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Erasmus and Kinkajou share their vision of technologies that will help us on our way.

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The key issue is how does matter generate gravity?
































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ErasmusErasmus : The “Power” group of pages at how we generate, store and use energy.

ErasmusErasmus : Fusion Power emerges as the front running technology for production of energy. It is the generation of the containment field and the ability to generate an energy output in excess of the energy input, which is the problem with this technology. However technology may well have a solution.

If humanity can learn to generate and manipulate gravity, the ability to generate electromagnetic as well as gravity fields may well change the nature and financial aspects of containment fields for fusion technology. Dual field fusion bottles may revolutionise many aspects of energy directive technologies.

Our Little Numbat FriendGoo : I feel most energized after a good meal of fused juice extracts.

KinkajouKinkajou : Hey! Cold fusion.

ErasmusErasmus : Fuel Cellsare necessary for many aspects of our world. Batteries can be primary or secondary. Devices can generate energy from: organic molecules, thermal energy, photon energy, and even from movement. If we are ever to develop the world of the sprite, the ability to deliver or generate energy where it is needed, will be the limiting factor for this technology.

Our Little Numbat FriendGoo : Someone told me that the padding around my waist is actually made of little fuel cells. Can you believe that?

Our Little Numbat FriendGoo : Will that they are full of high energy goodness (– badness) as your perspective may be.

ErasmusErasmus : "Gravity generation" is the current frontier for the development of new propulsive technologies. Again humanity is doomed to be imprisoned on our planet unless it can learn to generate or manipulate gravity.

Our Little Numbat FriendGoo : But gravity pulls you down. It doesn’t push you up. How can you possibly use gravity to help you escape from the planet?

KinkajouKinkajou : Turn the engine around so points the other way.

Kinkajou Tells It TrueGalactic Travelogue

Our Little Numbat FriendGoo : Ah! As usual, the simple explanations are the most cogent.

ErasmusErasmus : Food Biotech focuses on the most critical aspect of maintaining population on the planet – namely food production. Growing food is a slow process with a long lead time. The arable land of the entire planet is used for production of food to maintain human life.

However, growing plants has an aspect of waste. Much of the biological material of the plant is not used. The extraction of biomolecules such as glucose from lignocellulose would substantially reduce the footprint of humanity on the planet, even if that planetary population were to burgeon to figures such as 80 billion souls.

Our Little Numbat FriendGoo : This sort of a proposal is really a no-brainer for my people. We have been eating the stalk as well is the grain for years. It wouldn’t however help to support any more of us, if the planet were full of others like myself. Its only really a solution for creatures like humans.

ErasmusErasmus : So true. But humans are not like you Goo. So it does work for us.

ErasmusErasmus : The Catalytic Conversion pages look at new methods of bypassing bottlenecks in the production of energy produced by nature. Biology has already created awesome solutions through the medium of enzymes and their cofactors. Bacteria deliver to us biological factories capable of many chemical processes. Humanity wrestles however, with mechanical technological solutions, which may be more appropriate in specific circumstances.

KinkajouKinkajou : I can’t understand why we need aliens like the "Species" aliens to ship us this sort of technology. I’m sure some dumb bacteria somewhere has already figured this out for itself.

ErasmusErasmus : Recycling looks at the technologies involved in turning trash into treasure. Again the business case for recycling obviates the use of recycled materials, if virgin materials are cheaper. To encourage recycling, requires commitment and addressing the financial issues.

Dr AXxxxxDr AXxxxx : I think raping your planet is more fun and uses up less of your own energy. And anyway, who would want to put up with other peoples’ discards.

ErasmusErasmus : "Energy Shields" form an unusual technology. It is only the realisation that there are many dimensions to matter that suggest perhaps that these dimensions may be manipulated to redirect or to store energy – in effect creating an energy shield.

Current theories of the structure of matter suggest the existence of up to 13 dimensions within matter. There is also the suggestion that a different universe awaits us on the other side of the “BRANE”.

The CommandantThe Commandant : Shields have been a soldiers constant companion for thousands of years. It is only in recent times that shielding has begun to lag considerably behind offensive technologies. Is interesting to note that the wheel may well turn full circle. Developing energy shields based on the alternate dimensions of matter, at least sounds possible.

ErasmusErasmus : The use of antimatter is discussed in our Antimatterpage. The discussion tilts towards the characteristics of antimatter being more suited to military than to civilian applications. Where price may not be an issue, but destructive potential is, antimatter appears to be a clear winner.

Frobisher beethoven cammandantBeethoven : Anybody stupid enough to use the stuff for power is gonna burn. Antimatter is so seriously not a “power” technology.




Engineering Starship Drive Engine Antimatter Power


Hydrogen PEM generation electrolytic Catalytic Generation of Hydrogen: Organic vs Inorganic ?

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