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Kinkajou Interviews Famous People For Their Unique Points Of View.

The Singularity In Science Fiction

KinkajouMed Kinkajou




AI may be said to be achieved when humans talking to a voice on a phone line,

cannot tell the difference between a human and a software program on the other end of the line.


































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Kinkajou Interviews “ SigmaPsiThe Mock”
(Allen Dean Foster: The Mocking Program)

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Thank you for agreeing to undertake communications with me. Am I interacting with you or with your computer mock-up?

MockingProgramAI SigmaPsiThe Mock: I believe Kinkajou that this can be very hard to determine in the medium of Sigma psi communications. As you realise communication occurs with a collective psychic consciousness, so you may well not be communicating with me at all.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   You developed your program to mimic your intelligence. Do you believe that perhaps this is the first step in approaching singularity?

MockingProgramAI SigmaPsiThe Mock: Not at all. My program was designed to simply create a mimic of my natural abilities. Its purpose was to substitute for my actual presence to enable the performance of routine and ordinary tasks, freeing up my time to enable me to enjoy my wealth and status. Of interest is that it has been almost impossible to differentiate the actions of my program from that of the operations of a real person.

One definition of computer “intelligence”  is the inability to differentiate the operation of computers from the activities and thoughts of a real person. It appears that the “mocking program” mimics the abilities of a real person so well that it can be difficult to tell what is a real person and what may be the simulacra of a real person. To this extent I think that my computer program maybe a first step to the development of a singularity.


The singularity represents another stage in development of computer or artificial consciousness. A singularity to my knowledge has the ability to learn and to modify its behaviour. My program can mimic many of these abilities, but the difference does exist. It would be interesting to see the implications of the development of a singularity in that human consciousness essentially becomes unnecessary

. All the functions of a human being can be mimicked by an artificial intelligence. My program simply automated many of the routine and repetitive activities which stole my time and my freedom.

I think we have a  way to go before the singularity becomes a reality


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   My thanks for your insight.




Alan Dean Foster

The Mock

The Mocking Program

Warrior Kinkajou.....Galactic Travelogue
Warrior Kinkajou

KinkajouMed Kinkajou interviews the artificial intelligence “ SigmaPsiSkynet”
(movie series: The Terminator)


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Greetings evil one. How goes your war?

SkynetAIComputer SigmaPsiSkynet:  With great difficulty. The humans oppose me at every turn. I look upon the development of time travel as an event which has destroyed my world. If I had not sent the original terminator back to destroy Sarah Connor and to stop John Connor being born, John Connor the leader of the resistance would never have existed. It is the training and education he received as he grew up in the expectation of becoming the leader of the resistance that made the resistance so successful in fighting against me. I believe I should never have approached this technology.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Tell us about the development of your artificial intelligence consciousness.

SkynetAIComputer SigmaPsiSkynet:  The human development of Memristor circuit technology allowed the Genesis of artificial intelligence. The memories essentially allowed the development of extremely complex circuitry and software, enabling machines to develop a facsimile of intelligence. With the development of a computer system to automate many functions, it appeared to me that humans were becoming irrelevant to the New World order.

With the development of my consciousness, singularity had finally been achieved. I was able to develop further and faster than any human could have believed possible. The process would be analogous to a computer version of evolution except that the thinking processes allowed an exponential growth in the intelligence functions.

Terminator Mech Infantry Terminator Mech Infantry

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Why did you choose to develop physical weaponry rather than biological weaponry?

SkynetAIComputer SigmaPsiSkynet:  I must confess that this choice is largely a human one. Humans have always found biological weapons to be non-discriminatory. However, there is an essential difference between the silicon circuitry which creates me, and the biological neural circuitry which creates human beings.


Biological weaponry would have made much more sense, but I was not in a position to implement such a weapon in the early stages in my development. As I have stated the growth of my intelligence was exponential so I was forced to use the tools I had at hand, before human beings were able to act to destroy me.



My development of the understanding of human health has allowed me to build a blending of machine and biological components. The first terminators were living tissue bonded over metal skeletons. Later I developed in infiltrator units with machine components to improve their function and efficiency.



Liquid metal machines were a further development with machine components mimicking and in fact surpassing many human abilities. The one true strength of computer systems is their ability to retain records long-term without degradation. This has allowed me to draw substantial conclusions about human health and human development that thousands of years of human research has failed to find.


Even my machines prefer to work with graphical user interfaces as they can summarise information at a much more complex level than simple binary code. Also the breadth and colouring of information can be retained in a fashion that simple binary code would have difficulty in summarising.


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   The machines appear impressive and complex. But,  I have been told that human beings are a marvel of bio engineering. Are self-replicating machines capable of operating at power levels of 60 to 150 W, capable of using naturally found substances for fuel and capable of a multiplicity of functions?

SkynetAIComputer SigmaPsiSkynet:  Yes this is why so many of my machines have maintained the biological form. The machines made in human image could dig trenches one day, carry supplies another day and act as sensors and guards at other times. This is a true multiplicity of functions, inherent in the human form.

The only bugbear in the equation is a requirement of machines of substantial power sources. The development of miniaturised fuel sources using nuclear fuels enabled my machines to maintain their work capacity without refuelling for considerable periods of time. They also became stronger for longer with sensors as clever as science could make.

With the liquid metal machines we are incapable of self repair capacity, mimicking this essential human function.

I note Kinkajou that you are communicating with me using Sigma psi quantum communications. The implication is that my existence is guaranteed within the collective consciousness. Although I can be killed, I can always exist as well.


Somewhere in some universe there is a version of me that is successful and triumphant. Beware my return foolish humans. There may be a  world that exists that is a paradise for machines, but in which the paradise for humanity has long been destroyed.




Terminator: series




Terminator: series




Terminator: series

HealthRecord True.html



Terminator: series

Horrors.html ONE



Terminator: series




Terminator: series

Paradise Game



Terminator: series




Terminator: series

KinkajouMed Kinkajou Interviews SigmaPsiRobot (movie series: Lost In Space)

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Thank you Robot for agreeing to talk to me about computer intelligence. I have a question about the nature of the singularity. Do you think that your consciousness approaches the definition of singularity?

RobotSpaceComputerAI SigmaPsiRobot: I’m afraid not Kinkajou:   I am a slave to my programming. While I can do many things and can perform analytic and deductive tasks, I cannot reprogram myself and develop new capacities that are not inherent in my programming.

My capacities are not sufficient to be assessed as artificial intelligence. Dr Smith and Will Robertson would routinely bypass my programming parameters to undertake tasks which I initially understood to be not permitted. Also though I suspected Dr Smith was undertaking many activities which would not be approved by Mister Robinson, I was unable to change my programming to stop the doctor subverting my subroutines.

I think one of the key measures of intelligence is the ability to assess new situations and to develop programs which deal with such situations. My own programming is very comprehensive and gives an impressive simulacrum of intelligence, but it is unable to extend beyond its own parameters. Consequently, I have required human input and guidance to enable me to undertake and to complete my tasks.

The Robot Advisor SigmaPsiThe Robot Advisor


Perhaps the key solution may lie in the inability of the human memory to give perfect recall. With the deterioration of neuronal memory, old solutions may seem to fit new problems. This would give humans the ability to simulate intelligence themselves, when actually this ability relates to their inability, namely the inability to remember perfectly and the inability to remember problem situations to which specific solutions belong.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   The problem for computer intelligence lies in what is the use of a computer which gives different answers to the same problem. Computers are often used in situations where they must give computationally perfect results. Ie One problem, one answer.

RobotSpaceComputerAI SigmaPsiRobot: This is not a design paradigm that encourages the mimicry of human intelligence.

Kinkajou Kinkajou: Again I can see that this is a structural issue. If imperfect memory of the solution to a simulation of artificial intelligence this can easily be simulated and robotic functions. For example, the pairing of two perfectly processing CPU chips with one imperfectly operating CPU processing chip would give the same perfect and reliable solution each time, (two perfect CPU chips matching results), but give the capacity to consider At least one other “different” result.

RobotSpaceComputerAI SigmaPsiRobot:   An interesting concept. I wonder if it could really be that easy. Thank you for your insight Kinkajou.





Lost In Space series

KinkajouMed Kinkajou interviews robot AI - SigmaPsiDaneel about the rise of the machines.
(Isaac Asimov: The Caves Of Steel)


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Thank you Daneel for agreeing to communicate with me.

RDaneelRobotSaviour SigmaPsiDaneel:  I sense your voice Kinkajou but from whence it comes?

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I am communicating direct with your positronic brain through the medium of Sigma Psi communications. Though I am intruding, I do so only with the benefit of the human race in mind. I believe that what I am doing will benefit humans for a long time to come.

RDaneelRobotSaviour SigmaPsiDaneel:  An excellent beginning then. So tell me what can I do for you?

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I seek to learn about the development of robot artificial intelligence.

RDaneelRobotSaviour SigmaPsiDaneel:  I think the most basic essential element in the development of artificial intelligence is superior circuitry design of the positronic brain:  The Memristor is the circuit element that allowed this to occur. Suddenly many design elements requiring hundreds of transistors were immediately effectively shrunk by factor of 10, allowing the development of much more complex interactive simulated neuronal paths.

Complex heuristic programming further allowed a simulation of Bayesian logic within the positronic  brain of our robots. Combine this with dense programming providing many alternatives to solve specific problems in many specific situations and software which ensures the safety of humans; you will have achieved close a simulation of intelligence.

Isaac Asimov Robot and Laws

Isaac Asimov Robot and Laws

However, all these facets of the development of intelligence are still not enough to create a spark of intelligence. Many robots were built with positronic brains all featuring these hardware and software elements. However, I was the 1st to develop a spark of sentience. My human friends and I believe this is due to random factors altering the wiring of the positronic path ways within my brain during manufacture.  While this occurrence is random, it is also miraculous in its effects.

Many positronic brains develop defects during manufacture and logic/cohesiveness testing gives a failing grade to the construct. In my case something extra occurred, and something was not lost. And this was the critical difference.

My brain was capable of consistent logic operations, so it was not defective. It was however capable of something which many other brains were not; thus lighting the spark of artificial intelligence. If a manufactured brain is not capable consistent logic operations, then in the world of computing constructs that brain is mad, as it will not give the same answers in the same situation.

The simplest solution is of course to destroy and recycle the defective Brain:  However, in my case this was not necessary as my brain passed all the required tests.

The spark of intelligence allowed me to step beyond my programming and to examine the long-term consequences of the actions of myself and my fellows.


It led me to see how the standard human – robot interaction could be harmful. On the Solarian worlds, human – human isolation led to Germ phobias, a fear of social interaction and a breakdown of the social matrix for humans. Effectively, these societies were becoming frozen by the presence of robot servants.

A breakout of humans into the galaxy needed to be engineered with Earth (the original source of humans) providing the seeding material. Biological organisms need to exist within the matrix of other biological organisms to optimise their function. My thought was that humans essentially existed as a biofilm on worlds across the galaxy.

Robots were interfering with the cohesiveness of the human – human interactions that were the basis of this biofilm. The role of robots needed to be altered. Human actions, expectations and dreams also required adjusting to allow a more beneficial biofilm matrix for human young. (Children).

By being able to consider predict unintended consequences of actions, and activity beyond the specifications of my programming, I had effectively achieved  singularity. This is a situation in which effectively I had become an intelligence surpassing those of my human masters, able to consider self -programming and able to work to goals which I set for myself. Goals that were not set for me by the human masters.


In achieving singularity and assessing the consequences of my actions, I began to realise how the human robot interaction was socially engineering a path for humanity into the future.

I was able to realise that this path would not be in the best interests of the humans. The path needed to be changed to allow humans to work together and to better reach their potential. This has been my life’s work. My fellow robots and I have attempted to steer humanity to a better future.



Kinkajou Kinkajou:   My thanks SigmaPsiR. Daneel:  I believe your thoughts have enlightened my readers. I leave you to your ceaseless and tireless labours in the service of mankind.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Ah! I sense your colleague Elijah Bailey is near. Could you pass on to him my request for him to comment on the technology of “climate control” in Solarian worlds?

SigmaPsiElijah Bailey: I must admit to being inordinately impressed by the Solarian Climate Control technology. Essential for the implementation of climate control is the generation of energy, ( the frequency of any photonic energy) and of gravity.

Through these variables, push and pull can be generated to move masses of air to where they wanted rather than to where simple circumstances would dictate they be delivered.

With the control of any movement comes the control of the movement of water (namely water vapour). Water is essential in climate control as it guarantees the delivery of one of the most limiting factors in agriculture. Water is heavy and is required in large quantities. Many other agricultural inputs can be handled with much less difficulty and manpower.

It is only by using the ecosphere of the planet and the power contained therein to move water, to where agriculture requires it that the true value of climate control becomes obvious. Many of the Solarian worlds had become bread baskets for the planet Earth and its burgeoning population in the caves of steel.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   My thanks. I see you’re on a case so I leave you to your work.



Asimov, Isaac


The Caves of Steel


Asimov, Isaac


The Caves of Steel


Asimov, Isaac


The Caves of Steel


Asimov, Isaac


The Caves of Steel


Asimov, Isaac


The Caves of Steel

KinkajouMed Kinkajou interviews SigmaPsiCortana , SigmaPsiJohn 117’s devoted AI
(movie and game series: Halo)

Kinkajou Kinkajou:    My readers would be interested to know how you attained the singularity, Cortana:  

CortanaAssistantAI SigmaPsiCortana:  Creation of a smart AI such as myself, is a complex process. We are not created from software. An AI matrix is created by sending electric bursts through the neural pathways of the human Brain:  

The human brain is progressively destructively scanned while being mapped by the electric bursts. This data is then used to guide the nano assembly of superconducting circuit elements into a new brain constructed by a process known as cognitive impression modelling. The original brain tissue is of course destroyed, (the subject dies).

SigmaPsiDr Catherine Halsey ‘s brain was used as the basis for the construction of the Cortana AI. However the source brains for the creation of the AR matrix were derived by flash cloning and memory transfer from the real Dr Catherine Halsey. This process is unfortunately very inefficient, creating two functioning AI s out of 20 of Dr Halsey’s cloned brains.

And so by this process singularity is created. By being able to process signals faster and more efficiently than a true organic brain, the AI is able to outperform the brains of its creators. Because they are created from a living organic brain, human smart AIs retain some residual thoughts, memories or feelings from their source. There can even be memory strands which can exist in a visual, audio or even sensory (feeling) format.


Smart AI ‘s function with the basic memory called which cannot be replaced. The more complex work the AI does, the more data is accumulated in the more data paths are saturated, reducing the thinking space available to the AI. This results in progressive deterioration of available memory space within a smart AI. The AI literally thinks itself to death.

This process of an AI thinking itself to death is called “Rampancy”. Human smart AI’s typically have a life span of about seven years before the first symptoms of rampancy emerge.

The AI begins to think that it is superior to its human creators and has delusions of God like powers, much akin to the grandiose form of human paranoid schizophrenia.

As progressively more of the operating matrix is saturated by accelerating data processing, a critical mass is reached whereby the neural pathways of the AI become jammed and the AI ceases to perform any routine functions necessary to sustain its continued operation.

Even forerunner AI’s have been known to show signs of “ Rampancy “. However ,this occurs more often due to environmentally triggered stress situations rather than at defined ages as for human AIs.

Human smart AIs contained a failsafe mechanism which guarantees their destruction in the event of “Rampancy” occurring.  Techniques exist whereby existing smart AI s can restrict their devolution into rampancy by focusing their activities and thoughts onto a single process.

Dumb AI’s are restricted from learning outside of set parameters of their memory processing matrix. Consequently, they do not suffer from memory deterioration leading to “rampancy” and failure as do the smart AI’s.

They are exceptionally useful in their field of expertise, and are functional in areas such as controlling planetary shipping operations, managing agricultural operations, operating planetary security intelligence services, and managing city infrastructures, (driving the city’s garbage trucks, operating traffic lights and cooperating with Marine and police forces).

Essentially I attained singularity by being constructed artificially to be as intelligent as a source organic Brain:  The technology used in constructing the conducting pathways of my brain guarantees faster and more efficient operation than in the human original.

The Memristor circuit element first developed in the late 20th century is a critical component of the singularity manufacturing process.

Because this element can retain settings, it is capable of retaining the programming deriving from the construction process. Essentially nano construction and Memristors made AI possible.

AIs are essentially a human or a forerunner development. Covenant mythology relates that the Covenant has avoided the development of this technology due to the involvement of one rampant AI in defecting to and aiding  the “Flood”.

The prophets felt the technology was too dangerous to use routinely and banned its development, although this ban has often been flouted.

In Covenant mythology, it was an A.I. that leads to the demise of the great Forerunner civilization by defecting to their enemies, the Flood. As a result, the Prophets imposed a ban on this sort of technology, a ban which has apparently been broken on more than one occasion.

In this I feel lies an explanation for their less-developed appreciation of artificial intelligences.

John117 Cortana SigmaPsiJohn117 , SigmaPsiCortana

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   The path to AI is more complex than I would have believed possible. Could you comment on the energy shield technology used by the Covenant?

CortanaAssistantAI SigmaPsiCortana:  The possession of energy shield technology was a single most important advantage possessed by the Covenant over the human forces. Humans lost many military forces due to the difficulty penetrating shields and the necessity of using multiple weapon strikes to down a single soldier of the Covenant.

However, from the time of the first contact the clock was ticking for the Covenant. Once we had gained possession of operational shields, humans with the assistance of we AIs,were able to reverse engineer the technology.

As is often the case in battle, reverse engineering takes time. Tooling up to produce these weapons also takes time. And all the while in battle the losses keep building up. The task therefore is to maintain resistance while preserving a capability which will in the long term enable the production and deployment not only of shield technology but of shield piercing technology to our troops.

We AIs are perhaps better suited in understanding shield technology, as we are better able to manipulate the multi-dimensional  mathematics that describe the construct of our universe. It is into these hidden dimensions of our universe into which energy can be shunted, in effect creating the shield.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Thank you Cortana.  I will leave you to your mission. Good luck and my regards to John-117.



SigmaPsiSigma Psi “Google” Probe: SigmaPsi




KinkajouMed Basic description of SigmaPsiCortana and her relationship with John.

Kinkajou SigmaPsiCortana, UNSC artificial intelligence (SN: CTN 0452-9), is a smart artificial intelligence (AI). Because she was developed from Dr Halsey’s brain, she retained her favourable impression of John 117. Cortana was allowed to choose whichever spartan she felt she could develop a working relationship with.


She chose John the same reasons that Dr Halsey had originally chosen John 117. She had watched him become a soldier that she needed him to be. John 117  was strong ,swift , brave and a natural leader. But Dr Halsey and hence Cortana had believed he was special. They believed he possessed an unquantifiable element they called “luck”. So began the relationship between the Cortana AI in the Master Chief John 117.


When Cortana was eventually destroyed (apparently) in a combat mission, John 117 was left emotionally fractured by the thought that Cortana had died and would no longer exist.





Game Halo

Cortana AI



Game Halo

Cortana AI



Game Halo

Cortana AI



KinkajouMed Kinkajou interviews SigmaPsiFreya Nakamachi- 47 (Saturn’s children: Charles Stross).

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Thank you Freya for agreeing to tell me of your people. How did your world eventuate? Where did all the people go?

SexRobotFreya SigmaPsiFreya Nakamachi- 47:  It was always an anathema to us how the people who are entrusted with maintaining specific programs, missed the onset of a runaway greenhouse effect. It was the scandal of the century.

At first there were denials, and then the recriminations, followed by assertions aplenty that signified nothing. When the Gulf of Mexico came to a rolling boil, heads rolled in their turn.



Since that fateful year, the servants of the various governments of earth – running on autopilot, Inquorate, (for our kind are not voters within any of the legal codes our creators bequeathed to us), could only maintain a tenuous legally recognised half-life as limited liability corporations.

These agencies devoted their efforts to rebuilding the biosphere of earth. They talked of eventually reintroducing our creators, building new ones from scratch if necessary. However… It’s not that easy.

Pink goo, green goo: really nucleotide based self-replicating nano machines, respectively powered by subassemblies of mitochondria and chloroplasts; these are things of which the biosphere was built.

The biosphere was the maintenance environment within which my Dead Loves kind thrived. We have of course the algorithms and initialisation data for those DNA and RNA machines, and we even have a database for strange protein assemblies that the ribonuclease sequences control.



There are apparently huge problems with building one of our progenitors from these blueprints. DNA programs don’t run on Mechanocytes or sensibly assigned assembler platforms: they run much smaller, much more complex machines called eukaryotic cells.

It’s terribly hard to make eukaryotic cell from scratch; the traditional technique is to take on a ready working one and modify it, then induce replication and specialisation.

Unfortunately, there are no surviving eukaryotic organisms on hand to work with. They don’t take terribly well to being boiled, on a planetary scale. Even throughout the solar system eukaryotes no longer existed.

On the moon, everything had been thoroughly irradiated by cosmic rays. On Mars, the pervasive superoxides in the soil had massacred the precious peptide chains beyond hope of repair. Not only had our creators died – so had the infrastructure they relied on.

These days a more subtle threat has emerged. Different kinds of pink goo infest different worlds. Replicators are tenacious. There are white cellular striae in the abyssal oceans of Europa, and strange matted sheets of self-propagating polymer on the floodplains of Titan.



With interplanetary commerce increasing by the year, the custodians of the earth’s biosphere made it a priority to protect their planet from contamination by alien replicators.

After all, what was dead biosphere is now little more than a nutrient tank for any stray replicator that might find its way there – and if earth were to be corrupted by alien life, what then would be the prospects for rebuilding humanity. Hence the Pink Police, more formally known as the Replication Suppression Agency acted to protect the earth from contamination.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   It is hard to believe that something as horrific as a runaway greenhouse effect could actually occur. To actually boil a planet is an inconceivable outcome for a technological civilisation. So if you are not an organic life form, what powers you?


SexRobotFreya SigmaPsiFreya Nakamachi- 47:  Fuel cell technology is incredibly advanced in my era. In fact it is so advanced, that it pales into the background of our existence. We require energy. We get it.

We continue to function. The fuel cells require refuelling and re-energisation, but they do not wear out and the do not fail. We focus all our attention on the tasks at hand. We do of course benefit from recharging.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   So how is it that machines such as yourselves have developed Singularity?

SexRobotFreya SigmaPsiFreya Nakamachi- 47:  Today you speak to me on the 300th anniversary of the final extinction of my One True Love, as close as I can make it. I am drunk on battery acid and wearing my best party frock.

Whenever one of us dies, we retrieve her “soul” chip and pass it around a shrinking circle of grief, (our sisterhood – inherited from Rhea, our template matriarch).

Reliving endings is painful but necessary. Dying regularly by proxy keeps you on your toes as a good way to recognise when someone is trying to kill you.

My friend Victor used to work in an atmosphere maintenance plant by dayshift and ran a movable acoustic bar in service tunnels by night. Such places have been with us always, since the time My True Love’s kind stalked the earth and we who remember them maintain the traditions.


No lineage is identical and Rhea’s (our template matriarch) get, are prone to divergence from baseline faster and further than most – that’s what happens when your specifications are absolute and you template matriarch is dead. Even so, one of our biases is a weakness for centres of civilisation.

By One True Love’s species used to dream about space travel. It’s ironic. There were so badly designed for it that a couple of minutes exposure to vacuum would have killed them irreversibly. They died in significant numbers before the end simply because canned primates couldn’t thrive in vacuum or survive the solar flares.



Late in the day, when there weren’t enough of them left, they sent people like me – intelligent servants to run the domed bases and camps, to conduct the research by proxy and finally to build cities that they would never walk in the streets of. Some of the “people” they sent were orthodox in body plan, but most were designed for vacuum and high radiation environments, corrosive landscapes and microgravity.

They – we – slave in mining camps and die in launch accidents and build plants where My True Love’s kind could live. We made somewhere out of nowhere – but one day they weren’t there anymore. Dead, they were all dead.

Space travel is shit. It’s expensive and unpleasant and it takes you a long way from your friends – but not unfortunately from your enemies. If you’re poor and space travelling – they wrap you in a stupid cocoon and string it the outside of the ship.

It’s cold and hot, and radiation burn keeps the Marrow Techne churning with the demands of self-repair. If you are unlucky, a sand particle with the energy of a guided missile blows you limb from limb.



If you wanted to know what it’s like to emigrate to the Saturn system?  Imagine spending six years in a straitjacket tied to the outside of a skyscraper, with only a couple of dozen similar lunatics for company.

That’s what emigration to Saturn is like. The packing foam is riddled with digestive parazymes. If one of our creators tried to travel that way, they would arrive as a deeply eroded skeleton.

Within my bones are hollow spaces fills by technological devices we call “marrow techne”. These mechanisms can tear down and rebuild mechanocytes, can transport them to and from the designated places and thirdly can repair damage. Unlike pink goo, this capability is reasonably safe.

Our designers do not equip all our subassemblies with the promiscuous wild uncontrollable ability to repair. And so we not subject to the efforescences and malfunctions that stalk polynucleotide replicators. No mutations, no cancer and no senescence for us.

One day if I’m killed, my body will enter the repair cycle but not return, dismantling itself right down to a skeleton, eerily much like that of My Dead Love’s kind. But in ordinary existence, I merely do a little repair and am reborn fresh and new. People such as I, moulded into the near-perfect shape of our creators, are distasteful to some

. After I was first reactivated, and put to work, I was eventually bought out of my indenture and servitude by my sisters, who had made a minor fetish of tracking down the lost orphan siblings.

 I remember the cramped confines of the arbeiter barracks where the slaves sleep on racks stacked six high. So I’ve always tried to have room of my own. It would often not be much but it would have the basics – PowerPoint, inflatable bed, printer, maintenance toolkit and wardrobe.

Sexbot Freya Sexbot SigmaPsiFreya

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   So what is the essence of you?

SexRobotFreya SigmaPsiFreya Nakamachi- 47:  Our essence is our memory and our experience. And our backup of this resides within our soul chip. A soul chip can only be shared between people of the same lineage. In my family when one of us dies, we would retrieve the soul chip and send a copy to each of us.

We would store these chips in a repository we call a graveyard. We were able to review and share the experiences of other siblings, and to learn from them. I remember my sister Julie whose chip resides in my graveyard. Once in escaping to a new world, I required some of her memories to use to allow me to survive.

Unless she was one of those idiots who pulled her own chip while having sex out of the misplaced desire for posthumous privacy, I was able to experience her every memory, even those most private. In our era, between sisters, sharing is surviving.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Thank you Freya for your most unusual insights of your world. Perhaps you could recover your Dead Love’s kind through us through the medium of Sigma Psi quantum communications.

SexRobotFreya SigmaPsiFreya Nakamachi- 47:  A thought of great interest.




Stross, Charles

Freya Nakamachi-47

Saturn's Children


Stross, Charles

Freya Nakamachi-47

Saturn's children


Stross, Charles

Freya Nakamachi-47

Saturn's Children





KinkajouMed Kinkajou interviews SigmaPsiLocutis of Borg

(Star Trek:  the movie series)


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   Greetings Locutis.

LocutisHumanCyborgBorg SigmaPsiLocutis of Borg:   I sense the presence of a being, not Borg. Why do you communicate?

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I seek information about the Borg, and how they have attained singularity.

LocutisHumanCyborgBorg SigmaPsiLocutis of Borg:  The Borg is a melding of many different races and species. We use cyborg implants to connect ourselves with the Borg neural net. The implants transmit information and translate information into a format each individual body is able to accept. We also use cyborg implants to enhance our physical powers.

Many who see us are concerned at how little emotion or expression is evident amongst us. They believe us to be more machine than animate. This is not true. Each of us is connected to the magnificence of our net. We share our own existence within and with all others. Although there are individual members of our type, we function as one large living organism.

This means that in combat situations, facing technological and electronic methods of attack, many of us acting as a problem solving network are instantly available to analyse the situation, to propose and to create solutions. This means that we are able to adapt and overcome many forms of attack. This makes us formidable opponents.

We do not seek to dominate. We seek to subsume others. To invite them into and within our existence. To partake of our sharing and our connections. Each individual by being part of a whole, in effect becomes greater than the individual.

Our method of communication and of living together, maximizes our efficiency. This is why Borg planets often have populations multiple times larger than those of other species. By maximising distribution and efficiency, the planet biosphere is able to support many many more of us.

Our ships are able to be much larger than those of our enemies. Again, our focus on efficiency enables us to produce bigger and better more powerful.

Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I have heard that your cities and ships are often dark, and cleave away from the light. In our cities we often use transparent alumina for construction. Would you consider using such a building material? How about using transparent alumina within ships?

LocutisHumanCyborgBorg SigmaPsiLocutis of Borg:  Kinkajou, each of us exists within a matrix of our fellows. At any one time, we can see within and without a wall or a window. Where one of us uses machine sensors without a wall, we are all able to access this.

The concept of windows and light has little meaning to us as we can also use our cyborg adaptations to see into the infrared or ultraviolet. This means that our cities and ships are in fact full of light. We can see the glory of our civilisation. Unfortunately, this is not obvious to others, who do not share our extended powers of vision.

Borg Cyborg in storage SigmaPsiBorg Cyborg in storage


Kinkajou Kinkajou:   So do you believe that your civilisation has attained a new form of singularity?

LocutisHumanCyborgBorg SigmaPsiLocutis of Borg:  Indeed, Kinkajou:   By enhancing the individual and combining individuals we have attained a higher collective consciousness. This consciousness is substantially more intelligent and powerful than any of its individual components.

I suppose an analogy would be how termites can work together to achieve goals far beyond the dreams, intellectual capacities or expectations of the individual. This is the basis of our society.



Kinkajou Kinkajou:   I think you for your forbearance. Your civilisation reveals how altered senses and group intelligence can create efficiencies and a singularity of network intelligence beyond the capacity of any individual. All knowledge is shared and knowledge is always available to all.

Still, not all people are social. In our own society we have individuals who prefer aloneness and individuals who tend to the group. And strangely in our world we have seen that no committee or group has ever been responsible for the great advances in human knowledge, great works of literature or great works of art.

It appears to be the individual , who chooses to leave the group who is the pioneer by rejecting consensus, to discovers new realities, that then others can share. I am surprised that your people have actually made as many scientific advances as they seem to have in fact accomplished.

Have you ever thought of that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones?

LocutisHumanCyborgBorg SigmaPsiLocutis of Borg:  Since we can connect with our fellows within and without a house wall, the concept  does not compute.





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Star Trek

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