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Quantum Applications





Quantum world in scifi suggests many new directions to explore.















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Kinkajou Tells It True: Esoteric Quantum Science

Kinkajou Kinkajou:The quantum world is a true frontier. A world which we can only enter only with our intellect. A world which at times seems to lack those most basic requisites of normality: time and space.

In the quantum world, an event occurring to one particle (such as a photon) can be mirrored throughout the known universe in time and space. It is as if time and space did not exist – in some dimension of our perception.


Late 19th and early 20th centuries saw a burgeoning understanding of the nature of matter in our world. New aspects of matter include: wavelike characteristics for particles, spin, and appreciation that it is impossible to know at the same time both the position and momentum of a particle with absolute precision,

We developed theories such as Bell's theorem, often described as a “no-go theorem”. This is a theorem stating in its simplest form that “No physical theory of local hidden variables can ever reproduce all of the predictions of quantum mechanics”.

The observation of the existence of quantum entanglement between paired particles become a down payment on the proof of the existence of a quantum world, seemingly operating at loggerheads with our  understanding of the physical world in which we live.

Quantum effects do occur naturally and visibly in our physical world. They are most obviously visible in high energy phenomena such as astronomical phenomena.

John Bell John Bell

The key concepts of quantum mechanics events we would describe are:

  • Entanglement: both of particles and even molecules

  • Superimposition

  • Quantum Tunnelling

  • Quantum teleportation

  • Wave Nature of Particles

  • Casimir Vacuum Effects

  • Entanglement swapping

  • Arrow of Time effects

  • Quantum decoherence

Kinkajou Kinkajou:
The importance of the quantum world is that it can be a tool with which we can interact with and change aspects of our own existing world, in a manner which would otherwise appear to be impossible.

And it is on these aspects on which many of the dreams of Science Fiction are based. The ability to travel across interstellar space – in effect bypassing the physical world.

The ability to travel faster than light.
The ability to communicate across vast distances instantaneously.
The ability to be in two states at one time – accelerating our computing ability and creating new applications in cryptography.




Kinkajou Kinkajou:What does this technology
remind me of in Brisbane?

Travelling in Brisbane in the City, or at Southbank: a psychic sense of hunger permeates all simultaneously. Eat and Enjoy.



Kinkajou..... Kinkajou Tells It True


Kinkajou Kinkajou:Best examples from science fiction referring to this technology or variants of this technology:    

James Blish: Cities in Flight series. The cities are capable of using the Dirac transmitter for communications. However, it is usually the police at the other end of the line and everyone can hear what you are saying. Using an instantaneous transmitter which bypasses the restrictions of three-dimensional space would seem to have its own problems.

Quantum communication promises to be much more secure, encryptable and addressable. We can only talk to you if you hold the other half of the pair of entangled particles.
City Fathers Computers SigmaPsiCity Fathers

Brisbane in Space

Brisbane in Space


Neil Asher: Grid linked. We have tools able to work at the atomic level and in hyper dimensions where the dimensions of space do not exist. This allows us to bypass many of the restrictions inherent in working in the three-dimensional universe.

This is inherent in our usage of the runcible to transmit people by passing the restrictions of space. Our knowledge of five dimensional singularity mechanics, Skaidon warp and Skaidon technology is the basis of our success, a success in a technology that many unaugmented minds cannot comprehend.

The author makes the point that it is the AI who can understand five dimensional singularity mechanics – and not the unaugmented human. It is possible that we may give birth to an intelligence which surpasses our own through the quantum world.
Cormac Brain Liked Internet Agent SigmaPsiCormac

David Brin: Star Tide Rising. One of the alien species uses a probability drive to travel throughout the galaxy. Unfortunately it can be erratic and dangerous. But it delivers speed that allows anyone using the drive to literally always arrive first on the scene, before anyone else.

The probability drive appears to be a form of quantum teleportation of mass objects to distant points in space. The author showcases a myriad of technologies which could be part of our future – but it is our psychology which directs us to make our own choices. Many of the species in the book have a discomfort with reality bending physics and insist on a solid attachment to reality.
Tom Orley Terragens Agent SigmaPsiTom Orley Gillian Baskin Officer SigmaPsiGillian Baskin Officer

We see the creatures created in series “Babylon 5”: the Vorlon. The Vorlon are composed of energy and are linked together by telepathic communications which appear to operate independent of spatial distances or dimensions.  All the ones are part of the many, but the many a part of the one.
Kosh Vorlon Observer Watcher SigmaPsiAmbassador Kosh Observer

Ansible communications, in effect a type of quantum radio features prominently in many books and stories.

The ability to use quantum communications in real-time is a substantial enhancement to naval capacities, enabling the transfer of weapons data between ships and the coordination of ship movement and weapons strikes.

Not having quantum communications in combat is a real recipe for military disaster, if your enemy does possess the capability for quantum communication. It completely changes the nature of ship actions, ship weapons launches, ship tactics and fleet tactics.

Many ancient human empires have foundered on the lack of ability to maintain integration through communication over the vast distances of our planet. Quantum communications bypasses the vast distances inherent in our galaxy and even our universe.

Orson Scott Card’s book “Ender’s Game” engages the concepts of quantum communication, firstly when Mazzar Rackham defeated the “Bugger” invasion fleet by destroying the Queen on her ship. Secondly when humans developed a working model of the Ansible, installed these in their ships and then and launched them to attack the aliens’ home systems.
Ender Wiggin Fleet Commander SigmaPsiEnder

Enders Game Fleet In Action
Enders Game Fleet In Action

A different direction for development of this technology in the future:
Clever New Applications:

  • Quantum Radio /Quantum Teleportation. Although mathematicians have proven that it is impossible to obtain information out of a paired entangled electron system to allow communication, it would seem more likely that triple or quadruple entangled electrons may well bypass this limitation.

  • Quantum Microscope

  • Casimir Energy Production

  • Quantum Computing

  • Quantum Cryptography

 Other technologies based on quantum effects include:

  • Achieving superluminal velocities or FTL transmission.

  • Quantum wires.

  • Cloaking invisibility and still technology.

  • Quantum optics.

  • Quantum communication.

  • Accessing quantum energy.


  • Room temperature superconductors.

  • Nanotechnology.

  • Time travel.

  • Battery technology.

  • Solar panels.


  • Biotechnology effects.

  • Meta-materials including meta-materials designed to counter the effects of earthquakes.

  • Ultra-thin soundproof walls.

  • Super lenses capable of capturing details below the wavelength of light.

  • Radioactive decay by the tunnelling of nuclear particles out of the atomic nucleus.

  • Quantum tunnelling effects in room temperature semiconductors/superconductors.


  • Spontaneous DNA mutation, mediated by proton tunnelling can affect the inter strand base par bonds between DNA. If this occurs while the DNA is being replicated the base pairing rule for DNA can be compromised, causing a mutation which is inherited.

  • Quantum machines

  • New forms of medical imaging in low light situations. Researchers in 2014 successfully imaged objects using entangled photons. One of a pair of entangled photons was allowed to interact with the object. The other of the pair of entangled photons is used to create the picture. This substantially reduces the amount of energy needed to be transmitted through the object to obtain image. The situation is unusual because the imaging photons have never interacted with the object spatially and can be remote to the object being imaged. 

Kinkajou Kinkajou:If humanity is ever to spread beyond the planet Earth, fast communications and fast travel are critical capabilities. We only need look at the examples of history to see how difficult it has been for human empires to geographically dominate the planet, when the speed of movement is limited to that of a horse or sequential team of horses.

The Romans used engineering to solve many of their problems. They built roads traversing Europe, and enabling fast chariot transit. Even today many of our road dimensions are based on the dimensions of the roads the Romans built.

The Mongols used teams of horses to transmit messages across their empire. Many Mongol warriors maintained several horses. Warriors could travel with their team, living off the land. In the European invasion of Hungary by the Mongols, more warriors would travel up to 100 miles per day (160 km).

The Mongols also promoted trade and travel across their empire- not something many of us realise.

Currently our modes of transport and communication are quite efficacious across the planet. But even across the distances of the solar system, difficulties appear. The extremes of diameter of the solar system ranges to the peripheries of the Oort cloud.

This spans to approximately 1.87 light years from the Sun. The celestial body Pluto ranges approximately ten light hours from the sun. Once again distance becomes important in planning travel.

The quantum universe may well be an answer to our problem with distance. In the quantum world, space appears not to exist. The phenomenon of entanglement suggests that we can communicate “faster than the speed of light” by using quantum mechanisms.

Security is another aspect of quantum communications. Not only can we bypass the limitations of the speed of light, but we can code our messages so that they cannot be intercepted and their coding broken.

We have much to learn in the fields of esoteric science such as Psi and in the quantum world. But the promise. Oh, the promise!