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Ageing People Natural

Kinkajou Kinkajou : What other conditions does it cause?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: The Paill Spectrum model suggests that the PaillSpectrum infection is present in patients with a number of symptoms, which appear to have no currently known cause.

An Important Symptom Pattern where it is suspected the PaillSpectrum infection is present is:

  • A clinical picture often with anger, irritability, aggression, and possible violence. e.g. A Road Rage like presentation.

  • Patients may present in many different situations with this Symptom Pattern.  Typical situations where these symptoms may occur include:
    • The arguing teenager
    • Arguments with Wife/ Husband/ Partner
    • Where people say "I've never done anything like that before":

    • In terms of yelling, swearing or hitting someone.
    • People usually describe the behaviour as "it’s just not like me/ them.  I have never done anything like that before.  I don't know why on earth I did that.”  They may also say, "I can see myself do it, but I can't stop myself.”

The conditions I have seen where the Model suggests that the PaillSpectrum infection is present include

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • CFS
  • Fibromyalgia, 
  • Dyslexia
  • Anorexia,

In every case, there are symptoms of the Paill Spectrum Syndrome present. The belief stated by the Paill Spectrum model of disease as pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx is that the Paill Spectrum Syndrome can give people other types of symptoms as well.  Further medical research will be needed to assess these.  There is a need to acquaint more doctors with the condition as well.

The human Matrix The human Matrix

Kinkajou Kinkajou : How Will I Know I Have Paill Spectrum?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: PaillSpectrum is a distinct and readily recognisable illness.
Recognising PaillSpectrum is a basic medical practice issue:

  • Look for Symptoms & Signs of the Syndrome
  • Confirm the presence and progress of the illness with blood tests.

How will you know?


Kinkajou Kinkajou : Do people know they are ill?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer:
Not everyone gets very sick, many do though.
Symptoms can be very mild
Symptoms can be very serious
Pail Spectrum is a very long lasting illness: many people are “used to it.”

Most people know they have something wrong with themselves: there just has not been a name for it until now.  People have always thought it is just a virus and have put up with it up until now.

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Am I ever likely to catch it?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer:
The symptom pattern and blood test findings of Paill Spectrum are found in many people.

Illness appears over a very long time and very gradually.
People often are embarrassed to mention the symptoms because they feel they are not important.  E.g. Chest wall sharp pains: transient: not necessarily serious.

The important discovery about Paill Spectrum is that many common symptoms really do have a reason for being present.  They do not just occur. The symptoms and signs occur for a reason. Perhaps a Paill Spectrum reason. The condition is definitely recognisable.

Paill Spectrum often the answer to when there seems to be no answer.
Paill Spectrum is a common condition.  It has common symptoms.  It causes common complications. Paill Spectrum affects people at any age, any sex, any nationality, any men and any women, any adults and any children, at any stage of their lives .

It knows no barriers.  It lasts for years.  It can take many people years, to appear to clinically recover from the Paill Spectrum illness.
Paill Spectrum is a distinct and readily recognisable illness.

Human Social Cohesion and chatting
Human Social Cohesion and chatting

Kinkajou Kinkajou : What Blood Tests are Needed to Diagnose Paill Spectrum?
Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Paill Spectrum is associated with a very distinct pattern of blood test changes.

A doctor will find many subtle clues to the presence of the illness on the blood tests, when they suspect from symptoms, signs, and medical conditions that the Paill Spectrum illness is present


 A blood test that shows whether you have Paill Spectrum is currently available.  The blood test, measures: disease presence, diseases flares, disease remissions with treatment, relapses.

Problems are often caused by nutritional problems and medical problems that affect the immune system, such as diabetes.
 There are two main types of blood tests.

Bright lights bright spark
Bright lights bright spark

First, I test for nutritional factors.  Affect immunity and how well the body fights and resists infection.

Second, I test for inflammatory markers.  These measure the body’s immune response to the infection

 These tests are readily available.
With the syndrome definition, the characteristic blood test markers have also been defined.

Nutrition is a very important factor, a critical factor
Blood tests are important to identify where nutrition is going wrong.
Blood tests will assist the doctor with assessing and treating Paill Spectrum.
Paill Spectrum is associated with a very distinct & identifiable pattern of blood test changes.

Poverty and Illness Mother Theresa
Poverty and Illness Mother Theresa


Kinkajou Kinkajou : What else makes a big difference?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Conditions that change how well the immune system works are always important.  Paill Spectrum is a very slow growing infection and is very sensitive to small immune system changes.

  • Diabetes,
  • Some food allergies especially low-grade gluten sensitivity or wheat protein allergy,
  • Poor nutrition, Fad dieting
  • Nasal Steroids in long-term use
  • Immune Suppressants

Long term follow up and familiarity with people's symptoms and signs and their illnesses , (both diagnosed and undiagnosed), have given a lot of perspective in assessing the long term consequences of which symptoms and blood test findings really predict what will happen to the individual.

When you look after as many people as long as I have, you can see the long-term results of different conditions and treatments. Longitudinal case follow up reveals that symptoms and signs of illness often appear in clusters.

 People may have multiple problems: that is they have a Paill Spectrum infection and something else. Paill Spectrum is a common condition, according to the Paill Spectrum model.  It tends to occur in situations or illnesses where the immune system is compromised.
I have always found as a doctor you need to be very careful in treating many patients’ symptoms.

E Books may have answers E Books may have answers

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx :  Conclusion: Answer: Conditions that change how well the immune system works are always important.

Kinkajou Kinkajou : How do you treat this?

Who is most at risk?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Paill Spectrum can be readily treated if you understand the nature of the infection.  Understanding immunity and the factors that affect immunity are the key factors in understanding the Paill Spectrum infection.

Nutrition and antibiotics: intensive programme
To win against Paill Spectrum, a doctor needs to ensure that the body has an optimum level of nutrients; the body requires to fight infection.
Nutrition is as important as antibiotics in treating people.
As a simple guideline for people, you cannot go wrong with a good Quality multivitamin: Needs to contain B12, Folic Acid, and Zinc.  Essential fatty acids are also important: both Omega-3 and Omega-6.

 Nutrition is critical:
Patients can often get very good treatment responses just with nutritional therapies.
Antibiotics are important for many
Multiple antibiotics may need to be used.  For 80% of patients, a single three month course of a single antibiotic will appear to successfully control the symptoms and signs of the illness. Only specific antibiotics are effective.

 The Medical Process:
Check frequently to make sure treatment goals are achieved: via blood tests
Long-term follow up is important to ensure that you stay well.
People need a doctor's help to get the treatment formula right,
However, they can do many simple things themselves. (See treatment pages on this web site)

DNA structure : ? useful information DNA structure : ? useful information

 Most At Risk:
Patients with Nutritional Deficiencies
Vitamin deficient people,
Low grade wheat allergic patients,
High-grade wheat allergic patients, aka Celiac Disease patients.

Patients with Immune Deficiencies or Immune Suppressed
Patients with deficient immune systems
Diabetes increases the risk of complications
Immunosuppressant drugs, (Such as steroids or cytotoxic), increase the risk of complications.

Never Never Never use nasal steroids for any length of time unless you are very certain PaillSpectrum is not present.

 Paill Spectrum is a complex disease with very complex immune changes occurring. Many different factors, as mentioned on this web site can improve or harm immunity. Improved immunity will cause Paill Spectrum to regress. Failing immunity will cause Paill Spectrum to progress. Paill Spectrum can be readily treated, if you understand the infection.

Human Illness Human Illness

Kinkajou Kinkajou : How Much Nutritional Treatment is Needed to Treat Paill Spectrum?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: The right amount of treatment is the amount of treatment it takes to make the blood tests become normal.

 The Therapy Process for Paill Spectrum:
Now that the syndrome is known, it can be treated.
Doctors need to diagnose people

Doctors and patients need to “follow up” patient’s progress over a very long time.
Changes in nutrition can be difficult for patients to implement, but are important in the final control of Paill Spectrum.

Some people respond to antibiotics well and some do not. Antibiotic therapy has a number of different protocols that can be used in more difficult to treat cases.

  There are a number of treatment regimes.
Basically, treat until all the blood markers get better.
Treat long enough to ensure ongoing stability of response to treatment.

Nostradamua Prophecies Nostradamus Prophecies

Kinkajou Kinkajou : How Did You Identify It?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Paill Spectrum is a clinical syndrome. 
Through my clinical experience in treating people, I have recognised consistent patterns of illness in symptoms, medical examinations, and blood tests in people over many years.

I have followed up hundreds of people over a number of years.
I have seen the responses of many individuals to many different treatments, over many years.
Longitudinal case control work is the method of patient assessment by practising clinicians, (doctors).

 Dr Xxxxx has seen many of the same people for many of his years in practice.
He has always been trying to solve problems for people and to help them become well
He has worked to help people with everything people have entrusted to him, over those years.

Dr Xxxxx identified clinical symptoms in his first case over a few years, but there are years of experience in treating people’s wellness behind finally learning to manage this illness.

Healthy or Not? What do you see? Healthy or Not? What do you see?

 Was it hard to identify?

Identifying the illness initially was very difficult indeed.
At first the Paill Spectrum model was only suggestive of problems in a few patients' histories.

With time, more symptoms recognised and were built into the model, so the easier it was to identify possible cases.
The Paill Spectrum syndrome description began to suggest the Syndrome was common.


 In summary,
This is a clinical syndrome.  Through Dr Xxxxx's my experience in treating people, he has recognised consistent patterns of illness in symptoms, medical examinations, and blood tests.  This condition that he recognised, has been named Paill Spectrum.

Reading for more Information Reading for more Information

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Where Can I Find Information?
Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer:
Through the web site  (now gone: see our new EnK site)



Kinkajou Kinkajou : Does it kill people?

Is it life threatening?
Dr AXxxxxDr AXxxxx : Answer
Only if you regard slow progress towards a delayed horrible death a problem.

PaillSpectrum is a lifestyle threatening illness, not just life a threatening illness. 
No one ever dies quickly from PaillSpectrum. 

PaillSpectrum can be very mild or very severe. 
Some people get better with very little help. (On the surface anyway).


Dr Xxxxx has worked in long-term practice for 18 years in the same area. In the time he has been practising, he has seen many people and has followed them up for many years. He knows the history of many of these people for up to 18 years.  Therefore, he knows what happens to people very well.

 Paill Spectrum can be treated.
It can get better with the most trivial of treatments or in some people can still be difficult to treat even after a course of multiple antibiotics, perhaps also hormones, a couple of specific vitamin supplements and immune stimulant medications.

People do not die quickly from this disease.
It is a lifestyle threatening illness, not a rapidly life threatening illness

Poverty and Illness long term bedmates
Poverty and Illness long term bedmates

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Is Paill Spectrum Infectious? 

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: The Paill Spectrum model suggests that it is a germ because there is a formula to treat it and stop it causing damage to people.
Yes.  Paill Spectrum causes substantial illness in many people of all ages.  It causes distinct syndromes at every age group but the worst illnesses occur the younger you are. 

The Paill Spectrum Pattern?

The Paill Spectrum model of disease as pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx predicts the patterns of illness: symptoms, signs, blood tests, and risk factors.
This model has been developed from observation of many people with many illness symptoms over many years.  It becomes obvious when following the Paill Spectrum model protocol that only very specific range of treatments are likely to be successful in the long term management of the PaillSpectrum syndrome.

Experience in following people suggests new cases in children and babies or in adults, show up over time.

 Experience in seeing the infection syndrome:
Paill Spectrum spreads slowly over many years between people
PaillSpectrum is mildly infectious but many people catch it eventually at some stage of their life. 

Family members may catch it, but not give it to any other person in their family.
Paill Spectrum can be caught from many other people. Clinical knowledge suggests that it spreads by a respiratory route, much like many colds.

Paill Spectrum is a syndrome caused by a clinically recognisable infection. Paill Spectrum is an infection that responds to antibiotics.  Paill Spectrum infection clinically improves if the treatment helps the body's immune system to fight the infection.  Paill Spectrum is a very successful infection.

Attending ill people at Bedside
Attending ill people at Bedside


Kinkajou Kinkajou : Who can catch this?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Anyone at any age, at any stage of one's life can develop a group of symptoms, signs and blood test changes that indicate the Paill Spectrum infection is present.

Is it all just in your DNA Is it all just in your DNA

Kinkajou Kinkajou : What is Wrong With Our Old Way of Looking at Disease?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: The discovery of Paill Spectrum represents a paradigm shift: a new way of looking at a number of old conditions: some of which doctors cannot even agree as to whether they exist.

The treatments Dr Xxxxx has done are all in the clinical format:
longitudinal case control studies:
Every person can be treated.

Mental Illness Ideas Mental Illness Ideas

No patients are denied treatment
Relies on people’s commitment: People are told to look for how these symptoms change over the next two weeks to two months: come back and tell the doctor: Then a decision can be made as to what needs to be done then.

Longitudinal case control studies are a good way obtaining proof of concept and are the only ethical way of giving people medical treatment.  Works well when there is a “powerful treatment concept” at the heart of the issue: successes and failures are easy to see.

 Double bind, Randomised, Placebo controlled trials:
Deny ½ - ¾ of the patients on the trial any treatment
Ignore changes in an individual’s health status: e.g. If you were in one of these trials and told me that you were not feeling any better: a doctor would be obliged by the trial protocol not to do any further intervention or initiate any further treatment.  This type of intervention is unethical in clinical treatment circumstances.

 Knowing about Paill Spectrum lets you stop a relentlessly progressive disease in many people, before it affects even more of their life / living.

Primitive DNA and Illness Primitive DNA and Illness

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Is it just in Australia?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: The symptoms and signs associated with the disease are found worldwide.  So, can Paill Spectrum be assumed to be?
 The Paill Spectrum model of disease predicts that the condition is common and ubiquitous

Common Symptoms and Signs occur due to this infection.
Common Disease syndromes with no known cause will be found to be due to Paill Spectrum infection, as the model would suggest.

Common Complications occur.  E.g. CFS or Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia are predicted by the disease model.

 Similar problems occur everywhere, throughout the world, but the conditions will vary in severity depending on the presence or absence of Paill Spectrum risk factors or immune modifiers.

The Paill Spectrum model predicts that we can expect to see the disease worldwide.

Paill Spectrum has been causing problems in people for many years.  With the identification of the syndrome, we can see the thread between the Paill Spectrum conditions for some time.




Kinkajou Kinkajou : Does Paill Spectrum Make Me Sick in Winter?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: PaillSpectrum is a thermophobic infection.  Clinically, the infection progresses more in cold weather.  Clinically infection tends to regress or get better in warmer weather. Patients typically become silently more ill throughout winter. (i.e. The infection grows, but the people do not often feel much worse). 

At the end of winter, “spring flares,” tend to occur in some patients. This flare appears due to increased immune system activity triggered by warmer weather.

If any person experiences an attack of aches and pains in spring, with no obvious cause that a doctor can find, use the Paill Spectrum checklist on this website, to assess your own symptoms and signs.

Most doctors will not typically check for these symptoms and signs of illness. Paill Spectrum is new syndrome that is currently being promoted to doctors.

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Thermophobic means?
The course of the illness is affected by heat: sunshine, warmth, heating hormones, hot clothes, and joint pads. These types of treatments make people become symptomatically better. this wellness may follow a period of illness due to a flare in immunity where the Paill Spectrum infection is being cleared from the body.

Many people appear to become ill after the winter, when their immune responses accelerate in the hotter weather. (i.e. they appear to become unwell in spring).
If you have had a few really bad years and needed lots of antibiotics each winter to treat illness, I would advise to you check yourself using the Paill Spectrum checklist on this web site.

 Symptoms can be very variable.
Some people have almost no symptoms at all, (or else nothing that they recognize as symptoms).  Symptoms are affected a lot, by how you sleep in bed.
For example, if you sleep with your hands above the covers, often Paill Spectrum will give you thick, funny feeling or almost arthritic feeling hands.
It takes a little time in the morning to often loosen them up.

Paill Spectrum growth and spread is altered a lot by heat changes and circulation changes within the body.  It is a thermophobic infection.


Red Blood Cells are not affected directly Red Blood Cells are not affected directly

Kinkajou Kinkajou : Does it affect my bowels?

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Some patients with Paill Spectrum do have some unusual bowel symptoms.
No.  Paill Spectrum does not primarily cause bowel problems.
If you have even a little gluten (wheat) intolerance such as low grade Celiac disease, Paill Spectrum is much more likely to cause you injury. Gluten (wheat) intolerance also causes many gastrointestinal symptoms itself. Gluten (wheat) intolerance is likely to be responsible for many of the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Disease.

Kinkajou will look out for you Kinkajou will look out for you


Kinkajou Kinkajou : What is the Best General Protection you can have against Paill Spectrum? 

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx : Answer: Always start with a broad spectrum multivitamin and multi-mineral.

Cell Mediated Immunity is the most important factor controlling the disease. 
Any factor affecting immunity is very important
Good nutrition is basic

 Good nutrition:
B12, Folic acid, Zinc,
Avoid wheat if you are allergic.


Kinkajou reflects; I think this theory is going to make a lot of difference to a lot of people. Many of the things we talk about may or may not be important based on what you do for a living. The Paill Spectrum theory is RELEVANT to everyone.
“Good luck, Doc, with this one! “finishes Kinkajou.

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Kinkajou Kinkajou : So what have you learned from this one , Goo?

Our Little Numbat Friend Goo : You poor bastards! I may be a member of a species threatened with extinction, but the human plight is probably much much worse.

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