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Erasmus : The Paill Pluswebpages look at how disease affects almost every aspect of our lives. It makes a seemingly innocuous – but effectively radical statement. Changes in behaviour and due to changes in structure and function of the brain. Paill affects neurological tissue. It is a prime candidate for causing many neurological symptoms, as well as seemingly unrelated symptoms such as aches and pains and tiredness. It is chronic. It is relentless. For further information there is an entire ENK website devoted to this topic.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx : Nature is a world of cause and effect. Illness disease and death are not works of God. One can choose to avoid the fate that history has relegated to us.

Dr AXxxxxDr AXxxxx : But you can still die if you want to. Or actually whether you want to or not. So long fuckers.

ErasmusErasmus : The Gene Controlwebsites are to give us an introduction to the world of DNA which controls who we are and what we do. It is the complexity of DNA which we are only now beginning to understand. Gene segments that produce molecules such as proteins and enzymes are very obvious to us. But it is in the introns which control the expression and function of these genes where the true complexity lies.

Kinkajou Tells You What Really Happened. The Truth Is Out There! "TRUE"
Kinkajou Interviews Famous People For Their Unique Points Of View: "GALACTIC TRAVELOGUE"

Kinkajou Tells It TrueGalactic Travelogue

Our Little Numbat FriendGoo : Genes are like little switches that control things, aren't they?

KinkajouKinkajou : Yes Goo. Genes control every aspect of our being including our behaviour and personality as well. Many of the choices we make are choices that nature has destined for us.

ErasmusErasmus : "Life Extension" has been the goal of the human race since time immemorial. To date much of our achievements relate simply to the control of infectious disease. The Paill Plus model suggests that we have some way to go in this area as well. We talk about some of our achievements as well as some of our hopes in the new frontier.

Dr AXxxxxDr AXxxxx :   Solve the problem or die a fool’s death. I can just imagine if someone were to offer charity collectors a solution or cure for death and disease, they would say No! We just want the money. Typical!

ErasmusErasmus : GUI for Health focuses on how the medical record can impact on the practice of medicine. The entry of structured data into a database allows far more informative data mining. Our health record interfaces leave much to be desired. But in this frontier again it is the social milieu which limits many developments. Simple issues such as who owns the data, who can have access to it and under what circumstances are paramount in this area of technology.

Our Little Numbat FriendGoo : GUI sounds a bit like my name.

KinkajouKinkajou : No Goo. GUI actually stands for Graphical User Interface.

ErasmusErasmus : Insect Lasers looks at new methods for controlling disease. Currently we use pesticides and some biological is in disease control. Insect Lasers gives us new options for improving agriculture and human disease.

The CommandantThe Commandant : You can zap a lot of things with a good laser.


Learn how Personality is genetically determined and can determine the fate of nations. www.enkcharm.com "Enneagram"
Learn how disease and illness even more so define human behaviour. WWW.ENKpaill.COM "Paill".



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