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Kinkajou Interviews Famous People For Their Unique Points Of View.

Lasers in SciFi : Bacterium Sorting




Lasers can be used to provide motive force :

sorting bacteria,

holding hydrogen atoms in place for fusion reactions and containment.






















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Kinkajou Interviews SigmaPsiEli Strone: deliverer of justice on the planet Atlas
(Kevin Anderson: Blindfold)


Kinkajou Kinkajou: Greetings Eli. I feel you somehow sense our situation. This…

Eli Strone Killer SigmaPsiEli: Thank you Kinkajou:   I have my own access to the truth:  I can sense evil lurking inside others. I will assist you in your quest for justice. I will make this part of my mission.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Thank you, Eli. My Readers would learn of the technologies on your home planet. I think that knowledge about the Veritas drug would be most desired by my readers.

Eli Strone Killer SigmaPsiEli: On my home world of Atlas, the entire justice system is dependent on the infallibility of the Veritas drug. No one Atlas can get away with the crime if brought before a telepathic Truthsayer.  But the situation goes deeper than that. Only the truthsayers can use the Veritas to its maximum effect. Their bodies had built up an “accommodation” to the Veritas from a lifelong exposure to the drug.

For them the psychic boost lasts for hours or days, whereas in a regular human the Veritas rush was only good for perhaps a few seconds. But oh those seconds. It is like having a dozen minds at once, lifetimes of memories and experiences right at your mental fingertips.

Dozens of Minds at your fingertips Dozens of Minds at your fingertips

Dozens of Minds at your fingertips

I first became aware of the problems of this system when the new Guild Master fell dead from the terrible Mindfire toxin after taking his weekly dose of Veritas. Mind fire toxin is produced by a virulent mutation of the Veritas bacteria. Purity and quality control should have prevented such contamination.

It became obvious to me that hidden agendas were in play.

Veritas is indeed a dangerous enough chemical in any case. Exposing secrets often causes far more damage than fabricating preposterous rumours. And this is the main reason why in our society, the availability of this drug is substantially limited.


Warrior Kinkajou.Galactic Travelogue


There are other side-effects of a lifetime of exposure to Veritas as well. Many of our male Guild Masters became sterile as well as developing a sort of skin pallor. Many Guild members never marry for this reason.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   How did your people first become aware of the Veritas bacterium’s toxins?

Eli Strone Killer SigmaPsiEli: When the first colonists arrived on their colony ship, Terran life spread like wildfire. The hard-working settlers performed surgery on the rugged lands – laying down first wave plants, heavy fertilisers, and a range of bacterial species including nitrogen fixing bacteria as well as mosses and grasses to establish an organic matrix for further colonisation.

The organisms originating from Atlas itself were forced to adapt. They are just beginning a war against the Earth species we have introduced. Their biochemistries are incompatible, so they are not really competing for the same resources. However, I doubt they will find an ecological truce. In the long run, I wonder which side will prevail.

Terrace Farming
Terrace Farming


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I suspect in the long run it will be both. Specific niches supporting both forms of life. The real dilemma is to what extent the two life ecologies come into equilibrium. The most obvious issue is the stereoisomers of the amino acids involved.


Most Terran life forms are based on levo- Rotary amino acids. If as I suspect the Atlas life forms are dextro Rotary amino acids, the question becomes to what extent the different species can alter the amino acid isomers and use biological resources from the other ecosystem in their own ecosystem.


Eli Strone Killer SigmaPsiEli: To some extent also the incompatibility of the ecosystems has made it easier for us. The barrenness of Atlas’s land has eliminated the need for herbicide and extensive weeding since nothing grows except what has been planted and nourished. Crops such as vegetables and grains especially need to be watered and nourished carefully.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   So the Veritas bacterium was discovered as one of the native eco-forms on this world.


Eli Strone Killer SigmaPsiEli:  Yes. One of our ancestors used knowledge gained through Veritas to stop our world being dominated by new arrivals on a new colony ship. The new colonists intended to take over our world. By marooning their captain on the space elevator after reading his mind, our leader was able to take control of their spaceship, while the captain was held in isolation. It is a drug which has indeed saved much for those of us who have lived on this world.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I can understand the importance your people place on Veritas. However there are ways to know and understand people even without Veritas. Too much dependence on a chemical crutch such as Veritas, can almost keep you living your life as if it were in a single box. Oh, perhaps a pretty one and a comfortable one, but a box nonetheless. When you remove a chemical crutch, you see the world through different eyes. You must leave the box of your perceptions. You begin to feel as if overwhelmed.

Eli Strone Killer SigmaPsiEli: I suppose the situation is that to which the first colonists to Atlas faced. Atlas was a virgin world with all the right ingredients to make it an eventual paradise much like Earth must have been billions of years ago, with a burgeoning ecosystem in the seas but a barren landscape.

The original columnists would have been forced to look at this world with new eyes, so different in Outlook to that which they possessed on old earth. They were forced to consider new solutions. They were forced to look at the new organisms on this planet as potential allies not just as species to be replaced.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I understand that you actually worked in the processing of Veritas.

Bacterial Biomechanisms Bacterial Biomechanisms
Bacterial Biomechanisms

Eli Strone Killer SigmaPsiEli: Yes. I revelled in the danger of dancing on the razor’s edge of risk and survival when I worked with Veritas processing. I used complex laser sorting technologies to sort normal Veritas bacteria from mutated bacterial strains. The intersection of the pulsed coherent light beams allow the sorting of single bacteria and the destruction of inimical strains. The difficulty lay in the ability of some of the normal Veritas bacteria to genetically revert to the more toxic or useless strains. It was difficult, precise and a never-ending recurrent work.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Do you have any other medical technologies that you believe may interest my readers?

Eli Strone Killer SigmaPsiEli. Yes indeed. Our people have maintained significant infrastructure on your orbital platforms surrounding a world. Due to the danger of the Veritas mutations, much of the Veritas processing occurs on these platforms, where incidents can be sterilised through exposure to space.

However we also perform much of our cloning work on these platforms as well. We are able to raise animals from embryos in cryo-storage, and then to use these to create an ecosystem on our planet.

One of our holders let loose a bunch of jackrabbits in his scrubland that he had brought down from the orbital platform. He also brought down predators for the rabbits to try to maintain eco-stability. However he failed to understand the numerical relationships inherent in predator prey eco-events.

The predators died off after eating all the available food. A few jackrabbits survived and now they realised that real crops taste better than Atlas scrub. And so we now in parts of Atlas must hunt the rabbits.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I think the same idiot must have had an ancestor in early Australia. I believe at one stage after the introduction of rabbits in Australia, there were plagues of rabbits travelling in fronts 20 km across and a 1 km deep moving across the countryside, destroying and eating everything. The Nullarbor Plain did not use to be a savannah of grasses. It was a plain covered in low trees.

The rabbits destroyed everything, all the vegetation and this led to the erosion of the land. Australia is a very different place because people failed to understand the fragility of an ecosystem. They compounded their error by introducing predator species which discovered that the native animals were easier and more plentiful to catch than the rabbits they had been introduced to hunt. Resulting in even further wholesale ecological damage.

Eli Strone Killer SigmaPsiEli: I would enjoy taking care of someone responsible for such ecological innovations. You have my vow Kinkajou:   Once this interview is finished, I will once again take justice into my own hands. Justice need not be a shared responsibility. I will indeed take great care to arrange a fine, private and oh so satisfying death for your eco-innovators. Justice will be served.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I see that Eli you are man with a clearly defined neural path burnt deeply into the core of your mind. You have taken up service in the cause of man as a dispenser of justice to help the legal system to do its work.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Do you have much trouble with any of the native Atlas species impacting on the Terran eco-imports?

Eli Strone Killer SigmaPsiEli: Yes we had some problems for example with some new algal strains. Apparently they even settled into some of the hydroelectric machinery. It was cause for a significant amount of concern. Landholders would attempt to scour it all out and then purge the entire hydro generator system with harsh caustics.

We had to be careful that the run-off water would not disturb any of our water ecology such as the water hyacinths or the Kudzu. Routine precautions involved capturing all the waste disinfectant and then finding a cave or a dry canyon somewhere to store the effluent. Sometimes you cannot be too careful. Harsh measures must be taken, with conviction but with care.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Other any other medical technologies in your world worth mentioning?

Eli Strone Killer SigmaPsiEli: We have already mentioned the Veritas bacterium processing, our cloning technologies and cryo- storage of embryos from Earth. We believe some of our more ruthless citizens actually use cloning technology to clone themselves, with a view to inserting copies of them within the political structure.

In the event of a crisis, how can you betray yourself? I believe one devil had more than a dozen copies of himself of varying ages that he had infiltrated into society. But I believe his crowning achievement was the cuckoo strategy of replacing the heir of one of the other families with one of his own clones.

I think your other significant technology is a cold stasis storage technology, as well as the special geriatric treatments we inherited from birth which could extend human life by up to decades. Again one of our more ruthless landholders would spend up to half his time frozen in stasis, letting others continue their work while he stopped ageing. He would then re-emerge to see the results of his initiatives.


He, In fact, lived longer than anyone else could remember. He had taken to forging his identity documents and to give the impression of ageing so as to enable him to leapfrog through time and to see his plans impact on the future.

The cold stasis technology was critical to allowing a much larger number of colonists to

arrive on this planet than would otherwise have been possible. However it does have its dangers. Irreparable neurological damage occurs if the human body is placed in deep sleep for more than two weeks at a time.

Consequently the deep sleep allotment  on the spaceships were carefully monitored, so no matter how bored or depressed the passengers might become, they would not be allowed to sleep away into eternity.

Brain Damage Can Occur with XS Exposure
Brain Damage Can Occur with XS Exposure


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   How does your system look after the little people?

Eli Strone Killer SigmaPsiEli: Our system of landholders guarantees that there is always someone in charge and able to decide. A landholder is was responsible for his people. A landholder is also responsible for the land and the ecosystem upon it. Humanity in effect is a single tool, wielded by each individual landholder. In such a world each man indeed has a place. He may choose the extent to which he becomes involved in society. But his responsibilities and his place within it are assured.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   But don’t you have people who opt outside of the landholder system?

Eli Strone Killer SigmaPsiEli. Well yes. There are for example, some Resource Rover people. They have crisscrossed the landscape for centuries, mapping and marking the location of natural treasure trove is. They report their findings and exchange information for money. But for the most part these large gypsy style families value their freedom above all, with no other desire than to roam and to look at the sights.

Unfortunately there was always been conflict for resources. Some of our resource Rover personnel have become very disenchanted. I remember one of them telling me “can you believe all those lives lost, all that blood spilled – because we found some sand?” So people have become cynical taking some of the responsibility for knowledge upon themselves. Not all information should be known to the many. It’s just not worth the price.Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Yes I believe that the repercussions of one’s actions can indeed cause one nightmares long-term. Bloodied brutal justice and witnessing the consequences of one’s deeds can be indeed difficult for the average person to understand.

Eli Strone Killer SigmaPsiEli: I will return to my tasks, as always purposeful, engrossed and as usual never wavering, never complaining.



Anderson, Kevin J.

Eli Strone



Anderson, Kevin J.

Eli Strone



Anderson, Kevin J.

Eli Strone



Anderson, Kevin J.

Eli Strone



Anderson, Kevin J.

Eli Strone