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Generating gravity &

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Energy Shields : New Apps

What constitutes an energy shield?  There are a number of possibilities. There are the traditional forces we know, as well as possibly forces existing in the exoteric dimensions of matter: (11-13 dimensions have been proposed as components of the “string” components of matter). It is perhaps possible to create “shields” by storing energy or deflecting energy into any of these.

Strings are thought to form the constituents of all these forces, and these strings have multi-dimensional aspects.

 Most people would suggest electromagnetic forces when considering the basis for constructing a “shield”. However these are not the only forces in existence. There are strong and weak nuclear forces – of which we know little. We cannot manipulate or generate strong or weak nuclear forces.  Gravity is another force of which we know little, yet it permeates every aspect of our lives, every day. Gravity is an unusual force because it has no mass or energy.

Many people tell you that nothing escapes from a black hole. These people are idiots. On an even cursory examination, the one thing that escapes from black hole in absolutely massive quantities is gravity. Gravity can escape from black hole because it is massless and has no energy. Einstein shows the equivalence of mass and energy. In short, anything with energy can be calculated to have an equivalent mass. Anything with mass can be calculated to have an equivalent energy. Gravity has neither.

The generation of gravity is important to us for a number of reasons. It may be the mechanism whereby we can access orbit around this planet. However, if we can generate gravity we can also use it as a shield. We can deflect incoming projectiles. We can use it as a shield or bottle to encase fusion particles. In combination with EMF forces, it may allow us to generate sustainable fusion by allowing us to create a reaction vessel – (or fusion bottle) that is much more impervious to the escape of energetic particles. Charged particles in fusion require significant containment and have a disconcerting ability to escape, damaging the fusion containment vessel or bottle.

The ability to access orbit may well be a galactic definition of when a species becomes a galactic citizen. While rockets can access orbit, it is only gravity that holds the promise of access and re-access to orbit without refuelling.

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Science fiction gives us many examples of energy fields.

  • The aliens in the movie Independence Day were able to protect themselves from human weapons using energy shield technology.
  • The humans in Frank Herbert’s novel Dune were able to generate personal and citywide shields. Strangely no one seems to have considered that if the interaction between a shield and laser can be explosively energetic, that this interaction could well be a form of energy. Perhaps indeed the interaction of different energies in different dimensions could indeed be dangerously energetic.
    Duncan Dune Warrior SigmaPsiDuncan Idaho
  • We have seen the example of “the Force” in the Star Wars saga. This appears to be a type of psychic force capable of physical interactions with the environment. Psi powers appear to exist. Too many phenomena cannot be explained without resorting to this “model”. However, we have minimal ability to control and interact with these forces. Many of our explanations such as using psi to talk to the dead are likely untrue- perhaps tapping into some energy fields, or a form of universal consciousness may be a better explanation.

The scientist in me demands that these effects reflect the action of some type of “energy”- whether with mass or without. Things happen for a reason. It is science which allows us to understand, manipulate and control “matter” or” effects” through the manipulation of these “energies”.

  • Finally there is the example of the energy shields in EE Doc Smith’s Skylark and Lensman series of novels. I fear we may never be able to use shields in such an easy capacity as in all such as these. The universe and matter is complex but I feel not beyond our knowledge or our ability to understand.
    LensmanPsiOfficer SigmaPsiLensman Simms

I see the use of gravity shields on spaceships as somewhat akin to the concept of an icebreaker in the Arctic oceans. This concept should allow us to travel through the vastness of space and to even survive incidents (collisions) which are likely to cause total mission failure- in a universe where help is an almost endless distance away.

The beam of gravity lunges forth in front of the spaceship deflecting particles and preventing a collision with the spaceship. Even microscopic grains of sand, if involved in a collision with a spaceship at relativistic velocities are incredibly destructive. Spaceships can travel faster through space and more safely if the debris is swept out of the way. Even one collision is a collision too many. The concept shows the gravity beam forming something akin to the prow of an icebreaker pushing ice or in the case of spaceships, pushing dust out of the way of the ship.



Places in Brisbane that remind me of energy shielding:

The Brisbane Planetarium at Mount Cootha

Mt Cootha Planetarium

The Belmont Rifle Range: they have recently set up a number of events each week whereby normal people can attend and for a small fee fire a variety weapons on the range. Probably something that In Australia anyway many of us would never normally do.

The cafes at the top of the Mount Glorious Road in the Mount Glorious village itself. Some esoteric places. They inspire some esoteric thoughts on the concept of esoteric forces. Best accessed on a weekend.

Lookout Brisbane Region

Other Examples of books referring to this technology:

James Blish: Earth Man Come Home. This author especially deserves mention in consideration of shield technology because he champions the usage of shields as containment vessels as well as protection. The same shielding that protects a city from meteorites, also works to maintain atmospheric integrity within the city ship. A very important concept innovation if one considers its applicability to the creation of fusion bottles. Perhaps one day even, we can generate gravity effects sufficient to lift city sized masses into orbit.

Clever New Applications:

  • Fusion Bottles with gravity shielding in addition to EMF shielding allowing a new mechanism of energy generation and a simplification / reduced cost of containment of energy supplying nuclear fusion reactions.
  • Gravity-based climate engines moving huge sheets of water laden air into the interior of arid continent such as Australia. In effect , we are creating a “wet wind” feeding into the interior of this arid continent.
  • Space Buses replacing long-distance aeroplane travel by accessing LEO. (Low Earth Orbit).
  • Shielding against projectiles. A gravity beam could deflect ballistic missiles from their intended targets.

Starship the Liberator Starship Liberator

  • Debris sweepers for spaceships – allowing spaceships to travel faster by minimising the risks of relativistic collisions with cosmic debris particles.
  • Making water run uphill – if water can be made to flow up and over a mountain, water can be diverted from coastal streams where it is unnecessary to inland arid areas – especially in places such as Australia.
  • Allowing the shipping of giant ice cubes from Antarctica into the Australian interior.

Ice Town