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Erasmus and Kinkajou share their vision of technologies that will help us on our way.

The frontier of technology covers Aspects of technology involving the general fields of the military, computers, health, communications, biology, power, propulsion, green science and technology, industry, society and social engineering, and psionic effects.

Specific technologies include aerial infantry, orbital access, the development of the singularity, mechanised infantry, energy Shields, Memristors, fuel cell development and battery development, insect lasers, the Internet, sprites, reading books and magazines in the future, GUI for Health, health records, Food biotechnology most especially including the glucosification of lignocellulose, Life Extension, medicines, quantum physics with a focus on communications computing and energy production, gravity production, nanotechnology, Food biotechnology, Ocean colonies, vertical farms, biofilms, fusion Power, catalytic conversion for energy production, recycling, antimatter production and usage, the development of new car technologies and new cars, farming in Australia at arid climes, dark cities, transportation technologies, transparent alumina, ancient technologies involved in building our world and social engineering.

In analysing the science, it is the social engineering aspect that is the most difficult – getting people to accept and use the science, which is the most difficult.

A prediction has been made by our team. To survive extinction, the human race must become an aggressive space faring species. The synthesis of gravity and attaining orbit remain our most critical scientific challenges to guarantee our survival.





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Ultralight Warplane Aerial Infantry

Flying Ground Vehicle

If the Human Race is to succeed, it will require new technology.


Fast Forward to the late 21st Century.  He who dominates the skies dominates the battlefield. Erasmus and Kinkajou’s vision of combat in the future involves a new “unit” in the field of combat. This unit is the aerial infantryman. Aerial Infantry, the new tech to dominate the "high ground" Go to Aerial Infantry


Air Attack Infantry



This site is devoted to the technologies in our future: past and present.  Technology that is changing our world or that will change our world.
“Where have we been and where are we going?”, is the question.
So Welcome: from Erasmus and Kinkajou



Probably best described as poisonous predatory mobile semi- intelligent plants. In the book by John Wyndham, the Triffids get their chance at world domination provided by human stupidity.
These guys are colder than a Dalek's Eye. Death and suffering don't compute.Go to Triffids Horrors

They are to me one of the most realistic disaster scenarios for almost world scale decimation of the human race. Interestingly a combination of 2 events: loss of vision and competition with a semi-intelligent though poisonous predator: the Triffid- whose other only claim to science fiction evil omnipotence is simple aerial sporulation as a means of reproduction.



Other Weapons Technologies

Ice 9: Freeze the Bastards and make them die. The ultimate planetary scale superweapon. Go to Ice 9 Horrors

The Stargate: Fast Forward to a D Day scenario. A human tech manning a monitoring station looks at his screen. In minutes they sky is covered with large Quantities of orbital ordnance, warships and troopers preparing to land or bombard you. There is literally no warning. One minute you are sitting there in the universe snug safe and secure. Sixty seconds later you realise you are sitting on the beach waiting for D Day to happen. And they’re heading right at you. Go To Horrors Goa’uld, Stargate

Sci Fi:The Universe in David Brin's Novel, "Startide Rising." Humanity has come of age on a galactic stage. Almost by accident, we have become senior patrons in a crowded galaxy. , the universe is a dangerous place. Full of big species. With big attitudes. Big fleets, and bigger guns”.
Go to Startide Rising Sci Fi

SciFi:Magnetic Programmable Nanotech Neuronal Control Mechanisms: Nanotech is used to enslave and capture human beings. A human can be reprogrammed to think of nothing but work and to work continually, without distraction, without taking the care to feed, clothe or in very few ways to look after themselves. People can become the ultimate slaves. Go to Nanotech Sci-Fi

Cows, Sheep & Wheat: Frontline technology for world conquest and domination.

Sci Fi: Human Conflict Warrior Kinkajou

Are Humans doomed to fight and die? Are they truly an aggressive militant species doomed to destroy themselves again and again?

Kinkajou (Anti-Grey Eelite Spetnaz Strikeforce Commander) says "give it" to anyone who diasgrees.
Go to Space Viking Sci-Fi


This site will showcase technologies  such as: Aerial Infantry, Transparent Alumina, Book Readers and Tablets, Fuel Cells and Power Battery Miniaturization, The Catalytic conversion of H2O (water) into Hydrogen Gas, Mechanical Infantry, Energy Shields, Quantum Radio Communications, Memristors, Genetics and the Intricacies of Gene Manipulation and Gene Control, Horrors such as Ice9, Triffids, Aliens, the Stargate, Zombie Viruses, Vampire Viruses, Methods of Achieving Orbit, Paill Plus and Paill Spectrum, Colonising the World’s Oceans, Vertical Farms, Fusion power Generation and Use of Fusion Power in Engine Drive Technology, Antimatter for Power and Propulsion, Social Engineering, Looking after Disadvantaged People or People with Problems; Dreams such as the Thranx, the Spice, Anne McCaffrey’s Dragons of Pern, the Stargate; the Singularity, Climate Control, Farming Australia, Old Technological Advances to tell us where we have been such as Sheep and Cattle, Wheat, Rye, Barley; Water Processing and Reticulation, Sewerage, Advances in Recycling, Cloning and Cell Growth Control, Insect Zapping Lasers, Gravity Generation and the Gravity Drive, Food and Energy Producing Biotech, Globalisation and World Trade, Personal Transport Systems, (Cars). GUI for Health Records, the Computerised Health Record,, the Continuing Internet Revolution, Psi Senses, High Resolution (mini) Microscopes and Special Tools for Industry, Fuel Cell Miniaturization, the Catalytic Conversion of Water into Hydrogen, Biofilms; Special missions in Technology :: getting to Mars: the NASA challenge, SETI and Protein Folding at home,
The technologies cover a range of fields including: Biology, Military, Communications, Power, Propulsion, Disease, Health, Computers, Dreams of Technological Inventions form Literature, Horrors from Modern TV, Old technology that has made us who we are today, Green technologies, Industrial advances, Social Reforms and Advances.


Erasmus: Who will show us the path we need to take?  The government perhaps? Or perhaps not? Where we live, the government has grappled with the complex issues of energy, greenhouse gases and pollution.

This site predicts advances in physics, warfare, genetics, social evolution, biology and technology that will change the way the world works forever. Erasmus and kinkajou showcase the possible, the esoteric, the things we hope we never see and the things we take for granted.

This site is devoted to the technologies in our future: past and present. 
Technology that is changing our world or that will change our world.
“Where have we been and where are we going?”, is the question.
So Welcome: from Erasmus and Kinkajou


ERasmus and Kinkajou Spetsnaz
Old Dogs with New Tricks.

Not the Bosses.
Not the state.
Let Erasmus and Kinkajou map our fate

This site is devoted to the technologies in our future: past and present.  Technology that is changing our world or that will change our world.
What will we need to stake a claim for our birth right in the future?
Where have we been and where are we going?
So Welcome: from ERASMUS and KINKAJOU



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the Technology that 10,000 Years ago founded our Civilisation and which still underpins our Civilisation today..

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Kids failing at school. The answer is not just teaching harder. Dyslexia, Poor memory, slow development are part of the Paill Spectrum disorder.

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It began with scientists linking two matter strings on the other side of the Brane : the world around us that we cannot see or feel directly.
Humanity followed into the world that cannot be seen on the other side of the Brane, by choice.
What remains. A few isolated humans tasked with rebuilding a planet Earth tortured by years of human occupation.
Human masters of awesome power, technologies and knowledge.
The last humans cleanse planet Earth of the evidence of humanity, preparing the planet for new sentients, new sapients.

These are the stories about humanity transcendent: and the post human world- told through the eyes of a young 11 year old girl- Marissa.
Planet earth can be a dangerous and lonely place.  .

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How to defend yourself in a Politically Correct World.

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Work Together to Defeat Government and Bureaucracy.
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And we have been paid to promote:
How to Limit Doctors' Consultation times - for doctors, (in Australia).
The Ten Minute Dream.
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Humanity is destined to become an aggressively spacefaring race or to face extinction.

Learning to generate Gravity is the basis for the dreams of the spacefaring Diaspora.

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Live long and Prosper!

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A Summary of the Erasmus and Kinkajou (EnK) sites.

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