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Cool Things from Fusion Technology




The energy density and scalability of fusion reactors will like enable many new industrial processes.






























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In the webpage I discussed that fission reactors do in fact involve elements of nuclear fusion. By impinging neutrons into atomic nuclei , fusion occurs, and in so doing initiates the process of fission. Fusion that is normally talked about in energy production arises from the fusion of small light nuclei such as hydrogen into helium. Thorium fuel was discussed as an alternative to uranium, for fuelling industrial energy production reactions via nuclear fission.

Nuclear fission compared to nuclear fusion is unfortunately a much more dirty and dangerous energy production process. We use nuclear fission capably and effectively today. However, fusion though much more desirable as an energy production process, appears to be at the limit of our technological know-how. If we can ever learn to generate gravity fields and do develop composite containment fields using EMF and gravity in fusion bottles, fusion may well be the energy source of the future.

In the event of an accident, nuclear fusion generates predominately shorter half-life end products and less radioactive end products compared to nuclear fission reactions. Safety for civilisation is paramount. Accidents are a part of life and nature can be quite unkind. Witness the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear reactors as well as the Fukushima nuclear reactors.

The other advantage of the use of nuclear fusion for energy production is scalability. We believe that fusion reactions can be created in a range of sizes from microscopic to macroscopic. Accordingly they can be used to power a range of machinery from vehicles to planetary sized spaceships. Perhaps even to power a personal shield as typified by Hober Mallow the trader in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, or in the shields carried by many combatants in computer games especially e.g. Halo.

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Hober Mallow Mayor Trader SigmaPsiHober Mallow

Nuclear fusion has a scalability feature which enables very rapid energy generation. Energy density is critical if we are to escape the earth’s gravity well. Nuclear fission can produce energy rapidly, but the output curve is exponential. Small instabilities can rapidly take a power plant operating at full production into a nuclear explosion. The nuclear fusion process bypasses this risk. Power production is directly related to the fuel input and this can be controlled reliably.

The fuel of fusion reactors is simple and plentiful, consisting of elemental hydrogen. This is the fuel that has powered  the sun for billions of years. Hydrogen is stable , unlike materials such as thorium and uranium. Hydrogen is essentially non-toxic, at least in comparison to nuclear fission fuels. Natural advantages for a fuel. Hydrogen only ignites if combined with reactive atoms/molecules such as Oxygen.


Examples From Science Fiction:

Considering how essential energy production is to many of the exploits of Science Fiction, it is surprising to find how rarely energy production appears in science fiction books.

Frank Herbert: Dune. The series of books relates that the interaction of a lasgun with a shield can generate a fusion reaction of a variable intensity. Anything up to a Big Bang is possible. I suppose the question to ask relates to the nature of the particles interacting –? In this universe or another. If a massive output of energy can occur, greater than the input energy, obviously this process could form an energy source- if it can be understood and controlled.
Dune Fremen SigmaPsiDune Fremen

H Beam Piper: Space Viking. The use of fusion technology is implied but not well described. The ability to build containment vessels made of collapsed matter i.e. Collapsium is integral to the process of power generation in these books. Such containment vessels are proof against straying particles and high temperatures that exist in the core of a fusion reactor. The book mentions power converters as well as pseudo-gravity and contra gravity. These terms highlight that our impression of the action of gravity may come from the action of other forces, rather than from the generation of gravity itself. Being able to engineer and build Collapsium or a similar material would provide us with an alternate path to the creation of fusion containment bottles. I have read some supposed witness statements that state that the Grey Aliens propulsion system is not gravity, but a form of drive affecting and pushing electrons. Same effect but different science though.

Otto Harkamann SigmaPsi Otto Harkamman

EE Doc Smith in the Skylark series describes the generation of energy by the annihilation of matter with an antimatter type of “enzyme”. This enzyme known as “X” is not consumed by the process of generating energy. The process essentially describes a type of “cold fusion” reaction which occurs only within a specific EMF/enzyme mediated environment. Copper is directly converted to energy with no waste, no radioactivity, and no radiative particles.


Clever New Applications:

The usefulness of fusion technology relates to the scalability of fusion power. Both the size of the powerplant (its overall power output) and its ability to rapidly increase or decrease its output can be fairly easily and safely controlled. This technology lends itself to high energy output situations especially those requiring mobility or independent activity in remote environments.

  • Weapons technology will always be a major consideration to this technology. Science fiction writers have used this technology to create monsters and evil machines:
    Neil Asher – Grid Linked: Mr. Crane (a golem).
    Iain Banks – the Culture series of novels: the needle weapons.
  • Laser weapons: I think these will only be possible in situations where independent high output power supplies are available. A small fusion generator feeding each weapon, make such a weapon a distinct possibility, as a spaceship weapon where range requirements for usefulness and power requirements preclude other weapons and power systems.
  • Gravity generators: Making gravity creates a lot of infrared or microwave heat waste energy. The energy has to come from somewhere.
  • Power for human activity in remote areas: LEO shuttles, spaceships, off Earth habitats and colonies,
  • Large-scale earth based projects: Stirring up nutrients on the seafloor to change ocean salinity and carbon absorption characteristics will likely require power at sites remote from land-based power stations. Fusion energy is based on the same renewable energy source as the sun – namely the fusion of hydrogen.
  • Energy Shields: If these are to be a reality, the energy has to come from somewhere and in quantity.

What does this technology remind me of in Brisbane? :

Cool things to do in Brisbane on a Hot Day

Rock Pools Scenic Rim Rock Pools Scenic Rim

Rock Pools:
Mt Mee's Rocky Hole: an hour's drive north
Currumbin Rock Pools: an hour’s drive south
Kondalilla Falls.
Streets Beach and Lagoon at South Bank (right next to the city- walking distance)Kondalilla Falls Kondalilla Falls

Bush Walk
Mt Nebo
Mt Glorious
Mt Tamborine
Curtis Falls 
Springbrook and on to Natural Arch.
The temperate rainforests in these areas are always a bit cooler than the hustle bustle of Brisbane proper.Bush Walk Bush Walk

Aquativity Parks
River Heart Parklands, 
Darlington Parklands, 
Robelle Domain, 
Wynnum Water Park.
Langlands PoolWynnum Water Park Pools Wynnum Water Park Pools

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium
Under cover: a view of cool dark outer space. Night sky tours available


Brisbane Planetarium Brisbane Planetarium

QaGOMA: Queensland Gallery of Modern Art:
Situated close to the centre of the city at Southbank. Free exhibitions


QaGOMA Gallery QaGOMA Gallery

Swimming Pools 
Wynnum Pool
Settlement Cove Redcliffe
Colmslie Pool
Chermside Pool
Langlands Pool
Spring Hill Baths: an old pool unique as one of Brisbane’s original Bath Pools: a premodern 25m length, wooden changing cubicles, signs saying “Men Must Not Loiter”
Valley Baths: Behind the heritage listed brick façade is a surprise.
Newmarket Pool
Brisbane Aquatic Centre: with a huge area of surrounding grounds of interest.

Cinemas try the Hawthorne / Bulimba/ Southbank group of cinemas for value.





Great Brisbane Walks

Few cities have as many and as varied walks as Brisbane: wetlands, rainforests, reservoirs, bushlands, seafront, riverside, urban, historic suburbs and the secluded green belts that connect suburbs via creeks. The cycle paths travel through some unique countryside.

Brisbane Forest Park Walk
Follow the Aurucaria Circuit along the beautiful shores of Brisbane’s heritage listed Enoggera Reservoir (circa 1866).

Start at the pelican park where Pelicans are fed daily, amble to Redcliffe via Woody Point, the Gayundah ship wreck. See tiny sea coves, parks, art deco bathing sheds, Settlement lagoon, jetty and Bee Gees Way.

Pelican Park Redcliffe Pelican Park Redcliffe

Raven Street Reserve
A treasure- little known- weaving through groves of grass trees, acacias & banksias (best in mid to late August when the bush flowers are out)

.Raven St Reserve Raven St Reserve

A shorefront walk-  Takes in splendid Victorian villas from Sandgate’s heyday, picnic spots, and playgrounds, past the landmark historic church and via the Shorncliffe pier to Cabbage Tree Creek.

Sandgate Shorncliffe walk Sandgate Shorncliffe walk

JC Slaughter Falls
Near Mt Cootha, the 2nd botanical gardens, the lookout at the top of Mt Cootha

J C Slaughter Falls Park J C Slaughter Falls Park

Follow along the ridge tops and through the gullies of historic Paddington, taking in gorgeous Queenslanders, cafes, providores, antique and vintage boutiques and churches.

Paddington Brisbane Suburb Paddington Brisbane Suburb

Brisbane Riverwalk
Includes the central city and shorefront, past Southbank with uninterrupted views of the New Farm cliffs, East Brisbane & Story Bridge

Brisbane River Walk Brisbane River Walk

One of Brisbane’s most scenic walks starts at the Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk and follows the seafront via Pandanus beach, heritage wading pool, gracious parks and Manly harbour.

Wynnum Manly Mangrove Boardwalk Wynnum Manly Mangrove Boardwalk

Kangaroo Point-City
Follows along the base of Kangaroo Pt. cliffs, via boardwalks, botanic gardens, over the Story Bridge and along the CBD waterfront and runs into the Brisbane riverwalk.

Kangaroo Point Walk Kangaroo Point Walk

Boondall Wetlands
A 2 km walk that plunges into the thick of Brisbane’s best and most varied wetland, via coloured marshlands, desolate salt flats, ghostly paperbarks, mangroves and bird hides.

Boondall Wetlands Boondall Wetlands

New Farm – Teneriffe
Begin at the Sydney St. Ferry stop; follow the river via Merthyr Park to the Bowls Club, then via leafy streets to New Farm Park and on to historic Teneriffe via an interesting & lovely river walk. New farm Park, the Powerhouse centre with restaurants are along the way. 

New Farm Teneriffe New Farm Teneriffe

Boombana Walk
This rainforest walk, a short drive from Brisbane, is one of the shortest yet most stunning around, mostly on a boardwalk and featuring ancient a grove of giant fig trees.

Boombana Walking  Track Boombana Walking Track


Enoggera Reserve Brisbane Enoggera Reserve Brisbane