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Erasmus and Kinkajou share their vision of technologies that will help us on our way.

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Society lets down those people who appear normal

but are functionally unable to care for themselves.

















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ErasmusErasmus : The "Society" group of pages focuses on general and social issues. Human beings are social creatures. An important forefront of technology is how we deal with each other. In fact, I see that any technological advances are limited more by social implementation issues than by aspects of the technology itself.

Dr AXxxxxDr AXxxxx : Still , you do better than you think. Cooperative little gits, aren’t you. Must be your heritage.


Helping The Hopeless discusses how the social milieu can control the decisions we make. It also discusses how the evolution of our social system lags behind the needs of the society. Changing social rules can be a powerful adjunct to technological advances.

Our Little Numbat FriendGoo : As the size of your species shrinks, it does reduce the influence of the milieu somewhat, I have seen.

ErasmusErasmus : World Trade is an important method of integrating human beings on the planet. Instead of 1 billion rich humans and 6 billion poor humans, wealth is substantially distributed to many people, all of whom can share in the benefits of a technological society. By working for each other, much more work can be done, raising the living standards for us all. While there is much talk of exploitation, the alternative of neglect I believe is far worse.

KinkajouKinkajou : Give it to me baby.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx : Absolutely not! You will need to pay for it like everyone else.

City At Night Dark Cities City At Night Dark Cities

ErasmusErasmus : Dark Citiesfocuses on how cities need to be integrated to reduce their footprint on the planet, and to maximise their potential for sustaining life and civilisation. If we are to avoid the scenario of the “Catastrophic Collapse Theory”, we must make every effort to build our cities as self-sustaining entities.

The CommandantThe Commandant :
I can see how dark cities, may help you to hide from your enemies as well.


Kinkajou Tells It TrueGalactic Travelogue

ErasmusErasmus : Food Biotech focuses on the most critical aspect of maintaining population on the planet – namely food production. Growing food is a slow process with a long lead time. The arable land of the entire planet is used for production of food to maintain human life.

However growing plants has an aspect of waste. Much of the biological material of the plant is not used. The extraction of biomolecules such as glucose from lignocellulose would substantially reduce the footprint of humanity on the planet, even if that planetary population were to burgeon to figures such as 80 billion souls.

KinkajouKinkajou : I think you can eat this stuff, but it will probably taste like shit.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx : More likely, it will be chemical tang in white molecular vegetable soup.

ErasmusErasmus : The Ocean Colony pages look at the last frontier for human habitation. The ocean is not a friendly environment. The energy generated by storms moving water requires a substantive technological solution to living in this environment.

But most of all, a financial or business plan must allow the self-sustaining development of habitats. If we need to rebuild our ships every 5 to 10 years, Ocean colonies become unsustainable for reasons other than simple technology.




Frobisher beethoven cammandantBeethoven : Makes it easy to take a leak, but its hard to make your mark on the world when it all gets washed away. How can you let other people know your social standing?

ErasmusErasmus : The Orbital Engine pages look at one of the key factors which imprison humanity on this planet. The ability to escape the gravity well of planet Earth, prohibits humanity from developing habitats in space and throughout the solar system.

Again, while we can achieve orbit with our current technology, it is the financial or business plan which limits our activities. We can access earth orbit today, but at a prohibitive price.

Our Little Numbat FriendGoo : Hey ! This technology lets us play peek-a-boo into space.

ErasmusErasmus : Recyclinglooks at the technologies involved in turning trash into treasure. Again the business case for recycling obviates the use of recycled materials, if virgin materials are cheaper. To encourage recycling, requires commitment and addressing the financial issues.

KinkajouKinkajou : I sense somehow that something or someone here has been here before, on the Sigma Psi plane. I wonder if we recycle deceased intelligences.

Our Little Numbat FriendGoo : Its called Buddhaism : reincarnation.


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