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Kinkajou interviews SigmaPsiRobert Hedrock
(A.E Van Vogt: the weapon shops series: The Weapon Makers)

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Tell us about your knowledge of longevity.

CEO Robert Hedrock Weapon Makers SigmaPsiRobert Hedrock.  When I first learned of my longevity, I attempted to research the issue. My solution was to sequester a group of scientists in a secret workshop on the planet Venus, to reveal to them my secret and then to challenge them to discover the factors leading to my longevity. It was a drastic mistake. I found that with the passage of time, the scientists became more and more resentful.

It is a terrible thing to grow old yourself, while watching another not age a single day. An associate, the No man Edward Gonish told me that with his understanding of human nature he realised what a mistake such an action would be. It is an experiment never to be repeated.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   So was this longevity a natural phenomenon?

CEO Robert Hedrock Weapon Makers SigmaPsiRobert Hedrock. Definitely not! This type of incident has not happened throughout history. It has not been replicated. An accident with a technological device is probably responsible for changing the parameters of the function of my body.

In my secret workshops I have set up an automatic experiment to test this theory. Rats are specially bred, and at a certain stage in their development are allowed to escape from the home maze into a special chamber where they are subjected to the action of a magnifier. Recently, one of these creatures lived almost to the human equivalent of the century of age.

It is obvious that the problem can be solved through the application of intensive scientific effort. However, it is an activity which must be undertaken in the background of mainstream human consciousness.

Humanity resents that some people may be more fortunate than themselves. To hide the fact of my longevity I have developed methods of making my appearance age, to at least give the illusion of ageing.

Immortality Immortality

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I note that you have an incredible empathy for humanity and a belief in fairness and even dealings with all human beings.

CEO Robert Hedrock Weapon Makers SigmaPsiRobert Hedrock.  Much of what I have built has been to return a sense of control to the individual. The Isher society has become incredibly complex. Not only must we allow the individual to defend themselves physically, but I have found it essential to empower the individual to defend themselves economically as well. It is far too easy for unprincipled or ruthless people to take advantage of others by breaking the rules, while at the same time relying on those rules to defend them from justice.

It is only by allowing individual to stand up for their own rights, that a society can remain free

. . People end up getting the government they deserve. It is only by their continued insistence that their own rights remain inviolate, that the instruments of justice are thwarted in their attempts to enslave and to limit the freedoms of the individual.


We do not interfere in the mainstream of human existence. We write wrongs. We act as a barrier between people and the more ruthless exploitative individuals and companies who surround them.


Warrior Kinkajou.....Galactic Travelogue


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Would you call what you have done social engineering?

CEO Robert Hedrock Weapon Makers SigmaPsiRobert Hedrock. I think you would have to accept that what has been created is the ultimate social engineering experiment. We have set up a system whereby the government and the imperium knows that it can only oppress and take advantage of people who are willing to accept being treated in this fashion.

Any person is capable of taking up a gun and resisting to the full extent of their own power. They are however not allowed to harm others, except where such others would deal lethal force unto them.

This creates a situation where each party in a conflict knows exactly how far they can push the other party. It gives the little person, (the individual), the knowledge that it is possible they can win against government. It gives the government the knowledge that it is possible that it may lose.

This socially engineered balance, results in maximisation of the freedoms of all the parties involved, but not at the expense of any of the parties involved.

I have found over the years that the secret of human power is confidence. If you are confident, people begin to doubt themselves. I find no surprise in this reaction.

Much of what I have achieved is based on knowledge of how to deal with people. People are susceptible to many forces.

For example, the Empress in expressing an opinion which is contrary to the opinion of the group, will bow to the ostracism of the men around her who she values. I have used this fact to create a situation whereby I can steer her towards an outcome which I wanted, and in one case saving my own life in the process.

Social engineering created a situation whereby new inputs into people’s environments (namely the Empress in this situation), resulted in a change in their behaviour.

In another situation, I motivated a woman called Lucy. By playing on Lucy’s emotional attachment to a man, I was able to encourage her to track down and extricate this man (Cayle Clark), from the difficult situation in which he found himself and to facilitate our (the Weapon Shops) use of Cayle in a conflict against the imperium. 



We needed to undertake this activity independently of the Weapon Shops, so as not to appear to be openly in conflict with the imperium at the time of the incident. Social engineering created the environment which made it all happen.



I believe that to lead, you need to engineer a behavioural environment which motivates people to undertake the activities that you wish them to. The carrot is a much better motivator than the stick, especially if people think that the carrot is of their own making.



Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I thank you for your forbearance with me and your willingness to assist my readers.



Van Vogt, A.E.

Robert Hedrock

The Weapon Makers


Van Vogt, A.E.

Robert Hedrock

The Weapon Makers


Kinkajou interviews a SigmaPsiGoa’uld Under Lord

(movie series: Stargate)


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I would speak with you Lord, while your master is otherwise engaged.

Goa'uld Lord Eyes SigmaPsiTok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord:  Proceed lowly creature. I perceive you are a Tau’ri mammal. I have not encountered such as you before, though I have learnt of you from my associates.

Gouald Larvae SigmaPsiGouald Larvae

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Could you tell us somewhat of the technology of the System Lords?

Goa'uld Lord Eyes SigmaPsiTok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord: Perhaps an exchange of information would serve me best. The Sigma Psi communication device you have engaged interests me.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   How do the Goa’uld learn? Do they use books?


Goa'uld Lord Eyes SigmaPsiTok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord: Of course young Kinkajou.   We have even invented page turning devices to automate and accelerate the process of learning. The device is held within your hand, and when waved across a tablet it initiates a reordering of the symbols present into the next page.

Of course, cunning humans have subverted this technology and linked the actuator to a sub – device capable of killing Goa’uld Symbiotes and simultaneously neutralising the toxin they release.

Unfortunately, the hosts continue to live for only a short time as they are driven mad by the effects of the death of Symbiote and the reality of reawakening with a deficient immune system.

We Goa’uld are of course capable of using our hosts’ senses to learn in exactly the same way as our hosts learned, but with substantially enhanced capabilities. This is due to the utilisation of our own genetic memory working through the filter of the neural system within the brain of the host.


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I have heard that the Goa’uld Symbiote enhances the host. Tell us something of this. The presence of a Symbiote within a host enhances the capabilities of thye host. The Symbiotes instill their hosts with superhuman strength, perfect health, and accelerated healing. A Host’ s life can lengthen into centuries and this can be further lengthened through the use of our main healing device: the sarcophagus.

The use of this device does seem to change the nature of our overlords (such as the System Lords). It is reputed that it makes the user effectively into a posturing egomaniac driven by an insatiable lust for power, and capable of any act in the pursuit of dominance and control.

Many of the Goa’uld against whom I have striven ,naturally possess some of these attributes. However, these attributes appear to be raised to incredibly high pitch with repeated use of the sarcophagus.

I hear one of the System Lords uses a sarcophagus daily in an effort to maintain long life and health.

Goa'uld Lord Eyes SigmaPsiTok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord: The sarcophagus is not a method of avoiding senescence and age. This “age” does come to us all, although at a greatly reduced rate, if the sarcophagus device is used regularly.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   How are the Tok’ra so different from the native Goa’uld?

Goa'uld Lord Eyes SigmaPsiTok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord: Our queen Egeria created us with the purpose of enhancing the symbiotic relationship in which we survive. She felt that blending or joining willing hosts with whom we could share the body equally would improve our chances of survival into the future.

The native Goa’uld oppose us both philosophically and militarily and destroy whenever they can. Each newborn  Symbiote is born with a genetic memory encompassing the collective knowledge of our species forefathers.

Knowledge gained is rarely lost by our species. Never for us or our partners will there be a slide into darkness. Forever are we prisoners of the world of cause and effect.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I note much of your technology utilises simple symbols in the graphical user interface. How did this evolve?

Goa'uld Lord Eyes SigmaPsiTok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord: How does any technology evolve? In response to need- to fulfil a purpose. The better the need is met, the more likely that the technology will persist and continue to be used. GUI type symbols simplify logic or action sequence initiation.

For example , why have  a button for each of: power up, initiate,check memory and storage, check system corruption; when a single operator glyph can encompass all these action. I am sure that you are familiar with such operator initiated sequences even amidst the primitive computers of your world.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   How do your medical technologies interface with the human immune system?

Goa'uld Lord Eyes SigmaPsiTok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord: Our Jaffa constructs have the immune system removed to enable the symbiotes’ immune system full reign. In the natural or wild state, many Symbiotes die while attempting to colonise their host. Implantation is a difficult process. It involves the circumvention of the host defences using the innate functions of the Goa’uld Symbiote.

Essentially, a neurally programmable biofilm interface , largely running at an unconscious level, incapacitates and bypasses the hosts’ defences. This allows the Symbiote to remain within the body of the host without rejection.

It also acts to incapacitate contaminating bacteria residing on the surface of the Symbiote prior to its invasion of the host. This is a complex process and can easily fail. Bacteria are capable of replication at rates that I think would even leave the “Replicators” in awe.

The survival of the host depends upon perfect eradication of all bacteria at the host- Symbiote interface. The complexity of immune host interactions is also so vast that mistakes can be made during the adaptation process.

Immune application can result in initiation of processes that take weeks to dampen and can be very hard to subvert once begun. This can result in the death of a Symbiote, and even the destruction of the host if the toxin is released.

The toxin evolved to limit super invasion of host with multiple Symbiotes, we believe it also institutes an evolutionary process amongst the symbiotes, eliminating hosts resistant to colonisation and allowing cognizable hosts to survive.

This ensures a path to the future for the Goa’uld.

The removal of the human immune system and its replacement by that of the Symbiote is an important step in maintaining the long-term health of the conjoined organisms. Immune systems of all animals throughout the galaxy are designed to reject foreign molecular constructs with almost perfect efficiency.

If the human immune system is allowed to remain, there remains the potential for immune conflict. If such conflicts are prevented by the removal of the human immune system, the innate immune functions of the Goa’uld Symbiote are far more advanced and efficient, effectively allowing the integration of the two organisms.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:  I would wonder if the Gou'ald symbiosis predominantly works by changing the progression of Paill Plus. In effect layering another immune system , unsusceptible to the disease effect , over the susceptible "faulty" human system.

Goa'uld Lord Eyes SigmaPsiTok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord: It is not something we have considered or of which we have become aware. The proposal you make certainly seems to have some merit.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I have heard that being host to a Goa’uld can be a living nightmare for those humans who serve as hosts, for up to thousands of years. The hosts may even go insane.

Goa'uld Lord Eyes Tok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord: No. It is possible for the two to coexist as entities. It is possible for both to retain sanity. It is possible for both to act in the long-term interests of the conjoined entity.

The system lord Goa’uld believe that the host’s identity dies and only that of the Symbiote remains, but this may be more the effect arising from the malignant Symbiote infestation of the native Goa’uld, rather than as an effect of forced coexistence.

The two entities can choose to function together or apart within the Tok’ra, and we believe this is a much better path for both races to the future.

The Goa’uld immune system can overcome many diseases, destroy cancer, enhance life, enhance intelligence, enhance strength and can deliver inestimable good health and satisfaction with life. The aggressive and evil actions of the native Goa’uld need not be tolerated by other life forms.


The true nature of a Symbiote is to coexist beneficially with its host, and this realisation has been lost to many of the more primitive amongst us. Our first Queen realised this and created we Tok’ra to allow us to return to the common path of sentience and coexistence with other species.

I think you can perceive that we Goa’uld are possessors of some of the most advanced medical technology and understanding within the galaxy. And this knowledge is relevant not only to our species, but to many other species with whom we share life and sentience.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Tell us something about your energy technologies.

Goa'uld Lord Eyes SigmaPsiTok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord: Much of what we have achieved throughout the galaxy is based on our adoption of energy technologies and in fuel cell miniaturisation to power these technologies. We have been able to develop energy shields capable of


  • preventing solar radiation from damaging a planets biosphere
  • shielding cities and
  • shielding individuals from energy weapons

Our “personal shield images” generate an advanced dampening field that can prevent penetration by solid objects such as bullets, can prevent injury from a fall of almost any altitude, can prevent injury from powerful explosions, and can prevent the penetration of toxic gases into the gas envelope of the wearer.

It is capable of making its wearer almost invulnerable. However, shield wearers are still susceptible to death through methods such as drowning or being buried alive. There are specific commands to allow the wearer to pass food through the shield, but uneducated users often merely inactivate the shield to allow the consumption of food or fluids.

These energy technologies have allowed us to travel through space, to colonise previously uninhabitable worlds and to prevent other militaristic species from harming us.


Our implementation of these technologies is of course based upon our psychological preferences.

Native Goa’uld prefer weapons that impose awe as well as destruction upon the targets. While we are capable of production of rapid-fire weapons such as those favoured by humans, native Goa’uld favour the design and implementation of a single fire weapons such as our staff weapons.

The human rifle may be as capable of killing as our staff weapons, but it is much less showy and produces much less flagrant destruction than a staff weapon pulse.

Native Goa’uld often prefer to pose as gods to other weaker races such as humans or Jaffa. They prefer to pass off their technology as magic and often use physical props such as hand devices or metallic masks that give them an unnatural appearance. These devices will only work for Goa’uld who possess the Naquadah marker within their system.



The other edge which our weapon design gives us over the humans lies in the fuel cells for our weapons. Human projectile weapons are dependent upon the supply of ammunition. Bullets are heavy and can be expended in a battle at a prodigious rate. Our energy weapons are capable of much longer, more powerful and sustained function, albeit with design related restrictions on speed of output of pulses (or shots).


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   So tell us about how you fuel or energise these weapons.

Goa'uld Lord Eyes SigmaPsiTok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord: The key to the efficiency of our energy production systems lies in a special dense mineral we call naquadah. We obtain this by mining ore bodies often found underlying lava fields. It requires special mining equipment to be used with a hardness akin to diamond to enable its extraction.

Naquadah is incredibly energy dense. A single small piece will energise 15 to 20 moderate distance journeys each of short duration through a Stargate in one dimension. It is establishing the connection through the Stargate that uses most of the energy.


Due to the incredible and unique efficiency of the Goa’uld immune system, this element can be carried by Goa’ulds and their hosts. It served us in a number of ways: as a method of identifying hosts carrying all previously carrying a Symbiote, as a source of energy for many body worn weapons such as many of our hand weapons, and as a unique key preventing other hostile forms from activating or using many of our weapons. The ancients built the gene into their progeny which enabled them to activate their machines. We use the Naquadah as a molecular key, an identifier and as an energy source – a much more flexible and useful combination.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Access to orbit is one of the key limiting factors to expansion from one’s home world. How have the Goa’uld  coped with this barrier?

Goa'uld Lord Eyes SigmaPsiTok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord: As you are aware, we have adopted and adapted rather than created much of our own technology. We first gained access to the greater galaxy when we learned how to operate the Stargate located on our home world the humans call P3X-888. Our travels brought us into contact with many technologies which we were able to analyse and to develop for use for our own purposes.

Our memory and our long life considerably aided us in our endeavours, ensuring that little knowledge  often gleaned at great expense, could  be lost. By adopting the Stargate early, we bypassed the need to develop orbital insertion engines early stage of our development.

Subsequently, we became aware of ring teleportation technology as an adjunct of Stargate travel and we became aware of the use of Naquadah as a fuel. Its incredible energy density obviated the need to progress through a phase of liquid or solid fuelled rocket engines.

Personally I think it is incredible that human beings managed to achieve orbit using engines of such incredible mass dictating such small payloads. It is a wonder that you ever managed to build any structure in orbit at all, much less space stations and space vehicle systems.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Have you heard of the concept of the “Paradise game”?

Goa'uld Lord Eyes SigmaPsiTok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord: Yes. I think it is however a concept that is completely lost amidst the native Goa’uld. We Tok’ra have always wondered why humans constituted such a good fit for our symbiotic existence and our own immune capabilities. In the quest for ascendancy in the galaxy, the technologies encapsulated within human DNA are the biological technologies which our species(Goa’uld)  really had to have.

We had already reached a developmental plateau from which we were beginning to regress when humans were finally found and were able to be exploited. Humans proved to be such an excellent symbiotic host that the Goa’uld disseminated the lifeform throughout the galaxy as a source of workers and hosts. Humans also had proved to be malleable and adaptive enough to use in many situations, with which other host organisms proved unable to cope.

It does raise the question, were humans originally designed by the ancients as a method of entrapping us? To what extent to modern humans resemble the ancients from whom they appear to have evolved or digressed?

Are all our species designed to ground break this galaxy in preparation for domination by some other species? The Ori, the Asgard and the Replicators antagonistic species whose motivations and purposes we can rarely glimpse. As Tok’ra we can ask the question, “What is the purpose of life, what is the purpose of our life?”


Goa'uld Lord Eyes SigmaPsiTok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord: A question from me then master Kinkajou:   From whence comes Sigma psi communications?

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Sigma psi communications are outgrowth of the human collective consciousness. The genetic make-up of some humans sensitizes them to this energy quanta. They can pass through the veil and communicate with other universes or dimensions which do not, or cannot, or will not ever exist; gleaning knowledge and experience from all of these. The key is an appropriately sensitive human host.

Goa'uld Lord Eyes SigmaPsiTok’ra Goa’uld UnderLord: This is an issue  which we Tok’ra will definitely need to explore.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   The future awaits you by Lord. May unity be your strength.





Tok’ra  Goa’uld UnderLord



Tok’ra  Goa’uld UnderLord



Tok’ra  Goa’uld UnderLord



Tok’ra  Goa’uld UnderLord



Tok’ra  Goa’uld UnderLord

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Tok’ra  Goa’uld UnderLord

Paradise Game


Tok’ra  Goa’uld UnderLord







Stargate series




Stargate series