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Possibly create directionality by deforming the electron shells of atoms .

One energy of input frequency.

Other photons of differing frequency could then be used to impart energy to these little matter " springs", creating push.

























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Kinkajou Kinkajou:  Better access to geostationary orbit is the single most critical technology at this time to ensure human survival. Without the ability to achieve orbit easily and cheaply, we cannot defend ourselves from threats in our sky.

People concern themselves with the nuclear weapons held by the nation-states of the world. However a single rock from space is capable of damage immensely greater. Nuclear weapons did not kill the dinosaurs. A” bug zapping” asteroid did. It's impossible to go more low tech but deadly.

I think our biggest concern should be the extent to which humanity has turned inwards. We look around at each other and are mired by our petty squabbles. However, our real need for security and this is a mutual need for all of us is the necessity of building structures in space.

  • Astronomical observation platforms.

  • Monitoring and telemetry stations using perhaps laser technology to investigate and extend our influence over near Earth space.

  • Developing ability to deflect meteorites and asteroids.

I think much research remains to be done to assess the interaction between electromagnetic photons and electron shells in atoms to disseminate force. We have not even begun to plumb the depths of understanding necessary to manipulate gravity.

The supposed technology of the Greys that transfers push to electrons sounds fascinating. To make something like this work, directionality and energy are the two parts of the equation.

Old Erasmus tells me you could probably create directionality by deforming the electron shells of atoms in matter. This would require one energy input frequency. Other photons of differing frequency could then be used to impart energy to these little matter " springs", creating push.

I still think the jury is out on orbital elevators. If we are able to achieve an improvement in our ability to control magnetism, the orbital elevator cable is no longer the sole provider of structural force, but becomes a conduit for force/energy. Perhaps, what is now structurally impossible, becomes possible through the magic of physics and electromagnetism.

If we cannot achieve orbit, the universe will remain forever closed to us.

Kinkajou..... Kinkajou Tells It True


Orbital Tech Tourism in Brisbane

At the University Of Queensland (UQ), much research has been done on the development of scramjets. I think that the average person can gain something in wandering the halls of academia in places such as UQ at St Lucia or QUT in the city. The grounds are impressive.

The architecture is worth looking at. There are some very impressive walks and many explorations possible in both of these places. QUT comes close to the city and river walks as well as the botanical Gardens, definitely worth a visit and a wander.

Knowledge is power and these are much haloed levels of knowledge indeed.

The botanical Gardens at Mount Cootha also sport a planetarium, which is definitely worth a visit for an education. The planetarium can be visited in the daytime and the gardens and cafes immediately adjacent are fairly good value too.

Mt Cootha Planetarium Brisbane Mt Cootha Planetarium Brisbane


And for the Truly Intrepid:

Brisbane lies within the south-east corner of Queensland. And believe it or not, the area is a UFO hotspot. I have a number of acquaintances who have lived with in country areas in the region.



They have witnessed a number of UFO phenomena. But it’s one of those things that most people choose not to talk about. To talk is to invite ridicule and publicity. So most people avoid the topic.



To see a UFO requires some preparation. The key issue to observe them is to find an observation point away from the city and away from lights. The night sky in the city is bleached by city light. I think you would be lucky to see first magnitude and second magnitude stars.


So if you want to observe and to believe you need to find an isolated spot, with a high vantage point. Areas in the Gold Coast hinterland especially in some of the more mountainous areas are good.


Areas on the Mount Tambourine region adjacent to the Gold Coast hinterland are also good. Some of the regions around Springbrook, with high vantage points can also be used. South Stradbroke Island has also been mentioned.


They tend to follow a south-west to north-east or a north-west to south-east vector. My acquaintance reports that they may often be seen at the very peripheries of the region’s air traffic radar screens.


When they arrive at the peripheries of the screens they tend to shoot straight up or straight down, avoiding tracking. They can seemingly do this in the blink of an eye. They can go into the ocean.


The UFOs tend to be very interested in human activities in space. Our acquaintance tells the story of seeing approximately 27 UFO lights in the skies on the night the US space station docked with the Russian Mir space station. My acquaintance also tells the story of some very close personal contacts.


A UFO being positioned almost within touching distance of the roof of his house. A UFO accelerating away from their home in rural Mudgeeraba towards the Gold Coast and creating a sonic boom which shook windows out of houses and units in the region.

It was reported at the time but interest has faded in the event. Apparently, the air force even scrambled F111s to investigate the event. Unsuccessfully of course.


UFO at Speed UFO at Speed

Now this is where it gets interesting. Our acquaintance gives an eyewitness account of a UFO hovering silently within touching distance and travelling in the blink of an eye noiselessly. However he also has a story about a UFO creating a sonic boom. So the question then becomes: are the silent UFOs travelling vast distances in the blink of an eye actually just lights or holograms.

Fast travel creates turbulence and displaces air: creating noise. Science tells us that moving bodies cannot change direction at right angles. However holograms can. And hence our observational dilemma.

So what are you looking for? Firstly you need to know what a satellite looks like. Satellites in low earth orbit reflect sunlight so have a low luminosity as they travel sedately and slowly across the sky. The rate of travel is approximately 10° of arc in about 20 seconds. They move in straight lines. They do not change direction.

UFOs move considerably faster. And if you observe long enough you should be able to see them change direction at some point in their trajectory. Also, if you see one there are often others.

My acquaintance says that if you stare at the sky for a week of nights you should be able to see one each two or three days. But you have to be awake. You have to be looking. And are not necessarily the brightest objects in the sky.

If you want to improve your odds, pick a night when something is happening in space. For example a satellite launch or something else of the sort.



A Caution

A word of caution. I wouldn’t trust them. Take some precautions to hide your infrared signature from observation. Take some precautions to make you less visible from observation.

Some EMF shielding such as aluminium foil may be a good idea. Prepare yourself a few hiding spots, so you can melt safely into the background.

While they are reputed to be interested in anally probing abductees, I fear their researches are likely to be much more widespread and invasive. It is also unlikely they care much about using anaesthetic for whatever they do. Good luck!

Mars Explorers
Mars Explorers

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