’s escape velocity is about 40,000 km/h) or perhaps more easily remembered as 11 111 m/s. However, we must remember that this definition of escape velocity is only relevant to a fired projectile. When a vehicle can maintain acceleration these figures change substantially.

There are no human vehicles  capable of accessing orbit, returning home and then returning back into orbital space again. To this extent , the power source that the aliens used are substantially in advance of our own.

When we were able to upload a virus into the aliens’ spacecraft we were forced to use a spacecraft captured from the aliens themselves. Of course by using this subterfuge we are able to bypass many security layers. (To me it is interesting to note that the aliens suffer from the same foibles as humans themselves.

Penetrating the security net using one of their vessels was comparatively easy. The security model was actually quite primitive in that it followed the M&M formula: hard and crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy inside. No security network administrator in his right mind would have accepted  such a thought process.)

Technology in combat can be seen to be the key in our conflicts and battles. However there are many aspects to technology. The ability to generate energy shields and to achieve orbit repetitively is very important. However, an adequate security model for communication systems has proven to be just as important.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I would like to thank you captain for your insight.
Captain Steven Hillier Pilot OK!




Captain Steven Hiller

Independence Day

Orbital EngineTrue.html


Captain Steven Hiller

Independence Day


Warrior Kinkajou.....Galactic Travelogue

KinkajouMedThe Dune Interviews ( SigmaPsiFrank Herbert)
Kinkajou interviews
SigmaPsiDuncan Idaho

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I thank you Duncan for allowing us a morsel of your time. Can you tell my readers of the technologies that you believe have significance?

Duncan Dune Warrior SigmaPsiDuncan Idaho:  The development of the energy shield has completely revolutionised combat and conflict amongst the great houses. An individual can be protected from high-speed projectile weapons. An Entire city can be protected from bombardment from space. Ships and vessels can be protected in conflict situations.

This is totally changes the nature of warfare. The individual warrior carrying a sword or knife has again become an important commodity.


With the advent of Shields many weapons of mass destruction were effectively neutralised. The use of machine guns and artillery was obviated. The obliteration of masses of the enemy with regional weapons suddenly became difficult. Conflict became much more individual process. Shields are even capable of reducing the diffusion of toxic gases into the environment surrounding the individual.

A new era of warfare has developed. The emphasis now becomes on the skill and cunning of the warrior rather than a confrontation of numbers.


StarGate: a shield of a sorts forming a connection through another reality



Much of the development of individual shields is owed to the technology of fuel cell miniaturisation. Shields are energy hungry devices. To power a shield requires the development of substantial energies for prolonged periods of time. While large structures such as spaceships or cities can be shielded with mass power generation facilities, the individual is a standout case.

To shield an individual requires development of substantial energy in a very low weight package, within the capabilities of the average individual to move. Repulsors have to some extent eased this burden by negating the effects of gravity, but they have not negated the effects of inertia.

Energy density is a critical criterion for the operation of many weapons. Lasguns, erratic and unwieldy as they are, demand substantial energy deployment. To make them effective weapons, energy must be produced quickly to allow the weapon to recharge in a battle situation.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   How about the travel and movement of troops?

Duncan Dune Warrior SigmaPsiDuncan  Idaho. I think repulsor technology has led us to substantially redesign many vehicles we use in our world. This technology allows us to negate the effect of gravity for even large objects. It has allowed the proliferation of personal travel vehicles which can access the aerial environment, effectively making the sky a blaze of highways. A substantial amount of land has returned to the common usage by obviating the need for roads for transport.

We do of course still use roads, but only in specific situations where human foot traffic is substantial.

Repulsors also allow us to rethink many building structures such as bridges. Who needs a bridge when a vehicle is capable of flying across a river or in fact any tortured landscape.

Soldiers Soldiers
Harkonnen Soldiers in Training

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I think in your era of conflict with the thinking machines, there has been a substantial setback in the commercialisation of many technologies to the common man.

Duncan Dune Warrior SigmaPsiDuncan Idaho:  Yes it has cost our civilisation dearly and cost the lives of billions of humans across hundreds of years. I am only a soldier but even I can see our civilisation is changing and growing in unpredictable ways.




Herbert, Frank

Duncan Idaho



Herbert, Frank

Duncan Idaho



Herbert, Frank

Duncan Idaho


KinkajouMed Kinkajou interviews SigmaPsiRichard Seaton
(E.E.Doc Smith: The Skylark of Space).

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I see that in your world you have solved the problem of the conversion of matter to energy. The development of the copper – X disintegration reaction under the influence of specialised field technology has allowed some truly awesome developments and the conquest of space.

Tell us something about the technologies of your world and how you developed them.

Seaton Chemist Space SigmaPsiRichard Seaton:    Generally we have always believed that there are only two nuclear reactions which yield energy – fission and fusion. Very heavy elements fission. Very light elements fuse. Intermediate elements such as copper do neither. Any possible nuclear operation on the copper atoms, such as splitting generally absorbs vastly more energy than it produces.


Our discovery made this point of view obsolete.

I discovered that a small electric current between copper and the element X in the presence of a specialised field liberated power through the conversion of copper to energy. As I understand it, it must have shifted the Epsilon – Gamma – Zeta plane. The rate of energy liberation must be zero when the angle Theta tends to 0 and approaches infinity as this angle approaches π/2. The transformation is complete. There is no loss, no residue, no radiation or the waste. There is no danger, and no shielding or other protection is necessary.


Secondly, X acts only as a catalyst and is itself not consumed. Hence an infinitesimally thin coating is all that is required.

Thirdly, the power is exerted as a pole along the axis of the X figure, whatever that figure is, focused at infinity. I’ve also investigated two border line conditions. In one the Power is generated as an attractive forced focused on the nearest object in line of the axis of X. In the second it’s all repulsion.

We are able to control the power. It can be used to drive a spaceship. It can be used as an explosive, the violence ranging from that of a 20 mm shell up to any desired limit – however fantastic when expressed in megatons of TNT.

Corroded Copper Corroded Copper

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   So through this incredible and seemingly simple reaction, you have discovered a sort of radiation free antimatter drive with a total liberation of mass into energy. And you have also developed the concept of energy shields.

It is amazing to discover that in your era it is the industrial chemists, not the physicists who have discovered the key to the liberation of energy, essentially by a sort of a field influenced cold fusion reaction.


Perhaps you are accessing some of the other dimensions of the energy strings composing matter, and have discovered a way to detune the energy strings composing matter, resulting in the liberation of energy. Conceivably if you were able to detune and resonate the energy strings you could generate a reaction in size almost akin to the big bang: with similar power and effects. X may even be a catalyst that triggered the initial Big Bang that gave birth to our version of the quantum universe.

The possibilities that exist in the quantum universe are unbelievable. Awesome. Thank you SigmaPsiRichard for your information and insights.

Seaton Chemist Space SigmaPsiRichard Seaton: Thank you, young Kinkajou. My days in the Mt Glorious exotic matter research stations were among the most enlightening of my life. The competition between teams at the different houses truly led to many of our breakthroughs, in total secrecy.

AntimatterDrive True.html

Smith, E. E. 'Doc'

Richard Seaton

Skylark Series: Skylark of Space


Smith, E. E. 'Doc'

Richard Seaton

Skylark Series: Skylark of Space

KinkajouMed Kinkajou interviews SigmaPsiSarah Kerrigan
(Star Craft)

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Thank you Sarah for agreeing to talk to me about some of the technologies of your time. The technology which most interests me, are the technologies used to generate protective force fields. Could you tell us about the use of these technologies in your time?


Sarah Kerrigan Starcraft SigmaPsiSarah Kerrigan:  A number of different shield technologies exist within our universe.

The plasma shield (a.k.a. phase shield), is a shield created by the Protoss using a blend of psionic power and energy technology. However psionic power is a complex phenomenon. Protoss warriors are capable of generating personal shields by focusing psionic energies around their physical bodies. Some psionic abilities are contact-based, and so require shields to be turned off to allow their operation. Aspects of this protective force can be used at a distance.

Plasma shields are susceptible to EMP Counter weapons.

Another counter to plasma shields is seen in the Terran Dominion tactics which advise that plasma shields are best overcome by massed fire power.

With the continuing conflict, the Protoss enhanced their shields using technology-based psi- field generators. By utilising machine technology, plasma shields could have their protection extended to the Protoss vehicles as well as to the persons of the alien warriors.

The plasma shield technology has some limitations. They always suffer full damage with concussive damage attacks. While the shields regenerate very quickly out of combat, they do not regenerate while taking damage.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Do any other peoples in the universe use shield technology?

Sarah Kerrigan Starcraft SigmaPsiSarah Kerrigan:   Humans use a different type of shield technology, namely force fields (a.k.a. “energy shields”). These shields do not involve a psionically powered component. They provide protection from a number of forms of attack including projectile weapons, energy weapons and do provide some cloaking effects from electronic surveillance.

They can be miniaturised to create a personal force field around a single soldier.

These were used in the Terran Confederacy. Initially they were prohibitively expensive. They can also be scaled up to provide protection for much larger structures such as space ships. When ships are targeted by projectile weapons, the force fields absorb energy and create a corona type affect. If they are overwhelmed, a typical force field shows a rippling effect in visual light spectra.

There has been some suggestion that they are not useful against cloaked opponents, as they only react to things detected within the visual spectrum. Derivatives of the basic force field technology include “Ionised Gas Force Fields”. These have been used within a number of conflicts.

Energy Shielded Soldier Halo Energy Shielded Soldier Halo


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Thank you Sarah for sharing your experience with these technologies. In my era, the main shield technologies simply involve physical armour. The ability to generate shields at a distance significantly expands the capabilities of troops in combat. It is a technology which cannot be neglected, especially if your enemies have it and you do not.

As so often occurs in conflict, technology can often be a deciding factor. Although soldiers can overcome technology, it is only by mass action, effectively turning trained soldiers into simple cannon fodder and wasting critical resources in war.

Sarah Kerrigan Starcraft


Game, StarCraft

Sarah Kerrigan





KinkajouMed Kinkajou Interviews SigmaPsiCount Dooku
(movie series: Star Wars

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Thank you for agreeing to talk to me about the technology that underlies the Empire.

Count Dooku Star Wars SigmaPsiCount Dooku:  There are a number of important factors that set the tone for our world. “The Force” and its ability to enhance perception, to enable Sigma psi communications and telekinesis (often largely at close range), to enhance personal powers and to extend life underlies our reality.

Scientifically we are aware that the force is generated by creatures we know as Millicurians. These are present within all living beings and generate the living force or energy that exists within these beings.

Some people are more attuned to the force generated by them and attain greater power within “The Force”. “The Force” unfortunately has a good and a dark side. It can be that the  force is used either for good or for evil, depending upon the proclivities of the person who serves as a lightning rod for its energies. And of course, you would need to define what actually is good or evil?

If someone were to kill a person that would be bad.

But if that person were the index case of a horrible , mutated ,almost incurable disease, their death could save millions of lives. So is it evil to save the life or to fail to kill it?

On a personal level, although our medical technologies are substantial.  It is “The Force” that provides the greatest enhancement of longevity.

But we also have substantial understanding of the ability to interface mechanical and organic systems. If a person is injured, cyborg mechanisms can be mated easily the remaining flesh to regain function. We use this technology to heal people.

But the corollary of this is that we use this technology for war as well.

We can build mechanised robot infantry with rudimentary intelligence are 2nd to none.

We have the capacity to build clone armies with enhanced intelligence, flexibility and drive. Huge starships and “Death Stars” are a routine by-product of our automated mechanisation systems.

We build our mechanised infantry in the shape of large four-legged animals or in the shape of small two legged of prey. The appearances suggest the world of the Mech- Warrior.

We have found that derivations of the human form, such as war machines with legs, are better able to cope with raw planetary environments which flourish across our galaxy.

The galaxy is truly vast. The available usable land area dwarfs the available sentient population. There simply are very few roads across the universe so vast. So few of our machines need to use roadways. They must be able to walk across difficult terrain or to fly.

We have long learned to generate and use energy shields. These form an integral part of many of our war robots, spaceships or war machines. As a defensive technology, energy shields essentially limit an enemy’s ability to bombard planetary based defences from space. If you consider the implications of the availability of energy shields, you can see it changes the very world within which we live and the structure of that world.

Achieving orbit has used a number of different technologies.

One technology type is the ion drive, these types of drives require a dense energy source capable of stripping electrons from matter particles and then accelerating them through an engine exhaust port at nearly the speed of light.


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Hence the wisdom of not standing behind your ion drive engine when you start it.

(Ion engines were known to emit mildly radioactive by-products, requiring onboard technicians to wear protective gear.)


Count Dooku Star Wars SigmaPsiCount Dooku:  Fusion power sources have been used by many ships as well. The latest technology for energy generation involves the use of hyper matter. This has been proposed to be used for planetary power, deep space mining and spaceships especially larger ships such as the Death Star.

The ability to achieve and to return from orbit, without the need to refuel is probably amongst the most important achievements of our civilisation.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Thank you Count Dooku:

Count Dooku Star Wars SigmaPsi