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Erasmus and Kinkajou share their vision of technologies that will help us on our way.

Kinkajou Tells You What Really Happened. The Truth Is Out There! "TRUE"
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New energy sources, New vehicle design and new technologies beckon.






























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ErasmusErasmus : The “Propulsion" group of pages address new technologies in creating energy and in moving people or goods.

ErasmusErasmus : "Gravity Generation" is the current frontier for the development of new propulsive technologies. Again humanity is doomed to be imprisoned on our planet unless it can learn to generate or manipulate gravity.

KinkajouKinkajou : Hey, this tech could really be a heavy bummer man.

ErasmusErasmus : The use of antimatter is discussed in our Antimatterpage. The discussion tilts towards the characteristics of antimatter being more suited to military than to civilian applications. Where price may not be an issue, but destructive potential is, antimatter appears to be a clear winner.

The CommandantThe Commandant : Who needs nukes when you can get a good tight antimatter warhead? Put some fire in their pants.

ErasmusErasmus : The New Vehicle or Car pages look at how the modern motor vehicle is ceasing to be a viable alternative for our civilisation. In our crowded cities on our crowded planet, the use of 1500 kilograms of vehicle to move one person seems ludicrous. Many of the major car companies have failed to innovate or to look at new alternatives to our current vehicles.

Failure to innovate guarantees a company competition in the “commodity” market. We have seen the example of Apple I-phones decimating opposition companies, who once completely dominated the phone market. New technologies addressing social issues/needs of users were clear winners over unenhanced technology.

Frobisher beethoven cammandantBeethoven :You can get a breeze from both sides of you in a narrow car . Cool!


Kinkajou Tells It TrueGalactic Travelogue

    Engineering Deck PLans USS Enterprise

Antimatter Drive : USS Enterprise

PropulsionGroup.html title=Propulsion class>Propulsion

GravityGeneratorDrive.html title=Gravity Drive>Gravity Drive
AntimatterDrive.html title=Antimatter Drive>Antimatter Drive
NewVehicleCar.html title=The Car as Transport >The Car




PropulsionGroup.html title=Propulsion classPropulsion TRUE

title=Gravity Drive>GravityDriveT
AntimatterDriveTrue.html title=Antimatter Drive>AntimatterDriveT
NewVehicleCarTrue.html title=The Car as Transport >TheCarT



Propulsion.html title=Propulsion classPropulsion GALACTIC

GravityGeneratorDriveGalactic.html title=Gravity Drive>GravityDriveG
AntimatterDriveGalactic.html title=Antimatter Drive>AntimatterDriveG
NewVehicleCarGalactic.html title=The Car as Transport >TheCarG



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