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Health Records: System Issues

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Rights relating to Medical Data, form a complex social engineering issue to resolve before PEHR development can occur.


































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The medical health record is a method of storing information on a person’s medical history longitudinally throughout that person’s experience with the medical system. The most substantial issues in recording such information are solving the social engineering issues, not the scientific or technical issues. Some important social engineering issues are:

  • Who owns the record?
  • Who owns access to the record?
  • Who can be denied access to the record?
  • How can different people at different sites working for different organisations be given access to the record and to what extent?
  • What information will be stored?
  • What file structures need to be adopted to optimise their usage in their intended environment?
    (Option 1: Databases of coalesced information. For example: name, date of birth).
    (Option 2:
    An individual patient based file accumulating all the information on the patient).
    (Option 3: Combinations thereof).

  • If the records are stored, to what extent and how can they be used for other purposes than simply the patient’s direct health care? I.e. How can they be used indirectly for health care?

    Many of our most important advances in health care relate to group issues and changing the spread of diseases, not just treating the disease in the individual. Prevention, rather than cure. In short how should  the medical records be designed for usage? (To solve an individual’s medical problems predominantly, to allow data mining for statistics and information about diseases and problems, or to allow integration with other databases e.g. taxation office).

  • The method of importing the data and whether glyphs/Picts are used also affect the database structural design.
    KinkajouKinkajou Tells It True

As is common with complex issues, knowing what to do exactly
is the most complex issue of all.

Human perceptions are a substantial issue. I remember a friend who submitted funding for encrypted file transfer of medical records. The current system of sending information was fax based. The funding submission was denied because it was felt to be insufficiently secure. In the world today, such a statement is laughable. Proof that people planning the path to the future can be the biggest fools of all.

In science fiction world we have the example of the "tree" intelligences of Midworld (a book by Alan Dean Foster): called the “They Who Keep”. The need to develop a Gaiae like approach to ecology, demands substantial data processing capacity along with intelligence. I suppose since Human brains and Furcot brains are used as the basis of the intelligence processing, the “They Who Keep” must think in a substantially human way.

They Who Keep tree SigmaPsiThey Who Keep tree

In science fiction example of Gordon R Dixon’s:  Wolfling we see how a genetically based elite could evolve through long-term immigration of people to the centre of government of a galactic empire. A health record would have been critical to genetic based culling of the population. Natural selection does not necessarily work upwards. Selection can make a population more susceptible or more effective to specific diseases or conditions. However intelligent selection requires data and observation, which will of course only be available through the health record.
Jum Kiel Human Wolfling Fighter SigmaPsiJim Kiel

Dr Xxxxx would argue that it would be impossible to select an elite for their genetic intelligence, because the action of Paill, precludes the ability to measure intelligence. All you are actually measuring are effects of disease on intelligence, at a population level. Major determinants of intelligence become simple factors such as nutrient availability, especially as affected by gluten intolerance/ allergy.



Clever New Applications:

An appreciation that perhaps written language is not the best way to convey some medical knowledge – such as an understanding or knowledge of medical conditions. A glyph may be a far more quick useful and memorable method of transferring such information.

Data  mining: It does not exist if we cannot see it. Yet many important things cannot or will not be seen. Gluten allergy or intolerance being the simple most critical factor that needs to be determined on the planet in Dr Xxxxx’s opinion.

Single Cell assays: We can currently map  a single cell’s response to environmental agents. In the long term this may be able to be built up into immune pathways analysis. Ie Analysing cell interactions in sequence , not in isolation to understand  the basis of the immune system.



What does this technology remind me of in Brisbane? :

Storing lots of weird and Different Animals.

Brisbane Wildlife: Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo was the brainchild of the late Steve Irwin and his extended family. It is one of Australia's truly awesome attractions: just north of Brisbane.


1638 Steve Irwin Way 

Beerwah, Qld, 4519 

+ 61 (7) 5436 2000 


Open Daily 9.00am - 5.00pm 

Bedtime for some of the animals is 4:30pm.

Australia Zoo Australia Zoo

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