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Kinkajou interviews SigmaPsiAmbassador Kosh Observer (Babylon five movie series)

KinkajouKinkajou:   Observer, I thank you for allowing us access to your secret files on The Vorlon. Much has been said of the Vorlon ability to be part of a whole. Tell us what you know of these capabilities.

Kosh Vorlon Observer Watcher SigmaPsiAmbassador Kosh Observer:  The Vorlon are composed of energy and are linked together by telepathic communications which appear to operate independent of spatial distances or dimensions.


We believe this telepathic or Sigma psi ability to be a form of quantum radio communications built into the energy signature of the individual being. The effect of linking the individuals together creates a networked identity which subsumes much individual thought and action.

When speaking, they always refer to themselves in the plural, emphasising their network individuality.

"Ambassador Kosh: All the ones are part of the many, but the many a part of the one."


Ambassador Kosh

SigmaPsiAmbassador Kosh

Kosh Vorlon Observer Watcher SigmaPsiAmbassador Kosh Observer:  As you can see their communication assumes so much basic common knowledge from the group that it becomes different to interpret specific meanings in specific situations.

The typical Vorlon when speaking communicates in an abbreviated form. In effect we see this as “they can be hundred percent correct in what they say yet their meaning still remains incomprehensible”.

Sheridan himself at one stage said “Well, as answers go, short, to the point, utterly useless, and totally consistent with what I've come to expect from a Vorlon”.


Although their verbal methods of communication are often very cryptic, their mind to mind communication is very different indeed.


They are able to take images from a person’s mind and manipulate them to carry meaning within an individual’s own private frame of reference. This is how they are able to communicate so effectively telepathically, but so cryptically on a verbal level.

This ability we believe is also used by them to cloak their real appearance and to make them appear for example as “angels” to human beings.

They have some special other site abilities as well as telepathy. Apparently telekinesis allows them to hover above the ground, in effect denying gravity and giving them the ability to fly.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Do you believe the Vorlons are responsible for the creation of telepathic abilities and other Psi abilities in human beings.

Kosh Vorlon Observer Watcher SigmaPsiAmbassador Kosh Observer:  Absolutely! The Vorlons have been manipulating the genetics of species throughout the galaxy for millennia. We believe their purpose has been to make the lesser races more susceptible to Vorlon influence, as well as to guide the lesser species into an evolutionary path similar to the one in which they themselves had evolved.


To date, much of the genetics of telepathy remains unknown. We believe however that our capacity is in this area are growing exponentially as we are able to identify and utilise Psi abilities reliably and repetitively.


The erratic behaviour of psi abilities throughout human history has blocked much of the study directed towards understanding this technology.



We believe in the long run that telepathic genes will increase throughout the human population. However, it may remain difficult for us to identify what is the effect of the other genetic manipulations performed by the Vorlon on humanity.


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Observer would like to thank you for your dispassionate and knowledgeable assessment of the situation.



Warrior Kinkajou.....Galactic Travelogue


Babylon 5

Ambassador Kosh Observer

Babylon 5 series


Babylon 5

Ambassador Kosh Observer

Babylon 5 series


KinkajouMed Kinkajou interviews SigmaPsiKylara Vatta and SigmaPsiRafe
(Elizabeth Moon: Engaging The Enemy)

KinkajouKinkajou: Tell us about some of the key technologies of your world.

Rafe Agent Rancible Tech SigmaPsiRafe:  Ansible communications, in effect a type of quantum radio is responsible for the integration of many separate planetary systems throughout the galaxy into a single civilisation. However, technology marches on. We had become used to large system based ansibles, little suspecting that this technology was so highly susceptible to miniaturisation.

Over time it had become a mature tech. It was not as finicky as it used to be. It was able to be incorporated in a person’s implant, within their own head. The incorporation of basic radio transmissions with implants created the skull phone. People were able to stay linked in with local tower or satellite-based transmitted radio waves.

This caused much of the conflict within our world, as “pirate” factions were able to take advantage of ship based ansibles to build and coordinate a fleet to attack and take over our civilisation.

By miniaturising this technology even further to the level of a single human being, we were able to neutralise their technological advantage over our forces.

It was as if once only entire planets could own mobile phones, and then all of a sudden any individual could have their own private mobile phone (communication device).

This led to my father being tortured for information when he was captured by the pirates.


They try to probe his implant before they removed. In simple terms they ran too much power into it, trying to force it to work. This caused damage to the implant and with enough power within the implant it caused heating effects, damaging the adjacent brain.

In attempting to deal with this we faced two problems. Brains can only repair with difficulty and time. But implants cannot be replaced as well. Those people depend on implant for a good part of their knowledge base. My father, after being tortured, could not.


Firefly Spaceship a classic
Firefly Spaceship a classic


Kinkajou Kinkajou: So how did the medical technology of your world cope with this?

Rafe Agent Rancible Tech SigmaPsiRafe:  Well as I mentioned brains and implants are both essentially unfixable and irreplaceable. We do have amazing medical technology, but some things are just too difficult.

Kylara Vatta Captain Fleet SigmaPsiKylara Vatta: A medical technology encompasses rejuvenation. When I was in charge of the family yacht for auntie Cecilia we investigated that there may have been contaminated rejuvenation drugs available.

Our worry was that these may have made into our supply chain, essentially obviating medical rejuvenation processes based on the drugs.

Rejuvenation technologies are able to substantially enhance life.


However, this becomes a problem in itself. Those who cannot afford rejuvenation or who are simply impatient, see ahead of them a lifetime of blocked opportunities – opportunities blocked by rejuvenates. Rejuvenates could well-nigh live forever. And who was going to give up power and privilege when rejuvenation could make them still young and capable.

I talked about this with Auntie Cecilia. She gave her analogy by mentally transferring the problem to horse breeding, where it made more sense to her. If the old horses didn’t die off and kept breeding at the same rate, it becomes obvious that of course there are going to be problems.

Rejuvenation allows us an enhanced experience of life, but spares us none of the pain of living. I remember Cecilia saying, “In this day and age and in spite of rejuvenation and genetic selection and everything else we had invented to spare us the pain of living; I loved and lost”.

Another way to travel the Universe. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Ask "the" Doctor Another way to travel the Universe.
Perhaps. Perhaps not. Ask "the" Doctor

It was a pain of loss which made her not want to keep on living.  In spite of all that our rejuvenation technology was capable of, it could not make us want longer life. A paradox.

Later again when faced with the pain of living, she had a crazy notion of changing her identity. She thought about getting a rejuve and a bio-sculpt that would make a new person from the bones out.


Rafe Agent Rancible Tech SigmaPsiRafe:  We routinely use DNA-based bio assays to confirm the identity of travellers. However, terrorists have developed short acting DNA bio fragments capable of subverting bio assays. They do have their side-effects. However, simple effects such as these can be a small price to pay for secrecy and privacy.

Kinkajou Kinkajou: I see how you can extend life, but what about saving life? For example, what can you do for people who are injured?


Kylara Vatta Captain Fleet SigmaPsiKylara Vatta:  Again, I think a medical technology is amazing. It is one thing to imagine what being hit by projectile when outside a space ship might mean – quite another to see human wreckage up close.


In one battle, my medical teams had already opened the seal of an injured suit. The stench of blood and burned body fluids and leaked bowel contents filled our compartment until one of the techs lowered the exhaust hood. The experience was horrific.

Our technology is able to give us medevac capability for zero gravity micro- atmospheric situations. We carry automatic med boxes capable of sustaining life. We still use medical personnel, but having automated systems to support and maintain injured people expands the capacity of medical personnel to deal with casualties in an effective and life-saving manner.


Brain Ansible Communications
Brain Ansible Communications

Kinkajou Kinkajou: What about your ships?

Kylara Vatta Captain Fleet SigmaPsiKylara Vatta: The integration of implants with people gives all of us substantially boosted intellectual functions. We expect this for ourselves, and we expect the same for our computer systems. Some ships have self-repairing AI systems. Computer capacity in battle is critical.

I have at times found myself in large multi-ship battles, which at times almost overwhelmed our computational capacity. In combat, you need to keep track of every loose object travelling at speed.

Every piece of debris if travelling fast enough or impacting a spaceship travelling fast enough can cause critical damage to ship systems. So in combat you track everything, every explosion, every fragment and every piece of debris.

Our ability to use quantum communications in real-time is a substantial enhancement to ship capacities, enabling the transfer of weapons data between ships and the coordination of ship movement and weapons strikes.

Not having quantum communications in combat is a real recipe for military disaster, especially if your enemy does. It completely changes the nature of ship actions, ship weapons launches, ship tactics and fleet tactics.



Kinkajou Kinkajou: What role do Memristors have in your computer systems?

Rafe Agent Rancible Tech SigmaPsiRafe:  Memristors are a very old but fundamental technology. They allow a simulation of artificial intelligence and miniaturisation of many logic processes based on silicon. They are critical to our AI’s and our computers. A technology so fundamental that it is taken for granted.

Kinkajou Kinkajou: I would like to thank you both for your insights into the technology of your world. Live long and prosper!




Moon, Elizabeth

Kylara Vatta and Rafe

Engaging the Enemy


Moon, Elizabeth

Kylara Vatta and Rafe

Engaging the Enemy


Moon, Elizabeth

Kylara Vatta and Rafe

Engaging the Enemy


Moon, Elizabeth

Kylara Vatta and Rafe

Engaging the Enemy


Kinkajou interviews SigmaPsiEnder Wiggin (Orson Scott Card: Enders Game)

Kinkajou Kinkajou: Quantum communications was the basis for military action against the “Bugger” threat in your era. Tell us about it.

Ender Wiggin Fleet Commander SigmaPsiEnder.  We first grasped the reality of quantum indications when Mazzar Rackham defeated the “Bugger” invasion fleet by destroying the Queen on her ship. All the ships of the fleet and all the aliens ceased operating at once. It all happened instantaneously, far faster than even radio waves propagating at speed of light.

We realised that the enemy talked body to body, and mind to mind. The communication, however they do it, is instantaneous. Light speed is no barrier.

With this example, we humans developed philotic physics. We built what we now call the ansible. The official name is for “philotic parallax instantaneous communicator”. It meant our ships could talk to each other even when they’re across the galaxy. And we realised the aliens could do it without machines.


We believed they knew about the defeat the moment it happened. We did not tell people about this as we believed if the common citizens realised that the enemy already knew about their loss, that our citizens may panic and worry about a new invasion.

Enders Game Fleet
Enders Game Fleet


As soon as we had a working ansible, we tucked it into our best our ships and launched them to attack the aliens’ home systems. Every starship that is not still under construction is on its way to an alien world or outpost. Every starship, with cruisers and fighters tucked into its belly, is out there approaching the aliens. Decelerating. Because they’re almost there.

The first ships we sent to the most distant objectives, the more recent ships to the closer ones. Our timing was pretty good. They’ll all be arriving in combat range within a few months of each other.

Unfortunately, our most primitive out-dated equipment will be attacking their home world. Still, they’re armed well enough – we have some weapons the aliens have never seen before.


I realised eventually, that my job was to command these forces. We could not risk humanities future on the chance that the aliens would not attack us again. I asked the question “why we fighting the aliens?”

The answers were complex. Perhaps they had an overcrowded system and got to colonise. Perhaps they can’t stand the thought of other intelligent life in the universe. Perhaps they don’t think we are intelligent life.

Perhaps they have some sort of weird religion. Perhaps they watched feral video broadcasts and decided we were hopelessly violent. All sorts of reasons.

We used every means we could think of to communicate with them but they don’t even have the machinery to no we were signalling. And maybe they’ve been trying to think to us and they can’t understand why we don’t respond either. Perhaps the whole war is because we can’t talk to each other.

Nobody knows the answer.

When it comes down to it, though, the real decision is inevitable. If one of us has to be destroyed, let’s make damn sure which one of us is alive at the end. Our genes won’t let us decide any other way.

Nature can’t evolve a species that hasn’t the will to survive. Individuals might be better at sacrificing themselves, but the race as a whole can ever decide to cease to exist.

I said I was in favour of surviving. That’s why I am here.


Kinkajou Kinkajou: What did you think of the enemy?

Ender Wiggin Fleet Commander SigmaPsiEnder. One of my trainers told me that “he” would be my enemy. The first one you’ve ever had that was smarter than me. There is no better teacher than the enemy. No one but the enemy can ever tell you what the enemy is going to do. No one but the enemy will ever teach you how to destroy and conquer.

Only the enemy shows you where you are weak. Only the enemy tells you where he is strong. And the only rule of the game is what you can do to him and what you can stop him doing to you.

Kinkajou Kinkajou: Do you think that this biological quantum communication built into the aliens’ brains enabled them to be a higher form of life?

Ender Wiggin Fleet Commander SigmaPsiEnder. While inbuilt quantum communications is an incredible asset allowing cooperation and understanding within a species, it limits communication between species. It also created a hierarchy whereby a single alien Queen dominated many individuals/subjects. This is both a strength and weakness.


The ability to single-mindedly work cooperatively in a single endeavour is an incredible asset to a species. We achieve a simulation of this much like ants or termites. In these species, messages are passed from the government (Queen) to the individual workers. But, kill the Queen and the society can be effectively crippled.

I think we are all capable of cooperation.

We imbue the aliens’ ability to communicate on a quantum level and to integrate their individuals in endeavour, with an appreciation that this is a sort of paradise. However, in so doing we deprecate the value of our own individuality.

Which is more valuable in creating a paradise:  the individual or the group?

I think that what evolves from this discussion is that both things are valuable and create a different version of paradise for each.


I think the individuals envy the group mind, and the group consciousness envies the individual. Each is a paradise to the other only because we seek it, based on our own limitations and aspirations.

Kinkajou Kinkajou: Thank you SigmaPsiEnder for your insight.


Paradise Game

Card, Orson Scott

Ender Wiggin

Enders Game


Card, Orson Scott

Ender Wiggin

Enders Game


Card, Orson Scott

Ender Wiggin

Enders Game

KinkajouMed Kinkajou interviews SigmaPsiGilgamesh (from the Epic of Gilgamesh).

KinkajouKinkajou:   I have noted that you have had a great deal of experience of civilisation amidst life with the gods. Since there is such a disparity between the abilities of humans and those of gods, how can you effectively communicate with the gods?

Gilgamech Ancient King SigmaPsiGilgamesh:  In my era, the gods communicate with men through the conduit of dreams. It is a very indirect form of communication. A human being must interpret these missives based on their own experiences and this can lead to many misunderstandings. Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Tell me then of some of your dreams and how you have interpreted them.Gilgamech Ancient King SigmaPsiGilgamesh:  On one occasion I dreamt of a meteor and an axe. I interpreted these as omens for the god -Enkidu. The meteor, which falls from heaven, represents the god-sent nature of Enkidu, while the axe represents Enkidu’s role as a battle companion.

On another occasion I prayed to the God Shamash, the sun god, for information about the monster Humbaba. This was difficult. I saw as a man wild-man:  Enkidu, representing man in a state between nature and the divine. In this dream, Enkidu interpreted my horrid visions of Humbaba and promised me victory over the monster.

I also saw the dead appear cloaked in feathers in my nightmare of the underworld.  This birdlike appearance of the dead represents a symbolic association of birds with the souls of the dead. Much of the same images are common in stories from Hindu and Egyptian mythology.

On yet another occasion, I was able to receive dreams of the gods’ deliberation over the fate of Enkidu.

These dreams have given me an understanding of the life of the gods, the divine and the afterlife. They serve as portents for future events. They describe the preordained destiny of men.



Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Dreams in your world have a meaning in portent far more than in my reality. In my era/reality, dreams have a standard interpretation that can often be simply looked up in a dream dictionary.

Dreams simply represent in archaic and symbolic imagery, the concerns and activities of the individual in their daily life. They are not prophetic.

Dreams in your world suggest a form of communication, perhaps on a par with the Sigma Psi communications that I use today. I fear our worlds are very different indeed for such discrepancies to exist.





Epic of Gilgamesh