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Kinkajou Interviews SigmaPsiDerek Reece, brother of Kyle Reece.
(TV “Terminator” series)


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Can you tell us about your mission to help the hopeless?

Derek Reece Survivor Future SigmaPsiDerek Reece:  Our mission has always been to help humanity. With the advent of the machines every human being became valuable. Billions died in the initial nuclear onslaught. Only the foresight of a few enabled us to save the many. With the advent of  Skynet, there were no worthless people. Approaching life with a laissez-faire attitude became an extinction option. Not to care equals death in the New World order.

John Connor saved us. He organised the hopeless bands of humanity into a tuned fighting machine able to take on Skynet and its own game. You wonder how intelligent Skynet could be if it believed in a safer destiny fighting humans as opposed to working with them.

Imagine what it could be had we worked in partnership. In the new era, humans will never trust machines and computers ever again. The development of machine intelligence is a profane path for human endeavour. Never again can we give machines and computers the ability to do anything but our direct bidding.


In our world ,there will never be a singularity. All believe that artificial intelligence is inherently evil. There can be no compromise on the New World order.


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I can see where you’re coming from. Skynet has unleashed untold horrors on human race. There must be a day of reckoning. Humanity must look to ensure its future and to remain in control of its creations. I leave you to battle.

SigmaPsiDerek Reece Survivor Future



Warrior Kinkajou.....Galactic Travelogue




Kyle Reece

Terminator: series


KinkajouMed Kinkajou interviews SigmaPsiJantiff Ravensroke of Zeck,
on his visit to Wyst: Alastor Cluster, 1176

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Thank you for agreeing to talk to us today, Jantiff. I see that you have truly discovered something about the human condition and egalism in your sojourn on Wyst.

Jantiffe Tourist Stars SigmaPsiJantiff Ravensroke:   I found myself contemplating my future in my youth. I did not know what career I should choose. Little appealed to me. I suspected that my unconventional earnings would only excite derision were I rash enough to express them. I managed to obtain funds to travel to Wyst in the Alastor Cluster, a place I had discovered in my readings. How little I realised how much my future was to change.

The Arabbins of Wyst, (Arrabus being one of their main cities), pride themselves on their egalism. This is the equality of all men, an acceptance that humans should not be bound by the drudgery of their circumstances. Anyone with a sufficiently thick skin can participate in fantastic social experiment where food and shelter, like air are considered the natural right of all men.

The citizens and newcomers alike, work 13 hours per week. This is made up of two brief periods of “drudge” each week with another two hours of maintenance at the block where each resides. They make their breakfast, lunch and dinner upon wholesome “gruff” and nutritious “deedle” with a dish of “wobbly” as the expression goes – to fill up the cracks.

If one is wise, one will learn to tolerate and even enjoy the diet, since there is nothing else to eat.

These foodstuffs derive from the ultimate recycling processes. The basic raw material of food is called sturge. It is simple food pulp. It is piped from the central plant to each block. In the block kitchen it magically becomes gruff, deedle and wobbly. There is no reason why it can’t also be used to make good swill, (an alcoholic beer- like drink made by fermentation).

The recycling aspect does raise some disturbing aspects. I asked once what happened to the cadavers at the “Halcyon House, Pavilions of Rest. I was told the objects are macerated, flushed into a drain along with all other wastes and slops. The slurry known as “Spent Sturge” is piped to a central processing plant.

Here it is processed, renewed, replenished and then piped back to all the blocks of the city as ordinary sturge. As I’ve said in the block kitchens, the sturge becomes the familiar and nutritious gruff, deedle and wobbly.

People spend much of their time seeking natural food which they call “Bonter”. I remember going on a bonter fest with acquaintances from Arrabus. One of our party disappeared, taken by the Gypsies. One of the people with us: Skorlet let out a horrid squeal. The Gypsies have taken her.

This vile bonterfest and now there’ll be another. We have eaten poor Tanzell – what is the difference today or tomorrow. I suddenly realised where much of the meat we had eaten came from.

Human life was not very valuable here. I walked with them a few steps but could not control the spontaneous pumping my stomach. I veered off the path and only half conscious, fell to my knees where I vomited again and again. My mouth tasted sour and oily as I remembered the sauce which had been poured onto the meat. But there were other more distasteful aspects to the situation which I learned at the time.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I am disgusted by some of the difficulties you were facing.

Jantiffe Tourist Stars SigmaPsiJantiff Ravensroke:   The food biotechnology represented by this situation is incredible. However, food biotechnology cannot at this time recreate the experience and taste and feeling of eating real food. This stark contrast between food for sustenance and food for enjoyment has indeed created much of the mismatch of values which has torn apart the society of the city on Wyst.

I remember telling the agent of the Connatic (the ruler of the Alastor Cluster), that he would likely be disappointed with food at the Travellers in. He replied to me that as a rule he made few demands, but here in the Travellers Inn for non-egalistic prices, he insisted upon non-egalistic value. Unlike the ordinary traveller, he said he was able to instantly avenge sloths, slights and poor service. It is a perquisite of his job. He told me that he thought I would notice a distinct improvement upon my previous visit to the Travellers Inn.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   So what did you think of the social organisation of the people in the city on the planet of Wyst.

Jantiffe Tourist Stars SigmaPsiJantiff Ravensroke:   When I first arrived at the spaceport on Wyst, I stayed at the Travellers Inn. My first introduction to the social experience was a cavernous bathroom shared by both sexes, personal modestly having succumbed to the forces of egalism.

I talked often with people from my accommodation block and their acquaintances, on their views of work. They told me that for civilised men, work is an unnatural occupation. They thought that there was no inherent virtue in work. I told them that is, of course unless it was performed by someone else.

They told me that work is a useful function of machines. We should let machines augment their capabilities. Let the automatons ponder and drudge. The span of existence is too brief – so why should one second be wasted.

At the time I was fixing a type of TV screen for my flatmates. I asked them if there’d rather lose the use of their screen; rather than fix it themselves. They replied that it goes without saying. They told me that my practicality was a backward step. They thought that my proposed actions in asking for payment to fix the screen were exploitive and should surely be made known to the monitors. At that point I suggested they should fix the screen themselves, because my time was precious and I did not want to lose the beauty of the moment by performing drudge.


People were of little value, because there were so many of them. A corpse was discovered in a roof garden. The Warden came and dragged the body away. There was to be no investigation. None wanted to waste time investigating. I pursued the subject no further.

I speculate that every society has a method of purging itself and ejecting offensive elements. This is how it is accomplished under egalism.

My acquaintance Skorlet, told me that I should not concern myself with the fate of the citizen. His name was Tango. He was a boisterous fellow and a cheat. He notoriously traded his drudges and never found time to work off the stint. He would not be missed.

Skorlet later criticized me as well. She said that frankly she would be pleased to have me out of there. She disliked my precious posturing. She hated me for the piddly little sketches I had hung up everywhere, she thought to remind us all of my talents for artistic drawing. She accused me of never forgetting my elitism. She said that I was on Arrabus Wyst on sufferance and that I should never forget it.


On a trip, I spied the Uncibal Penal Camp, a type of nursery for bad children in our society. The criminals ran the gamut. You’ll find shirkers there and shift-ills, not to mention flamboyant, performers and violeurs. I was horrified.

The murderers here go free, but the flamboyants and the sexivators are punished. Of course said Skorlet. We’ve got lots of folk to be murdered, but only one “egalism”: to be suborned.

She told me not to waste my pity. They all befouled our great Society and now they must sort ore for the metallurgical syndicate. She said that I should not have pity for the deviants. And it was too bad for these deviants.

That’s how such persons should fare in Arrabus: double drudge, no swill and they are tapped three times a year besides. (Being “Tapped “is a process whereby human glandular products and biological by-products are extracted from a living human being for sale in the general marketplace of the cluster.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   What of stealing?

Jantiffe Tourist Stars SigmaPsiJantiff Ravensroke:    On Arrabus on Wyst, they call it “snergery.” Erebus abounds with snerges haven’t you heard. I could not understand why anyone would want to steal under “egalism”. I was told that “snergery” ensures “egalism”. It’s a very direct remedy against anyone accumulating goods. In Arrabus, all share and share alike.

The people to some extent also respect “Snerges”. When I was being pursued, the miscreant chasing me yelled Snerge! Snerge! Hold the Snerge! People turned to look and observing me running stood quickly aside allowing me to escape more quickly. An interesting attitude, don’t you think?

All in all there are many difficult social aspects to the situation on Arrabus, Wyst.

A friend looking into crimes I had witnessed, said to me that he suspected I was disturbed by recent events, and understandably so. He stated that unfortunately by the very nature of his position, he could only achieve an approximate justice. The witch hunting farmers – are murderers.

Truthfully he said he was less interested in punishments, then setting things to rights. He stated that he often made one or two dramatic examples, hoping to frighten all the others into regeneracy. He stated that the method worked unevenly. Often the most iniquitous are the least inconvenienced.

On the other hand, an absolute exact justice could often destroy a community, so could not be applied.

The events on Arrabus, Wyst were certainly an education to me on social engineering aspects inherent in applying justice to a community. While there are many things we may often wish to do, in applying justice and egalism, such things are made to serve the community and the people within it. You can only apply as much justice and equity to the situation, as the people in general will allow you to apply.

It all comes back to the ruler the Connatic of the Alastor Cluster being a servant of the people, even though being their ruler.


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   The city of Arrabus on the planet Wyst had certainly degenerated into a mess.

Jantiffe Tourist Stars SigmaPsiJantiff Ravensroke:   Yes I expect that the Cursars appointed by the ruler, the Connatic will manage Arrabus perhaps for decades. Probably until the people regain their morale. They are now confirmed city dwellers and generally indecisive. Each person is isolated among multitudes, he is alone, detached from reality. He thinks an abstract terms. He continues a sad identification with his apartment block. I believe people deserve better than this. So does anyone.

The people have regressed to the point that they are in essence helpless as citizens of the galaxy. It is part of our role to help them on their path upwards.


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Thank you Jantiff for your help.

Jantiffe Tourist Stars SigmaPsiJantiff Ravensroke:   Thank you Kinkajou:   We have traded good deeds and this is the stuff of friendship.




Vance, Jack

Jantiff Ravensroke

Wyst Alastor


Vance, Jack

Jantiff Ravensroke

Wyst Alastor


Vance, Jack

Jantiff Ravensroke

Wyst Alastor




Vance, Jack


Wyst Alastor


Kinkajou interviews SigmaPsiJubal Droad (Jack Vance:     Maske: Thaery)

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Jubal, thank you for agreeing to share some of your feelings about your world. I understand that crowding and population growth has been one of the chief underlying factors impacting your life. Tell us somewhat of your world


Jubal Droad Wanderor SigmaPsiJubal Droad:  Despite the ancient interdicts, certain of the towns became cities by which the first was Wisrod by Duskerl Bay. Over the same period, the population of the countryside continued to increase until presently the overflow was forced to seek employment elsewhere, sometimes in vain.

The young folk coming into their maturity in either towns or in the country, found little scope for their energies.

I was forced to seriously consider my own future after my father died. The choices were not inspiring. Toil in the factories I rejected, though I believe a diligent and punctual man might eventually do well for himself. I believed that I would find no advancement in the air patrol or the militia, (due to my origins- being of the “Glint” caste).


The Space Navy and the Beneficial Service were reserved for scions of the upper castes (not “Glints”) and so completely closed to me.

The skilled professions all demanded years of preparatory discipline, but worked psychological distortions upon their practitioners as a result. I could remain at my father’s, (and now my brother’s estate) in the capacity of a bailiff or fishermen or handyman – a not unpleasant life but quite at odds with my self-esteem. I could perhaps sail the long ocean as a Seafarer on a National Felucca. Or I could undertake the final and irrevocable step of emigration.


I felt that each step led to equally barren destinations. I was coming into my maturity. And so impatient and depressed, I went forth into Yallow.



Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Yallow?

Jubal Droad Wanderor SigmaPsiJubal Droad:  At the end of our formal education, all young men and women set forth to wander the world, experience life and to see what careers and directions in life may tempt us. It is perhaps the defining experience of life all too short for many of us.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   It must be incredible to wander the world for a year, doing minor jobs in many places, discovering potential partners in life and experiencing all that the world has to offer.

Jubal Droad Wanderor SigmaPsiJubal Droad:  Yes. But one day it must all end. When I returned home from Yallow, I found a perspicacious family welcome. My brother urged me to remain on the land, as a bailiff and overseer. But I was restless. In all my life, I had achieved nothing.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Work and fatigue are well-known cures for restlessness. But what is achievement after all – but another name for vanity.

Jubal Droad Wanderor SigmaPsiJubal Droad:  I greet all you say. I am vain and fresh. I consider myself equal to the best, but I would like to prove this belief, if only to myself.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   All very well – but how and where? You know the difficulties, with 20 hands reaching for every plum. And never forget your origins and your cast (“Glint”) – hardly advantages.

SigmaPsiJubal Droad:  True all. But I refuse to surrender before I am defeated.


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Yallow has changed you, more than I expected. So after Yallow, what do you propose for yourself?

Jubal Droad Wanderor SigmaPsiJubal Droad:   That is a hard question to answer. I saw enough of Thaery to discover what I do not want to do. I found that certain careers are earmarked for a few high cast Thariots, and these as luck would have it, are the careers which appealed to me.Kinkajou Kinkajou:   What is the advantage of caste, after all, if it does not entail privilege?

Jubal Droad Wanderor SigmaPsiJubal Droad:  I understand this, but am not reconciled to it. I have only a single life. I want to use it as best I can.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   To succeed you must present unique capacities.

Jubal Droad Wanderor SigmaPsiJubal Droad:  If nothing else, I can offer energy, forthrightness and candour.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Why these? Certainly no one insists upon them.

Jubal Droad Wanderor SigmaPsiJubal Droad:  They could be of more value for their novelty.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Perhaps they have already been tried and found wanting. Energy? Forthrightness? Both embarrassing. The only folk who can afford candour are those so securely powerful that they fear nothing.

But in the events of your past, I see a glimmering of hope. Through Sigma Psi I can introduce you to some people with whom I have become acquainted.

About your potential new employers. Candour and forthrightness – use them sparingly. Don’t give away advantages. Drive a hard bargain.

These potential new employers are neither kind nor generous. They are neither candid nor forthright, unless you are of no use to them, at which time they will then become extremely direct. Unless you can control them, they will control you. They will show no gratitude. On the other hand, they show no grudges. Trust them for nothing. If you manage correctly, your future will be made. If you are anxious for a career, it lies within your grasp.

Jubal Droad Wanderor SigmaPsiJubal Droad:  I’ll do my best.


Vance, Jack

Jubal Droad

Maske, Thaery

KinkajouMedKinkajou Interviews a  “ SigmaPsiBrain”(Iaian Banks:” The Culture” novel  series)


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   In reviewing the technology of the culture, you have some amazing capabilities.

Brain Computer Culture SigmaPsiBrain:  Yes, our ships are completely independent life support units. Food production, energy production have become by-products of singularity intelligence. This has enabled we brains to take over many of the routine functions at which human beings laboured.

We have become independent of agricultural activities, through our ability to synthesise foods. Food production has been one of the critical bottlenecks in the growth of the human population throughout history. Essentially, food has always been produced in barely adequate quantities, with many people in the original nations of the earth experiencing hunger and deprivation.

A much more critical issue historically has been the inability to increase food production as all the arable land area of the planet had been co-opted for agricultural use. Even the incredibly productive vertical farms of early humans has been bypassed in terms of yield, ability to rapidly increase production and in further allowing the departure of humans from agricultural activities.

The “culture” has been able to synthesise foodstuffs in adequate quantities and in enviable variety to meet the needs of our population.

Human beings have become free to live their lives as they see fit.

Work has become an inessential activity for many. Human beings have been able to develop their skills and abilities to their desires. “The Culture” has however found special human beings to be extraordinarily useful.

Some people have the ability to integrate facts and to accurately predict the progression of events, and ability which even we brains are poorly capable of. These people have found themselves to be called upon to engage in special duties for the good of “the culture” and of all.

It is perhaps a Sigma Psi ability which enables integrative predictions of the future.

The development of the  singularity typified by we “brains” has enabled incredible feats of engineering, planning and success in conflict and war. This has ensured that “the culture” is a dominant power throughout the galaxy.

The finding of suitable planets for human colonisation is no longer another limiting factor in the growth of humankind.

We no longer have people who have been abandoned and  hopeless. However, there are limitations. The inclination of some to self-harm has needed to be curbed, for their own benefit. While “the culture” provides many freedoms, citizenship does come with some responsibilities, namely to oneself.


The incredible processing power of our “brains” has allowed health records to blossom into truly functioning instruments limiting spread of disease. Microbes can be traced, and their actions thereby limited. Diseases such as HIV and Paill as well as many others, no longer exist in the human domain. Essentially we know where every microbe goes and can follow their footprints to their targets and further.

Fuel cell miniaturisation is also an important achievement. Our needle weapons can overcome many opponents and weapons systems. Incredible speed, awesome power and the ability to evade protective weapon systems have made our agents in many situations essentially invulnerable.

We still require transportation systems to move to and from planetary surfaces and to transfer our citizens. Fuel cell miniaturisation has been critical in allowing optimisation of weight and power.


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Yes, the Culture is truly an awesome and powerful achievement. There can be no doubt that it will be the dominant power in this galaxy and beyond. The ability of culture ships to move allows the influence of the culture to spread throughout the galaxy.

Planets are essentially immobile objects, so the mobility of the Culture and the ability to construct ship habitats has made humanity able to utilise many of the resources of the galaxy, even from gas giants and from hostile or toxic environments.

Brain Computer Culture SigmaPsiBrain:  Fair thee well Kinkajou: 



SigmaPsiBrain Computer Culture


Banks, Iain


Culture novels


Banks, Iain


Culture novels


Banks, Iain


Culture novels


Banks, Iain


Culture novels


Banks, Iain


Culture novels


Banks, Iain


Culture novels


Banks, Iain


Culture novels


Banks, Iain


Culture novels