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Oxygen Re-Breathing Technology.

Erasmus Erasmus : There are approximately 4 ml of oxygen gas dissolved in a litre of water, (about 10 mg). A human being burns approximately 200 mls of oxygen per minute, (breathing approximately 5 L per minute, 80% of this being nitrogen and using about 20% of the oxygen in the air). So a human being requires approximately 50 L of water per minute to supply enough oxygen for survival.

These numbers are probably why high energy organisms such as mammals require the breathing of air to supply the oxygen for metabolism. Perhaps if we enter the Marine world such a technology may be essential to allow humans in biological submarines to survive for prolonged time when underwater – in effect eking out their oxygen supplies, and in crisis situations prolonging their survival.

This technology may also be suitable for the transmission of oxygen to biological submarines as we have suggested – namely mangrove Ocean ships to enable the plant tissue to continue to survive in crisis or stress situations.



Machines Making Machines.

Erasmus Erasmus : Self-explanatory, but the issue is really about enhancing the technologies we have with a view to our technological tools.




Erasmus Erasmus : I’m sure we are well on our way with this one, but accelerating the pure research that allows this technology to operate will require finance beyond the strivings of a few people at specific companies.

We are in this together – and we need to use all our resources – people and money, and not just rely on commercially motivated workers – companies. Increasing human IQ.







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