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Paill Spectrum & Paill Plus Syndromes



Many problems are not due to DNA issues. Infection wins every time. DNA does cause susceptibility, but bad luck happens too.




















































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KinkajouKinkajou : Leans forward as he introduces our next topic.

Paill Spectrum is a new theory about the illnesses of the human race. Alone amongst the animals, humans suffer and incredible range of illnesses. Now the good Doc tells us that it all happens for a reason.

Erasmus Erasmus : The Paill Spectrum theory represents a huge advance in terms of the biology of human disease. Many of the things that happen to people are common abut they are not natural.

The progression of a number of diseases of conditions can be changed. The Paill Spectrum model is a comprehensive theory accounting for why so many diseases or conditions develop.

So many medical people tell me that they don’t believe in magic. Yet when asked, why a particular person becomes sick or ill, they reply that it is an “act of god”. There is no explanation. The Paill Spectrum model goes one further. Everything happens for a reason.

All diseases are the consequence of a biomechanical chain of events with predictable if usually unpleasant consequences. If you understand the model you can explain and understand things, often when a new piece of research is greeted by the public and medical personnel, they all proclaim, “wow.

Can you believe that happened?” If you believe in Paill spectrum, you would more commonly say, so what did you expect?

Paill Spectrum is the first radical new proposal for extending human life, relieving human suffering and resolving many of the behavioural issues that affect the human race. When you see a perpetrator of a crime, often Paill spectrum would reply that you have just met the real victim.

Doctor with Tablet Doctor with Tablet

Reproduced by permission (well sort of) :
Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Paill Spectrum as a newly developed medical disease that explains the causes of a number of common medical conditions with no known cause. These medical conditions include  

  • Chronic Fatigue,
  • Anger, Irritability, Road Rage, Violence, Domestic Violence
    (These symptoms often lead to relationship difficulties,
    where people begin to say “what is wrong with this person?)
  • Mood Swings,

  • Depression              
  • Insomnia,
  • Dizziness, panic attacks, feeling jittery, tremors and shakes,

  • Aches And Pains, sore tendons, tennis elbow, sore stomach,
  • Sweaty hands,
  • Dyslexia, memory problems including poor or bad memory

The Paill Spectrum model proposes new specific treatments that may improve well-being as well as many other symptoms.

The Paill Spectrum model is relevant in a number of other common medical conditions such as Autism, Aspergers,  anxiety, depression, dyslexia, schizophrenia, memory loss, ADD, chronic fatigue, learning difficulties, bad behaviour, road rage, hair loss and obesity are discussed on this site. Treatments include gluten free diet, coeliac (celiac) diet, vitamin tablets, and antibiotics.

The role of a new model of illness, called Paill Spectrum in the causation of many diseases, symptoms and conditions with no currently known cause.

Human Family Breakdown Divorce Human Family Breakdown Divorce


Kinkajou Kinkajou : Is it Just a Virus?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx :Answer: Many people all blame viruses for their illnesses.  PaillSpectrum is not caused by a virus.  PaillSpectrum clinically is a bacterial illness.  It is slowly progressive.  It responds slowly and definitely to antibiotics.



Kinkajou Kinkajou : What is the most common incorrect diagnosis?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Commonly, doctors diagnose a virus or some psychiatric complaint.  The Paill Spectrum infection responds to “antibacterial” antibiotics.  This implies it is not a virus.

Lots of doctors and patients blame viruses for their Unwellness.  Usually when they have no idea what is going on and think that there is nothing that can be done to fix their unwellness.

Paill Spectrum is a slow growing and very successful infection, causing a range of illnesses.  These are often not recognised as being due to “one” illness, since the symptoms and signs can be different in people of different ages.  The symptoms and signs of illness can vary considerably in their severity and nature.

Where there is no answer, perhaps now the most important condition to consider is Paill Spectrum.

Paill Symptom Picture Paill Symptom Picture

Kinkajou Kinkajou :  What are the symptoms of PaillSpectrum?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: The basic symptoms of Paill Spectrum are:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Loss of balance
  • Sweaty palms
  • Chest and elbow pain

The symptoms form a new clinical syndrome that Dr. Xxxxx has called Paill Spectrum.  These are the most common and reliable symptoms of the disease.

Another Important Symptom Pattern where it is suspected the Paill Spectrum infection is present is:
A clinical picture often with anger, irritability, aggression, and possible violence.

  • Severe: Road Rage
  • Ordinary: Register Rage or Trolley rage.

Paill Spectrum causes tiredness.  It is a common cause of tiredness.  If you sleep more than the average person of your age, you are probably affected by PaillSpectrum.  (A normal adult typically sleeps for approximately seven and a half hours per night.) Paill Spectrum patients will often feel tired even after 9-10 hours of sleep.


Kinkajou Kinkajou : Do you think it could be confused with other illnesses?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Medical Diagnosis can be very confusing.  PaillSpectrum is a distinct disease.  It has specific symptoms, signs, and complications.  You either have it or you do not.  The challenge in medical practice is to identify the infection as early as possible, before many symptoms and signs are obvious.  :-?

The symptoms, signs, and blood tests form a unique and distinctive picture or presentation.

The basic symptoms of Paill Spectrum are:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Loss of balance
  • Sweaty palms
  • Chest and elbow pain

These symptoms, signs, and blood tests are most commonly due to Paill Spectrum infection.
The symptoms form a new clinical syndrome that has been called Paill Spectrum.  The above mentioned symptoms are the most common and reliable symptoms of the disease.

Another Important Symptom Pattern where it is suspected the Paill Spectrum infection is present is a clinical picture often with anger, irritability, aggression, and possible violence.  This medical complaint is generally considered to not have a medical cause.
Fatigue: can be frank tiredness or just sleeping more or being achy/ painy / unwell

Paill Spectrum is a common infectious disease cause of tiredness.  It is perhaps one of the most common causes of tiredness existing.

If you sleep more than the average person of your age, you are probably infected with Paill Spectrum.
Loss of Balance: Standing balance and moving (dynamic) balance

Sweaty Palms: hands feel moist to touch (can also affect the soles of the feet)
Chest and elbow pain: Symptoms, Signs

Facts on Skelton Symptoms Poster Facts on Skeleton Symptoms Poster

The tiredness affects some people so much that, it will stop people working, will stop them enjoying life.  Just surviving not thriving
Once people are on treatment, they are no longer so sick and tired, on a day to day basis.  They can work better and can function better.

Many doctors do not regard these symptoms as being important.  They often would never check for these symptoms.  As Paill Spectrum is a new syndrome, doctors still need to be taught to recognise Paill Spectrum.

Paill Spectrum can affect people’s relationships because of the way it makes them think, act and feel.
Anger, irritability, mood swings
Once people are on treatment, they can overcome these symptoms, to a noticeable extent at least anyway.

The Paill Spectrum model as pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx suggests that the Paill Spectrum infection is present in patients with a number of conditions, which appear to have no currently known cause.  The conditions where it has been suggested that the Paill Spectrum infection is present, includes:

  • E.g. Chronic Fatigue
  • E.g. CFS
  • E.g. Fibromyalgia

  • E.g. Dyslexia,             
  • E.g. Anorexia
  • E.g. Weight Gain & Obesity

Not your Genes Feeling Unwell Not your Genes Feeling Unwell

Paill Spectrum is a distinct disease.
It has specific symptoms, signs, and complications.
You either have it or you do not.

Many people often have the illness and have very few symptoms. 

Paill Spectrum is very recognisable in terms of

  • Patterns of symptoms,
  • Signs of illness,
  • Investigations, (a specific risk profile & test result profile exists), and
  • Treatment Response

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    Kinkajou Kinkajou : Do you think you could recognise these symptoms easily?
    Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Anyone can check his or her own symptoms. 
    There are checklists available on this ENK Paill website.
    Using the Paill Spectrum protocol gives confirmation of Paill Spectrum symptom complex. 
  • The symptoms can be checked by anyone: the person, their friends and relatives, as well as their carers.  The blood test protocol and interpretation will be included on the web site.
    Kinkajou: Don’t lots of other medical conditions cause tiredness?


DNA Chemical Structure DNA Chemical Structure
Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: There are many medical conditions that often cause tiredness. 

Some of the more common problems include:

  • Hormonal Deficiencies: e.g. Hypothyroid, Low Testosterone in men and low oestrogens in women. 
  • Hormone Replacement is the principal treatment.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies: e.g. Iron Deficiency is the most well known Illness:

  • Viruses are well known as causes of tiredness. 
    E.g. Glandular fever, also known as Epstein Barr Virus; as well as CMV (Cytomegalovirus) are both well-known members of a family of chronic viral illnesses.  Chronic misery and tiredness for up to six months is a well-known consequence of infection with glandular fever. 
    E.g. Arboviruses such as Dengue or Ross River Virus are also well known in warmer countries. 

  • Parasitic Infections that cause substantial illnesses, are also common causes of tiredness.  E.g. Malaria is well known, but there are many other organisms that on a worldwide basis infect many many people.  (E.g. Leishmaniasis, Trypanosomiasis, Schistosomiasis, Onchocerciasis to name a few)

The Paill Spectrum model as pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx suggests that Paill Spectrum is a very successful infection, compared to these other parasitic infections. 

The most unusual feature of Paill Spectrum infection is the clinical symptom variation. 
Not every person experiences tiredness as a symptom or would even accept that they may have symptoms.  For example, some people say they feel perfectly well, so long as they are able to get 9-10 hours of sleep per day. 

Many people have had symptoms for so long that they feel the symptoms are normal.  After all, you should expect to get a lot more tired as you get older, shouldn’t you? As people get older, they expect to feel more tired as a "natural" part of life. Life is expected to get harder.

Children In Clinic
Children In Clinic

Kinkajou Kinkajou : What do you think, doctors think of chronic fatigue?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Most doctors do the basic tests for the conditions above.  If nothing can be found or if the person fails to respond to the treatment, they will tend to diagnose either a virus or perhaps a psychiatric illness, such as depression. 
Many people get to the stage where they stop complaining.  Do you ever hear of people who keep on saying they are ill, and no one will believe them?

The Paill Spectrum model states that Paill Spectrum is a chronic illness.  Unwellness arrives very slowly and very gradually. 

Many of the symptoms are vague and there is often no objective sign of illness in the affected person.  People continue to say they are ill for long periods of time.  Because there appears to be nothing wrong or ill with these people, and doctors typically find nothing wrong with the patients, their friends and relatives often begin to doubt that there really can be anything wrong with the complaining person. After all, no one can see any physical problem.

People often stop complaining as a result, to avoid the looks and feelings of disdain they receive from friends, family, and acquaintances.

Paill Spectrum does have objective evidence of illness:
There are characteristic symptoms
There are characteristic signs of illness that a doctor or other person can find.

There are blood tests that confirm the presence of illness and the response to treatment.
The symptoms and signs of Paill Spectrum illness are distinctive and are rarely found in other illnesses, which are not in the Paill Spectrum symptom cluster.

ECG investigation not like this
ECG investigation not like this

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Do you expect to sleep more, feel more aches and pains, and feel more unwell as you get older?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: A few extra arthritic aches as you get older are common.  These typically are mild, disappear rapidly with warming up, (i.e. just getting up and around for a short while), and do not affect capacity or desire to exercise.

Paill Spectrum has a number of unique pain syndromes:

  • Short sharp chest pains
  • Aches in the shoulders: especially in the main shoulder muscles (deltoid and trapezius)

  • Characteristic tendon aches
  • Hand discomfort: that is most keenly felt on awakening, but then seems to only fade slowly as the day progresses.

Typically, there are no X-ray changes or arthritis and no blood tests changes that suggest Rheumatoid or other Connective Tissue Diseases.

Traditional Medical Files
Traditional Medical Files

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Do they sound like common symptoms to you?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: The Most basic symptoms of Paill Spectrum infection are:

  • Sweaty Hands
  • Chronic tiredness
  • Typical aches and pains
  • Loss of Balance or dizziness.

    There are a number of other commonly known syndromes with no known cause, which may indeed be due to Paill Spectrum.  The basic symptoms of Paill Spectrum may be variably symptomatic, depending on the age of the affected person and the stage of the infection.

    People who have the PaillSpectrum syndrome (a suspected infection), at any one time of their life, may or may not have symptoms of the condition at that specific time. It is only over long periods of time that the PaillSpectrum symptoms and signs may become evident.

    The symptoms are distinctive.  Their presence correlates well with response to treatment and relapse without treatment.  It becomes obvious that these symptoms are only “common” in Paill Spectrum infection.

    Kinkajou Kinkajou : Does it make me have trouble getting up in the morning?
    Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Symptoms can be very variable.  Some people have almost no symptoms at all, (or else nothing that they recognize as symptoms).  Symptoms may be affected a lot, by how you sleep in bed. 

    For example, if you sleep with your hands above the covers, often PaillSpectrum will give you a thick, funny feeling or almost arthritic feeling hands.  It takes a little time in the morning to often loosen them up. 

    Many patients with Paill Spectrum, greet each day with a moan and groan, and are not very happy to get out of bed. 
    Wearing gloves all night even if you keep your hands under the covers, can make a big difference to how sore your hands feel in the morning.  The change in soreness can be felt surprisingly quickly, often being obvious almost overnight.  This doesn’t work for everyone.


Kinkajou Kinkajou : Is it Contagious?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Yes.  Paill Spectrum appears to clinically progress in a pattern of illness that suggests it is an infection. But Paill Spectrum only progresses slowly.  Family members may catch it, but not give it to any other person in their family.

  The Paill Spectrum model would suggest that it is a common condition.  The Paill Spectrum model suggests that in a person's life, many people will probably catch it from someone else, not necessarily a family member.

Dyslexia Symptoms Pattern
Dyslexia Symptoms Pattern

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Is it worse for kids?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Yes.  The earlier the age of initial infection the more severe the symptoms tend to be. The earlier the age of initial infection, the earlier complications appear. PaillSpectrum is an aggressive infection in the long term, for an unlucky few.  It can however, be Quite mild in many other people. It causes distinct syndromes at every age group, but the worse damage syndromes occur, the younger you are.
Children tend to have speech and language functions affected. (See dyslexia pages) The situation is of course, a lot more complex than this.

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Is it life threatening?

Dr AXxxxx Dr AXxxxx : Answer
Only if you regard slow progress towards a delayed horrible death a problem.

PaillSpectrum is a lifestyle threatening illness, not just life threatening illness. 
No one ever dies quickly from PaillSpectrum. 

PaillSpectrum can be very mild or very severe. 
Some people get better with very little help. (On the surface anyway).

However, in some people Paill Spectrum can still be fighting back even after a course of multiple antibiotics, specific hormones, vitamin supplements, and immune stimulant medications.

Modern Aussie Infantry: Life Threatening
Modern Aussie Infantry: Life Threatening

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Who is most at risk?
Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer:
People whose diet leaves them Vitamin deficient,
Low grade or high-grade celiac patients or patients with deficient immune systems.
Diabetes also increases the risk of Paill Spectrum progression.
Immunosuppressant drugs, (Such as steroids or cytotoxic medications), are a problem for people with Paill Spectrum.

The Paill Spectrum model as pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx suggests that the decision to use nasal steroids for any length of time needs to be made with extreme care.  If Paill Spectrum infection is present, use of nasal steroids is contraindicated, except for very short bursts, in extreme circumstances under antibiotic cover.

Kinkajou Kinkajou :
What is the Best General Protection you can have against PaillSpectrum?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Always start with a broad spectrum multivitamin and multi-mineral.
To obtain medical treatment, you will need to see your own doctor. 
Paill Spectrum is a new medical syndrome, whose identification has only recently been pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx. 

As the knowledge of the condition is currently being promoted to the medical profession, it will take some time before the Paill Spectrum model becomes more widely known and accepted.

Kinkajou Kinkajou :
Have you ever seen someone and thought Why did they do that?
What is wrong with them?
Have you seen these people, like on TV: like in the American TV show "Jerry Springer"?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: These people are very different.  We all look at them and ask rhetorically “What is wrong with these people?”  Now there may be an answer to why these people have unusual behaviour.

  Paill Spectrum affects memory and behaviour.  The most common behavioural syndrome is anger, irritability, aggression, and violence.  People actually can do drastic things that they do not remember.  Lapses in memory and forgetting, are often present in acute first or second wave patients. These "lapses" happen in the absence of alcohol or drugs.

Not usual People
The bad behaviour syndrome will typically “improve” a lot within two weeks of initiating the PaillSpectrum protocol of treatment.  This improvement is obvious to the affected person, their friends, or relatives and to their carers.

80% of treated people will recover from the bad behaviour scenario well, using first line Paill Spectrum therapies, as summarised on this web site.  Relapses do occur over 6-9 months in some patients when treatment is stopped. 

However many patients after a single course of treatment appear to stay very well and Quite long term.  Relapses are most common, when “nutritional mistakes” are made long term.  Nutrition affects immunity.  Paill Spectrum is very sensitive to small changes in immune efficiency. Eating a good nutritious diet can make a big difference in the ongoing symptoms arising from Paill Spectrum infection.

Kinkajou Kinkajou : What do people think if no one can tell them there is anything wrong with them, but their symptoms still won’t go away?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Most people give up and accept that it’s just an unknown virus or that it’s just old age.  Many people are also given a wide range of medications for their symptoms. 

Many people often will say that they don’t know how to describe how unwell they feel.  The doctor’s description doesn’t seem quite right, but the doctor should know so the doctor must be right.  Psychiatric medications can be effective in relieving symptoms.  However, the symptoms seem to come and go, and often the medications don’t really make people become well.

Human Evolution to Devolution and Stupid
Human Evolution to Devolution and Stupid


Kinkajou Kinkajou : Do supplements and health foods really make a difference to people’s health?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer:
Yes!  Yes!  Yes!
Nutrition is a critical factor in assisting people to recover from Paill Spectrum infection.  1 in 3 people will have dramatic responses to nutritional therapy alone.  Simple therapies such as vitamin & mineral supplements can even trigger massive changes in blood tests, as would be predicted by the PaillSpectrum model.

Kinkajou Kinkajou : How Can You Know That You Really Have Something?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: In every case, there are symptoms, signs and blood tests characteristic of the Paill Spectrum Syndrome are present.  The Paill Spectrum model of disease as pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx states that the Paill Spectrum Syndrome can give people other types of symptoms as well.  

Further medical research / clinical trials will be needed to assess these.  The condition needs to be introduced to more doctors as currently only a small number of doctors have been introduced to the syndrome.
The Paill Spectrum model of disease has been pioneered by Dr.  Xxxxx.  It has been presented at a number of conferences:


Little things cause disease
Little things cause disease


Kinkajou Kinkajou : Do these symptoms sound like someone you know?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: I think if we shake someone’s hands, we will all be wondering if they are well.  If they have sweaty hands, it is possible that that they may be having anger and mood related issues in their daily lives, if they have been ill long enough. "Sweaty hands" is one of the more sensitive symptoms of Paill Spectrum. What do you think?

Kinkajou Kinkajou :

  • Many things cause dizziness and sore joints?

  • So, what makes you think this is a symptom?

  • I have a bit of dizziness occasionally?  Is this important?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: The Paill Spectrum model of disease as pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx states that these symptoms are part of the Paill Spectrum syndrome.  They are not very common otherwise.

Experience with the Symptoms
There is a characteristic and documented list of symptoms and signs that occur.
Blood Test changes generally parallel the progression of these symptoms and signs.

The combination of symptoms, signs, and blood tests as well as the knowledge of the disease and its mechanism allows anyone familiar with the syndrome to predict the progress of the disease.  If specific Paill Spectrum effective therapies are used, the progress of the disease can be changed.

Always carefully assess
Paill Spectrum symptoms always needed to be fully and carefully assessed.
Check for the symptoms and signs.
Do the blood tests.
Monitor the blood tests monthly: characteristic changes will be seen to occur.

This cluster of symptoms is part of the Paill Spectrum syndrome.  The symptoms and signs are not very common otherwise.

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Why call it Paill Spectrum (PailSpectrum)?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: I needed a name to summarise the illness and its effect on people that
Emphasizes the range of conditions and type of symptoms that it causes.
Paill Spectrum causes Pain and   Illness: hence Paill
It causes a range or spectrum of illness.

The name Paill Spectrum is a good easy way to describe people’s illness and experience of the disease. 

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